Chapter 1209 Jade Carried Down the Mountain!


Fang Qiu answered and said, “Just give the reply based on what I just told you.”

After that, he hung up the phone.

When he called He Gaoming, Fang Qiu had estimated that he could finish mining the jade in two days. But it would take him several days to transport all the extracted jade back to the cultivation base. Therefore, he had to schedule the fight to take place ten days later.

After issuing a verbal Challenge Letter to John Doe in public, Qingshan logged into the Wulin online forum that night and posted the formal Challenge Letter!

He Gaoming had been paying close attention to the forum, so he started a new post using John Doe’s account when he saw this Challenge Letter online.

“Then let’s fight!”

“However, not in five days, but in ten days!”

A clear response appeared.

All the people on the Wulin online forum had been waiting for a long time.

Finally, there came the reply.

They were all thrilled

John Doe finally appeared.

Those who saw this reply spread the news of John Doe accepting the challenge. In addition, most of the people in Wulin were following the matter with interest. Therefore, as soon as the post appeared, it immediately spread throughout Wulin.

Qingshan, who was in Jiangjing, also received the news in the shortest time.

“Ten days?”

Qingshan stood before the window in a hotel room which was located near the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. From there, he could overlook the scenery inside the university. He glanced at the university and turned to look at the mobile phone in his hand. Quickly, he typed a line.

“Alright, let’s fight in ten days. You decide the time and place!”

He sent his reply promptly.

Qingshan chuckled, put away his mobile phone, and continued looking out of the window at the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

He had conducted a thorough search about John Doe on the internet and learned that John Doe appeared at the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine at the beginning. That was why he rushed directly to Jiangjing after defeating Yun Yangzi and settled near the university. He wanted to see if he could find John Doe there.

But since John Doe had agreed, he no longer needed to search for John Doe’s whereabouts.

At the same time, all the people and forces in Wulin paid close attention to this matter.

“Has John Doe accepted the challenge?”

“This battle is going to be interesting!”

“Yes, John Doe never fights a battle he is not sure of winning. He won every battle and has never been defeated. This time, he dared to accept the challenge, which means he should be confident. Otherwise, he wouldn’t accept the challenge as soon as he saw the Challenge Letter!”

“But Qingshan is a guru!”

“John Doe is only second to a guru, but it doesn’t mean he can’t defeat a guru!”

“That’s right. He had a fierce battle with Yun Yangzi and won in the end. Moreover, Yun Yangzi has been a Half-step Guru for a long time, and John Doe must have made even greater progress than him.”

“From John Doe’s recent combat gains, his strength has far exceeded that of the past. This time, he’ll put up a good fight against Qingshan!”

“I’m so looking forward to it. A battle between the best person below a guru level and a young guru. It’ll be much more exciting than the fight between John Doe and Yun Yangzi.”

“The fight last time was devastating. How terrifying would this battle be?”

Everyone in Wulin was talking about it.

Amid the heated discussion, they focused more on the following news. Since John Doe promised to fight in ten days, he must set the time and place within this period.

And only when the others knew the time and place could they go and watch the battle!

After all, this could be regarded as an earth-shattering battle in Wulin.

Not to mention ordinary forces and martial arts practitioners, even the top four clans and the Pear Garden in Wulin were ready to go and enjoy the battle!

Everyone’s attention was focused on the upcoming battle. But the four great families and Master Numinous were instantly on the alert upon learning that John Doe had no time to fight immediately.

“Ten days later?”

In the capital, Patriarch Qian of the Qian family stared at the reply from John Doe on his mobile phone and immediately raised his eyebrows, asking, “Can you locate his IP address when he logged into the forum?”


A subordinate shook his head and said, “We have been monitoring it all the time, but the amount of time he spent on the forum at each log-in was too short for us to pin down his location.”

“What has this brat been doing lately?

“Could it be…”

The missing ancient ruin instantly came into Patriarch Qian’s mind.

The ancient ruin vanished all of a sudden. Only John Doe was alone at that time, while the others were all in the water. The ancient ruin must have disappeared after John Doe triggered a defense mechanism.

Back then, they had to deal with the Nirvana Organization and foreign forces, so no one pursued the matter further. Everyone was fully aware that John Doe wouldn’t reveal anything, no matter how they forced him to confess. Therefore, they had no choice but to set the matter aside.

But now…

In such a tense situation in Wulin, John Doe had no time for a fight. There must be something fishy going on with this kid.

Patriarch Qian asked, “Is there any news from Zangjiang?”

“No news for the time being.”

His subordinate immediately replied, “There has been no news recently.”

“No news?”

Patriarch Qian raised his eyebrows and pondered for a moment. Then he hurriedly ordered, “Notify the people over there immediately. They should go and check the target and report to me right away if there is anything unusual!”

“John Doe has no time?”

In the Pear Garden, Master Numinous stood under a big pear tree and did some calculations for a while with his fingers. Then he shook his head and said, “Did this guy run back to the relic?”

At the thought of this…

Master Numinous also instantly ordered his men to check the ruin.

Meanwhile, the Zhan family, the Xi family, and the Diwu Great Family issued similar orders.

All of them kept a close watch on the ancient relic.

Unlike them, the eight factions’ leaders were not too worried about it because many of their spies had been staying in Zangjiang. In this case, they didn’t think anything was going on there and focused all their attention on Qingshan.

On the same day, the spies planted in Zangjiang by the four families and the Pear Garden flocked to the ancient ruin near the Ox-Horn mountains.

Upon arrival, they searched around carefully but found no one there.

After all, Fang Qiu was on the highest snow-capped mountain in the ruin. These people couldn’t see this place at all.

The spies reported the result to their forces.

After receiving the message, all the leaders were slightly relieved, but they didn’t dare to let their guard down and asked their subordinates to observe for two more days.

In the jade mine, Fang Qiu was still mining.

After calling He Gaoming, he went on to mine for another two days.

Two whole days passed.

Finally, he finished excavating the entire jade mine.


After cutting out the last piece of jade, Fang Qiu looked toward the hollow cave inside the mountain and the big heap of jade on the ground. He let out a long breath on the spot and said, “Finally, it’s all over.”

“Here, there should be about ten tons of jade.”

Fang Qiu completed the major digging project.

He began to calculate in his heart.

“There are 140 tons of jade outside. I’ve gained 150 tons, including the pile that hasn’t been moved out yet.

“I’m rich.”

Fang Qiu became very excited and exalted by the total weight and cheered loudly as his eyes gleamed, “Super rich!”

150 tons.

What did this number mean?

It should be noted that the jade containing a large amount of Qi of Heaven and Earth was much lighter than ordinary stones.

Ordinary stones weighing 150 tons took up about 50 cubic meters.


The jade Fang Qiu dug out took up 100 cubic meters at least.

From this, it could be seen that this jade stone should only be half as heavy as an ordinary rock of the same size.

“Judging from the total amount, a dozen trucks would be required to transport all these jade pieces back.”

At the thought of this…

Fang Qiu immediately took out a piece of snow-white tarpaulin and put all the jade pieces on the ground onto it. Then he lifted them all at once, left the cave quickly and rushed out of the cold pool.

Fang Qiu got out of the water.

He added the ten tons of jade he carried to the pile of jade. Then he pulled the huge tarpaulin that covered the jade pile aside, and spread it out on the ground.

“Ten tons at a time. I have to take 15 flights.”

Looking at these jade pieces, Fang Qiu was going to transport them with a helicopter.

He could only move ten tons at a time at most.

Although the maximum load for helicopters worldwide was 40 tons, it could only be done by “Homer,” the largest helicopter in history.

However, the helicopter that Fang Qiu rented was a commercial aircraft, not a military one. It could carry ten tons of weight, which was fairly good.

“How about I use internal Qi? I may be able to carry twice the amount of jade at a time.”

Fang Qiu hit upon an idea.

Thinking of this, Fang Qiu immediately began to try. First, he used a hook to hang the snow-colored tarpaulin with 20 tons of jade. Then, secretly he exerted his internal Qi to pull up the jade to lighten the weight on the helicopter. Finally, he succeeded in flying up.

In this way, Fang Qiu began to transport the jade out.

One trip after another, he brought all the jade to the foot of the mountain.

After hiding the jade in a relatively safe place, Fang Qiu immediately called the transport team he had booked in advance.

Two days slipped by. Those who were lurking around to spy on the ruin left one after another because they found nothing strange.

The four great families and Pear Garden also received the news that John Doe was not in the ancient relic and was not even in Zangjiang.

This message made the four patriarchs and Master Numinous confused.

“Not in the ancient ruin? Where the hell did that guy go?”

“Why do I feel like there’s a conspiracy brewing?”

“John Doe, an awful young rotter! I can sniff a plot going on!”

Fang Qiu was at the bottom of the snow mountain.

He had spent several hours leading the truck fleet to the foot of the snow-capped mountain.

Then, they started loading.

Out of the mine, the jade turned milky white. Apart from its ivory color, it looked no different from ordinary stones.

Fang Qiu made up an excuse, saying that he took a fancy to these stones and was going to transport them back for construction purposes. After that, he ignored all the doubts the drivers of this transport team had about these stones.

Soon, the loading was complete.

Ten big trucks set off in a mighty manner from Zangjiang to Beijiang.

The two places were contiguous. But since both places were very large, he needed at least three days to travel from Zangjiang to the cultivation base in Beijiang.

To ensure the safety of the jade, Fang Qiu sat in one of the trucks and escorted the transport team in person.

Besides, he had called He Xue beforehand and told her to find some workers to dig a huge pit in the cultivation base and get ready to receive the goods!