Chapter 1211 An Ambush from John Doe?

Three days passed.

Public opinion grew even more intense over the past three days.

Qingshan’s Wulin fans spared no effort in promoting him. As a result, he occupied a place in Wulin in just three days and got many people’s attention and support.

Although John Doe’s supporters were reduced, they were not small in number.

The fierce debate between their supporters on the Wulin online forum did not stop.

Netizens clamored on the Wulin online forum.

John Doe published the venue for the challenge. Immediately after that, people in Wulin who followed the battle with interest set off for the Qinghai uninhabited area.

But because they had to travel a long distance and there was still some time left, they didn’t swarm toward the site in a hurry.

In three days, most of them had arrived in Quma County, southwest of Qinghai Province!


The Qinghai area was one of Huaxia’s four well-known uninhabited areas!

It was located in the southwest part of Qinghai Province, covering an area of 45,000 square kilometers from the south of the Kunlun Mountains to the north of the Wulan-wula Mountain.

The uninhabited area of Qinghai in the central region of the Qingzang Plateau had an average altitude of more than 4,600 meters. This place was characterized by low temperatures, rare precipitation, strong winds, and significant regional differences.

Because of the frequent changes in the weather and adverse environment, many adventurers died there.

Therefore, the four major uninhabited areas jointly released an announcement forbidding any unit or individual to trespass into the uninhabited area!

After that, the number of people entering the uninhabited area fell sharply. Gradually, only a few would go there.

With the continuous arrival of the Wulin people, Quma County, a small county, suddenly became lively.

Lots of Wulin people came to gawk.

As one of the contestants, Qingshan came to Quma County with them, ready to enter the uninhabited area at any time!

Sure enough!

Soon, the news of Qingshan’s arrival spread fast among those martial arts practitioners who had arrived.

All of them were waiting in the same county, so many people who had never seen Qingshan walked out of the hotel to the streets, hoping to meet this celebrity in person.

However, after searching for a long time, they didn’t see Qingshan.

They were about to return to their hotels.


All of a sudden, a loud bang came from outside the city.

And a particularly overwhelming force of energy Qi followed.

“Someone is fighting?”

“What a strong burst of energy Qi.”

“It must have come from an expert!”

After these Wulin people pinpointed the source in the county, they immediately rushed over.

Before long, they gathered in a remarkably open grassland outside of Quma County.

It was in the afternoon.

Thus, everyone could clearly see the two figures on the grassland.

They took a closer look.

Shockingly, one of them was a young man.

“It’s Qingshan!”

A voice suddenly rang out above the rest.

“Yes, it’s Master Qingshan. I saw him when he fought with Yun Yangzi.”

“Is he Qingshan?”

“He is indeed very young.”

“Was he ambushed?”

In the field, everyone spotted two figures.

They peered closely at the two figures.

In addition to Qingshan who had a light-red wooden stick in his hand, there was a masked man in black.

“Why is this man’s figure strikingly similar to John Doe’s?”

“Look, he is holding an ancient sword!”

“John Doe’s weapon is an ancient sword, isn’t it?”

“Is that man John Doe?”

“Why is he covering his face? Since his photo was exposed, John Doe has hardly hidden his face. This person should not be him, right?”

“They’re fighting again. Let’s watch it first.”

Two figures remained on the open grassland in the distance.

“Whiz, whiz, whiz…”

The man in black waved the extremely sharp ancient sword in his hand and kept slashing toward Qingshan!

The man in black carried out a series of serious attacks.

Finally, Qingshan wielded the light-red wooden stick he had never used before!

The other Wulin people watched them from a distance.

Along with the movements of Qingshan’s hands, the wooden stick moved extremely fast, leaving a string of shadows. It constantly clashed violently with the sharp sword in the hands of the man in black, as it fought every inch of the way!

Dozens of moves had been exchanged.

The man in black suddenly shot up to the sky.

Up high in the air, he released an intense burst of terrifying energy and slashed downward with a loud bang!

His long sword dived down fast.

A massive beam of sword Qi, full of energy, erupted from the long sword with a mighty bang. Along with a highly horrifying momentum, it pounced on Qingshan.

At the sight of this, Qingshan waved his right hand.

Red light erupted from the stick in his hand. He swung it violently upward with all his might to fend off the assault.


A loud explosion rang out at the next moment.

The sword Qi filled energy crashed onto the stick, dispersing nearly half of the red light on the stick and forcing Qingshan to retreat a few steps.

On the other hand, the sword Qi filled with energy had completely dissipated during this collision!

It was fantastic.

All the Wulin people watching the battle in the distance were awe-struck.


Qingshan, who was knocked back a few steps on the battlefield, fixed a withering glare on the man in black before him. The clash stirred up his Qi and blood, so he lost no time in restoring his state to face the next attack from the man in black.

To everyone’s surprise, after this strike, the man in black suddenly turned around and ran away!


This unexpected scene shocked all the Wulin people watching them from a distance.

They thought it would be a fierce battle, but as soon as the battle began, the man in black turned and left the battlefield.

Qingshan was also slightly stunned.

With his eyes glued to the figure fleeing far away, he sneered and muttered, “John Doe, you’re despicable!”

He stopped speaking.

His voice was not loud.


However, all the Wulin people viewing the battle in the distance heard it clearly.

Everyone cried out in surprise.

“Is that man in black John Doe?”

“No way. How could John Doe launch a sneak attack before the battle?”

“Humph, isn’t John Doe excessively shameless?”

“No wonder John Doe turned down Master Qingshan’s suggestion of fighting today. It turns out that John Doe has such bad intentions.”

“John Doe is too unscrupulous, isn’t he?”

“It might not be the truth. John Doe should not be such an immoral person.”

“We saw it. How could it not be true?”

“John Doe didn’t dare to confront Master Qingshan face to face, so he made a surprise raid on him here!”

Almost everyone thought that the person who suddenly attacked Qingshan was John Doe!

Qingshan also left. It seemed that he didn’t intend to stay in the county.

The news about what had happened in Quma County spread rapidly.

All kinds of comments kept pouring into the Wulin online forum thick and fast!

“Was it John Doe?”

“Did anyone see it? Could it really be John Doe?”

“I was at the scene and saw it with my own eyes. Also, I heard Master Qingshan say that the person who sneakily attacked him was John Doe. He even criticized John Doe for being despicable!”

“This is quite unexpected. How could John Doe do such a thing?”

“In my opinion, although John Doe is the best below the gurus, he is not a guru, after all, so he chose to launch a surprise attack before the battle!”

“That’s highly possible. John Doe’s sneak attack on Qingshan this time is very necessary. Whether John Doe succeeded in injuring him or not, it would help him greatly!”

“Right. Master Qingshan would have been injured or in a bad state if he had managed to do that. In that case, John Doe would stand a better chance of winning on the day of the challenge. Fortunately, Master Qingshan was so potent that he blocked his sneak attack.”

“It sounds reasonable. Even if the sneak attack had failed, John Doe could have sounded out Master Qingshan’s real strength with this sneak raid. I have to say that John Doe made an ingenious plan. He is such an impudent fellow!”

“I didn’t expect John Doe to be such a shameless person.”

“Little did I know that John Doe had no sense of shame!”


Qingshan was the victim.

After this sudden attack, Qingshan achieved overwhelming support in the shifting of public opinion.

After all, people usually couldn’t help showing more sympathy for the victim in their hearts.

The matter had an adverse influence on the way that people viewed John Doe.

As a result, almost all the people on the Wulin online forum started hurling abuse at John Doe, an evildoer in their eyes. Occasionally, some of John Doe’s supporters would come out in defense of him, but their voices were soon drowned out in the rush of the opinions of the majority.

Most people believed the person who sneaked up on Qingshan was John Doe.

For one thing, the masked man’s clothes, body shape, weapon, and even martial arts moves were similar to John Doe’s. For another, Qingshan said on the spot that the man in black was John Doe.

To change this unfavorable situation, many people who supported Fang Qiu sent posts one after another, asking John Doe to clarify the matter.

To their dismay, each of their posts was rebutted by those who slandered John Doe. Their abusive remarks against John Doe flooded the entire forum.

At the same time…

He Gaoming had been paying close attention to the forum. When he learned about the sneak attack on Qingshan and when he saw all the people firmly believed John Doe was the one who launched the raid on Qingshan, He Gaoming immediately became anxious.

“Not the oldest.”

“Of course not. The oldest is not that kind of unethical person. When have you ever seen him launch a sneak attack on anyone?”

“I believe in the oldest too. He would never launch a sneak attack.”

“These people did it on purpose, didn’t they?”

“They’re clamping a dirty name on the oldest!”

“Brother He, call the oldest quickly and ask him to clear his name.”

Everyone got heated.

He Gaoming was also burning with anxiety. When all the other brothers urged him to make a call, he took out his mobile phone and dialed John Doe’s number.


He made several successive calls, but John Doe did not pick up any of his calls.

He Gaoming had a bad feeling about it.

“I can’t contact him for the time being. Let’s log into our forum accounts to try and clarify the situation for the oldest first.”

One after another, these brothers entered the forum with their accounts and began to publish their posts.

“John Doe is not that sort of a man!”

“In the past two years, John Doe has climbed to the top, step by step. He never once launched any surprise attack on anyone!”

“Even when John Doe had to destroy a sect, he would fight fair and square. How could he stage a sneak raid?”

“John Doe also excels in virtue!”

“Do you have any evidence to prove your slanderous rumors against John Doe? Did you see John Doe’s face in the attack? Why do you insist that it’s John Doe? What if that person deliberately disguised himself as John Doe?”

One by one, the posts of these brothers appeared.

However, as soon as their posts came out, they were met with firmer rebuttals. Countless people swarmed into their posts, vehemently rejecting the claims from John Doe’s supporters with stinging sneers!