Chapter 1219 I’ve suffered Much More Hardships Than You

A hundred meters away…

On a tall stone pillar in the rock area…

“He won?”

Since John Doe began to use the art of ancient swordsmanship, he had been extremely shocked. The moment he saw John Doe win, his eyes immediately lit up. He stared at John Doe with great excitement and said, “I’m on the right path. That’s right… No wonder you can defeat me. The Tao of the sword penetrates the mystery of the universe. So what if his opponent is a guru? He won in the end!”

Until now…

In his mind, the incomparably fine ancient swordsmanship moves that John Doe executed ran in a continuous loop. Also, he repeatedly recalled the sword slash John Doe adopted in the fierce collision between them!

“His swordsmanship moves are incredible.”

As Sword Fanatic thought about it, he increasingly itched to learn it. He secretly planned to consult John Doe about the swordsmanship moves in person!

After a long time…

At last, all the onlookers who froze in shock came to their senses.

But even if they had sobered up, they still couldn’t understand what had happened before them.

Many people even stretched their hands to hold their heads tightly because they didn’t dare to believe this scene. This surprising result was harder to swallow than an unexpected win in the World Cup!

This was the reaction that everyone showed.

They couldn’t understand what was happening and were unable to accept the result.

There was a world of difference between the two opponents.

How could John Doe win?

Why did Qingshan lose?

The fierce battle took place before them, and Qingshan bled from the corner of his mouth after he took John Doe’s palm strike. If they hadn’t witnessed this, they would have suspected this was a fake competition.

“John, did John Doe win?”

“What did I see? How could John Doe win?”

“A guru. A guru has actually lost?”

“John Doe is indeed invincible, right? How could he be so strong? He is powerful enough to defeat a guru!”

“Did I just see a miracle happen?”

Everyone commented in great shock.


Qingshan, who had been knocked to the ground, held his chest as he grimaced in pain and stood up.

Staring at Fang Qiu in disbelief, he asked, “How did you do it? Why?”

Fang Qiu knew it.

Qingshan wanted to know the reason.

How could a ninth-class expert with two opened meridians tie with him?

Why did John Doe’s strength surpass his after he broke through to Half-step Guru?

Why did John Doe have so much internal Qi to use?

The last palm blow was the most confusing.

It only caused a minor injury, but how could half of his remaining half internal Qi suddenly vanish after the palm attack?

There were too many questions, and Qingshan didn’t know where to start.

To the spectators, this battle was truly too unexpected.

In his opinion, this battle was extremely weird.

It was so strange that he did not know why he lost.

As a guru, he knew nothing about a battle he had personally experienced. It was too embarrassing!

“It is because…”

Fang Qiu looked at Qingshan with a smile and said, “I’ve suffered a lot more than you have!”

He stopped there.

As soon as he said that, everyone on the scene was suddenly horrified.

At first, they heard that Qingshan had practiced hard for nineteen years before he became a guru. During these nineteen years, he had never gone down the mountain.

They could imagine how harsh his cultivation environment was!

It was also because of this…

Everyone gradually began to understand Qingshan. Once they put themselves in his place, they could feel how much pain and suffering Qingshan had gone through in the past 19 years.

But now…

John Doe’s words suddenly shocked everyone.

This time, they were not stunned but frightened!

“John Doe has suffered more than Qingshan?

“However, John Doe had just broken through and become a Half-step Guru. How could he, a none-guru, suffer more than Qingshan?

“Could it be…

“Did John Doe make such rapid improvement in the past two years due to what he had suffered?”

“In the beginning, he was merely a martial arts practitioner, but now he is a Half-step Guru. Did he achieve his success by bearing numerous hardships?

“If so, how much hardship did he have to endure?”

Sure enough…

The viewers could only stretch their minds to figure out the reason.

But Qingshan, John Doe’s opponent, got a sudden inspiration.

He remembered that John Doe asked about his master at first and even wanted to meet his master.

Thinking carefully about John Doe’s unusually powerful strength and what he had said, Qingshan seemed to have thought of something.

He smiled bitterly.

Looking at John Doe, Qingshan smiled wryly and felt helpless.

He didn’t expect to be knocked down not long after he left the mountain.

He thought about it again.

He had spent a lot of time establishing an unrivaled reputation through continuous challenges, but with his defeat in this battle, John Doe took all the credit, and he became John Doe’s stepping stone!

“It seems that I have to improve my cultivation.”

With a bitter smile, Qingshan heaved a long sigh. Then he turned to all the onlookers around and gave them a hold-fist salute before saying, “I lost this battle. Nevertheless, I, Qingshan, entered Jianghu officially today. I hope you can be magnanimous enough to forgive me and take care of me.”

Everyone heard his speech.

The thousands of people around saluted back.

All of them behaved in a refined and civil manner.

However, everyone was speechless in their hearts.

“You are a guru. Do you need anyone else to take care of you?”

“Although you lost to John Doe, you’re still a guru. Only John Doe, that mysterious freak, can defeat you. Who else dares to say that they can defeat you?”

“Gurus are legendary existences in Wulin. Everyone can hardly wait to flatter you. Who would dare to take care of you?”

“This guy’s words are excessively humble, aren’t they? In Wulin, he is a newly entered mighty dragon while we’re inferior fishes. How could we take care of him?”

“What’s going on in Wulin? John Doe defeated a guru, and a guru pleaded with us to take care of him. All of these completely subverted the Wulin in my heart.”

“Although you’re not above John Doe, the invincible freak master, you are a real guru.”

After his speech, everyone began to gossip.

Nevertheless, though they were all complaining, everyone could understand why Qingshan said that. Since he had just come down from the mountain, he had to challenge others to make a name for himself. He hadn’t yet developed an in-depth understanding of Wulin, so it was reasonable for him to be so modest.

After they returned the salute…

Everyone shifted their attention to John Doe.

They looked at John Doe with new eyes.

Especially those who supported Qingshan crazily and didn’t think highly of John Doe also looked at John Doe, their eyes full of horror.

“Too powerful. How could he be so invincible?”

“The No.1 under gurus? From now on, this title will no longer be suitable for John Doe. He even defeated a guru. John Doe must have obtained the combat capability of a guru. It’s no exaggeration to say that he is a guru already!”

“How on earth did he accomplish that?”

“His strength is terrifying. What is John Doe’s utmost limit?”

“John Doe is still as mysterious as he was two years ago, which is quite frightening.”

“This guy has too many secrets. No one can see through him at all!”


“There are some people who believed John Doe ambushed Qingshan. I’m wondering what those people will think of this result.”

“John Doe agreed to the challenge quickly because he was confident he could win.”

“The rumors of the sneak attack have been dispelled. John Doe is stronger than Qingshan, so he didn’t need to spring a surprise attack on Qingshan!”

For a moment…

Everyone’s attention was focused on John Doe.

This guy, who had been ruling Wulin for two years, continued to occupy center stage in Wulin and his influence kept growing!

In the field…

Qingshan received everyone’s polite responses.

He turned around, gave Fang Qiu a hold-fist salute, and said, “John Doe, I admit you are stronger than me. So, from now on, I will regard you as my lifelong opponent. One day when I am sure I can defeat you, I will challenge you again!”

He finished his speech.

Then he turned around and walked away immediately.

Fang Qiu saw him leaving.

His expression changed because he still wanted to ask Qingshan about his master. However, before he could open his mouth, an idea suddenly came to his mind.

Afterward, he immediately suppressed the urge to ask and stood still on the spot!

At this moment…

A hundred meters away…

The patriarchs of the four great families and Master Numinous moved and flew toward Fang Qiu together.

“Not bad, kid.”

Elder Zhan patted Fang Qiu on the shoulder as soon as he arrived and said, “You’ve hidden your strength well. Even a guru is no match for you now?”

“No big deal. It’s nothing.”

Fang Qiu replied with a smile.

“What a surprise. I’ve misjudged you.”

Master Numinous also laughed and stepped forward as he stood opposite Fang Qiu. Their eyes were level as he spoke, “I didn’t expect such a miraculous master like you to emerge in Wulin. You opened up my horizon. Superb. You’re amazing!”

“You’re flattering me.”

Fang Qiu answered modestly.

“Boy, you don’t have to be so modest.”

Patriarch Qian, shaking his head, stepped forward and put his hand on Fang Qiu’s shoulder. He said, “From today on, we will be peers.”

“Yes, yes, right. We are equals.”

Xi Fengling smiled and said, “You are not a guru yet, though you’re well on the way to becoming one. Once you complete the last step, I’m afraid that all of us will be no match for you.”

“Of course not.”

Fang Qiu quickly shook his head and said, “You five Elders are all badasses. Haha.”

Everyone heard that.

They could immediately tell that this kid was mocking them.

“You little bastard.”

Hearing that, everyone rolled their eyes.

“Congratulations, sly brat.”

Diwu Mingchuan came up with a smile, held Fang Qiu in his arms, and walked aside, saying, “Remember, my daughter Qian has always been very supportive of you.”

“Yes, yes, I know.”

Fang Qiu nodded hurriedly.

He knew his purpose.

Diwu Mingchuan was trying to win him over.

After all, John Doe possessed the combat capability to defeat a guru. Undoubtedly, he was one of the best masters in Wulin. The four clans had almost the same strength, but having John Doe on their side could make a big difference.

“Boy, my disciple has a good relationship with you, right?”

Master Numinous also came over and said, “I remember my disciple has taken the initiative to help you several times.”

“Yes, I remember all of that.”

Fang Qiu shook his head helplessly with a smile.

“It’s good that you remember. It all depends on your performance in the future.”

Diwu Mingchuan and Master Numinous looked at each other and burst out laughing.

Over there…

All the heads of the eight factions, leaders of sixteen sects, and Diwu Qian came over.