Chapter 1283 Breaking Through to the Guru Realm!

“Gurgle, gurgle…”

From the muddy riverbed, a few bubbles floated and passed by Fang Qiu’s eyes.


Fang Qiu did not see them.

He was currently assimilating the Qi of Heaven and Earth, which gushed through every inch of his body!

In his mouth, the Seven-storey Tower had been chewed into pieces, which then turned into a stream of warm current that flowed down his throat and entered his body.

The Seven-storey Tower ranked nine on the list of Heaven Treasures and it contained abundant energy, which was exceptionally pure and unique.

The Seven-storey Tower did not look any different from other herbs but it had a vibrant aura of life.

Because of the vigorous aura of life, the Seven-storey Tower could continuously grow in the same place.

Under normal circumstances…

Once they were picked, most Heaven Treasures would disappear and show up in other places because they could not be duplicated.

Of course, there were also some exceptional cases.

For example, there were the Three Lives of Earth Treasure and the Seven-storey Tower in the ancient relic.

It contained a large amount of life energy. So, even if it matured and was picked, it would gradually grow and eventually bloom again as long as a small part of the root remained!

Its unflagging energy could boost the growth of all Heaven Treasures and greatly help cultivators.

Compared to other types of energy, life energy could heal the human body and significantly strengthen it.

After all…

What the human body needs most was life energy!

The Seven-storey Tower transformed into energy and flowed down his throat.

It instantly surged into Fang Qiu’s wound, nourishing it. The injury was healing. Meanwhile, under the guidance of the Qi of Heaven and Earth that Fang Qiu had just gained, the remaining energy was constantly flowing through every inch of Fang Qiu’s body, including his meridians, blood and flesh, bones, and so on.

When the energy flowed into him, Fang Qiu felt very comfortable.

It was as though every cell in his body had been cleansed, and all the pores had been stretched to welcome the energy.

Soon, Fang Qiu was immersed in this supremely joyful state.

Outside the river…

On one side was the rainforest, and on the other side were the wild animals.

Since herds of wild beasts had just moved over, no animal was at the riverside.

But it was visible that…

Several large crocodiles were floating motionlessly on the river!


“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…”

Whizzing sounds could be heard.

From both ends of the river, eight figures rushed over quickly.

Eventually, they gathered at the riverside, where the footprints of wild buffaloes could be seen.

“We’ve checked the other animal groups, except for the beasts in this place.”

“I’ve examined the area where the footprints of the buffalo herd appeared. There was no sign of any aura there. I found no human footprints and other useful clues.”

“Not long ago, I sensed a strange flicker of energy fluctuation here. However, I didn’t discover anything unusual when I rushed over.”

“Are we going to let him go just like this?”

The eight of them frowned, their faces gloomy.

At this time…

“Something’s not right!”

One of them surveyed the surroundings again. Suddenly, he stepped forward, pointed to the crocodiles floating on the river, and said, “When I passed here just now, I saw these crocodiles. And now, they are still in the same place and haven’t moved at all.”

As soon as he said that…

The eight gurus immediately turned to look at the crocodiles in the river.

The gurus stared intently at them.

Sure enough, the crocodiles floated motionlessly on the water.


One of them immediately frowned and said, “Crocodiles in Africo are different from those in other places. The environment here is exceedingly good, so many wild animals live there, and crocodiles here are particularly fierce. Not to mention humans, they will also jump up and attack the lions. A crocodile even dares to prey on a lion, and there is a group of such crocodiles in this river.”

Upon hearing his words…

Everyone noticed that something was wrong.

Since crocodiles here even had the guts to attack lions, how could they fear people?

The eight of them were standing by the riverbank. Usually, these crocodiles would have pounced on them instantly. However, these crocodiles had not moved even a muscle since they arrived here.

They were not out hunting for prey. Instead, they seemed to be suppressed by something and couldn’t move!

In Africon Savannah, what could scare these crocodiles and render them motionless?


They were within their territory!

For a moment, all eight people focused on the water.

“Hiding in the water?”

“He is so good at hiding!”

“Let’s see if my strike can drive him out!”

“Wait a minute.”

“Everyone, get ready. John Doe is overly cunning. We must be fully prepared and take him down in one go!

Even as they spoke…

All eight of them began to make preparations.

After a while…

They were ready.

The eight gurus split up into two groups. Four people stood on each side of the river. They mobilized all their internal Qi, ready to attack at the same time — they would blast the river and force Fang Qiu, who was hiding at the bottom of the river, out.

At this time…

In the depths of the river…

Fang Qiu, who had been cultivating with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes and sneered.

After this short period of cultivation, he had healed his previous injury with the life energy of the Seven-storey Tower!


Under the impact of the Qi of Heaven and Earth and the life energy of the Seven-storey Tower, Fang Qiu successfully made a breakthrough and became a guru. Not merely did his meridians expand by thirty percent again, but his flesh and bones had also been greatly strengthened!

In the past, Fang Qiu had guru-level strength and realm. But now, it could be said that every cell in his body had reached the guru level.

Even in the water…

Fang Qiu could feel a flow of unprecedented power in him, and even he himself didn’t know the extent of his power!

The power made him feel fulfilled.

In addition…

Just now, when he was submerged in the special feeling of energy flowing through his body, Fang Qiu comprehended something: a move that he was particularly interested in, but he didn’t know how mighty it would be!

“They are all here?”

With a stir of his Divine Consciousness, Fang Qiu immediately noticed the situation outside when he woke up.

He knew the eight gurus were about to take action!

“All of you should die!”

He snorted coldly.

Fang Qiu readied himself for a fierce battle.


With a loud crash, Fang Qiu shot out of the water.

The tremendous energy Qi erupted in a split second and pushed the river water in all directions.

At the sight of this scene…

The eight of them who were guarding both sides of the river were greatly taken aback.

They had never imagined that John Doe would suddenly rise like a bolt of lightning at this time.

At first, the eight people were shocked.

Then, they acted fast to besiege and strike Fang Qiu.

But at this moment…


An earth-shattering sword sound rang out.

Fang Qiu, who had just broken through to the surface, suddenly clenched his right hand. The moment the Divine Sword appeared, the surrounding Qi of Heaven and Earth also began to boil.

This move…

It was the move he had just attained when he broke through and became a guru!

He created the Space-splitting Sea-cracking Sword by combining the Great Hand of Destruction and the Divine Sword. So, why couldn’t the Great Hand of Formlessness do it?

Anyway, it could disperse the opponent’s power!

Since both fist and palm strikes could smash the rival, so could a sword strike!


The Great Hand of Formlessness was not competitive enough, but adding the sword to this move could make up for this shortcoming. If he could mobilize enough Qi of Heaven and Earth, the explosive power of the Great Hand of Formlessness would be unparalleled, even stronger than that of the Great Hand of Destruction.

However, when real experts fought a decisive battle, how could they have time to mobilize so much Qi of Heaven and Earth? Even if they successfully made a start, experts at the same level would inevitably notice it and stop them in advance.

In this case…

The Great Hand of Formlessness would soon be suppressed.

But the sword could make a substantial difference to it.

The Great Hand of Formlessness could attract the Qi of Heaven and Earth to condense the strongest sword Qi. Beyond that, it could disperse the opponent’s internal Qi with the sword Qi.

The sword Qi was sharp, which could break any defense.

Thus, the sword could ensure the success of the Great Hand of Formlessness!

When this move hit its target, it would disperse the opponent’s internal Qi. In addition, the sword Qi could do real harm to the enemy. The Great Hand of Formlessness and the sword Qi could be said to be a match made in heaven.

“Supreme Sword!”

As soon as the Divine Sword formed in his hand, Fang Qiu immediately stabbed it fiercely at a guru before him.

After this strike…

Suddenly, the surrounding Qi of Heaven and Earth flooded in wildly. With the tip of the Divine Sword in Fang Qiu’s hand as the center, it surged rapidly and formed a cone-shaped layer of energy that completely enveloped the Divine Sword and Fang Qiu. The energy cone, with its pointed end leaning to the right, was like a well-sharpened needle. With irresistible momentum, it flashed forward and thrust itself at the guru!

The matchless incisive sword Qi was simply all-conquering!

With a horrified face, the targeted guru hurriedly summoned all the internal Qi in his body to block the blow. He even condensed a very thick energy shield in front of him.

But the next moment…


An incomparably crisp sound was heard.

That sword strike directly penetrated the thick energy shield in an instant. Then, mercilessly, it ran through the guru’s heart!

The guru created this lifesaving shield with all his might and main. But even when his heart was pierced, he didn’t understand how his shield could be so easily shattered, and why his internal Qi would instantly dissipate after that!


After he witnessed the success of his sword strike, Fang Qiu couldn’t be more surprised and satisfied.

Surprisingly, when his Divine Sword smashed the enemy’s internal Qi, it seemed to possess an unparalleled defense-breaking ability!

His enemy’s energy shield was made of internal Qi!

After Fang Qiu delivered this strike…

The energy shield was easily shattered because of the unique blow of the Great Hand of Formlessness, which dispersed more than half of the internal Qi. Since most of the internal Qi that formed the shield was dispersed, how could it display its defensive capability?

Fang Qiu was pleasantly surprised by this discovery.

He was also particularly delighted with the power of this move!

He had slaughtered a guru with one blow.

Fang Qiu flashed aside and immediately flew toward the other side of the river without any hesitation.

It was the rainforest over there!

Right now…

In the forest not far from the river, a group of wildebeests was migrating leisurely.

“Come and chase me if you can!”

Before the seven people surrounded him, Fang Qiu rushed straight into the rainforest and taunted them with this remark. Then he deftly ran up and slipped into the herd of wildebeest.

The seven gurus instantly chased after them with scowls on their faces.

This time…

They were frightened and no longer dared to act alone. Therefore, they went ahead in pairs. The last person teamed up with two gurus and formed a three-person squad. Afterward, they dashed straight into the wildebeests to look for John Doe!