Chapter 2915: Arrangements


When he saw her coming out, Si Que bowed hurriedly, and at the same time, he offered the box in his hand to her with both hands: “Master, this is the thousand year old Snow Lingzhi that disciple has kept for many years, please accept it.”

Feng Jiu didn’t take it. Instead, she looked at him with her hands behind her back and said: “Take this Snow Lingzhi back! I’ve dug up the three thousand year old Lingzhi of yours. I will send you a Scarlet Cloud Pill after I have refined it.”

Upon hearing this, Venerable Si Que was shocked, and looked at her: “Master…” The Scarlet Cloud Pill required more than just one Lingzhi, how could she make it with only the three thousand year old Lingzhi?

“This bottle can be my present to you as your Master.”

Feng Jiu turned her palm and a bottle of medicinal pill appeared in her hand: “This is not an advancing pill, but a life-saving medicinal pill. There are three pills in the bottle. If you take it in a dangerous situation, it can save your life.”

“Thank you Master.” He excitedly reached for the bottle of medicinal pills with care. He looked at the bottle and said: “Master, please accept the thousand year old Snow Lingzhi! Otherwise, disciple will feel guilty and uneasy.” He offered the Snow Lingzhi to her again.

Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu was silent for a while, then she reached out and took it: “In that case, I will accept it!”

“Thank you Master.” He was overjoyed and smiled. Then he asked: “Master, are you really not staying at the Immortal Sect for longer?”

“Yes, I plan to leave in two days.” Feng Jiu replied.

“Which town will Master settle down in? If there is no specific place in mind, disciple is willing to help Master make the arrangements.”

Feng Jiu had wanted to refuse initially, then she remembered her Elder Sister telling her that Si Que and Mu Xin came from powerful family backgrounds, so she said: “The closest city to the Immortal Sect, Cardinal Point City, is said to be the most prosperous city in the surrounding area. If you have connections there, then have someone find a manor for us to stay there!”

Upon hearing this, Si Qu replied respectfully: “Master, don’t worry. Leave this matter to disciple.” After he bowed, he took his leave and immediately sent one of his disciples to Cardinal Point City.

Back inside, Feng Jiu told Xuanyuan Mo Ze and Wanyan Qianhua about the matter she had instructed Si Que to handle. Finally, she said: “Since he offered, I decided to let him make the arrangements.”

“It will save us a lot of trouble having him make the arrangements. Venerable Si Que’s family clan is in Cardinal Point City, he only needs to give an order and it will be done. During this period, you can stay here with peace of mind and leave once he has made the arrangements over there.” Wanyan Qianhua said with a smile, then she took a sip of tea to moisten her throat.

“That’s fine.” Feng Jiu responded, then she looked at Xuanyuan Mo Ze and asked: “Elder Sister, did a man named Mo Chen come here before we arrived?”

Mo Chen had set off before them. However, they had already been here for a couple of days and had not heard any news from him.

“Xuanyuan also asked me this earlier. I haven’t seen this person named Mo Chen, but I heard that someone had come down from the Immortal Ascension Ladder some time ago. Though, no one knows where that person went.” Wanyan Qianhua replied.

Feng Jiu was surprised when she heard this: “Doesn’t everyone who descends from the Immortal Ascension Ladder arrive at this Sect?”

“Normally, yes, that is what happens. But there are also unexpected circumstances.” Wanyan Qianhua played with the teacup in her hand and said with a smile: “If he did appear, but left without anyone noticing, then naturally no one would know where he went. After all, not everyone picks the right time like you.”