Chapter 3604 Difficult To Withstand

“Whoosh! Swoosh!”

Two sword intents carrying the deadly aura slashed down at them. Witnessing this, Mo Chen’s heart seemed to sink as if he were plunging into an icy abyss.

He stood there in a daze, staring at the two deadly sword intents cutting through the flames. The flames had separated, but neither Feng Jiu nor Xuanyuan Mo Ze could be seen.

His heart seemed to stop beating for a while until a flash of light came on one side of the flames. Feng Jiu and Xuanyuan Mo Ze reappeared, and his heart began to beat again, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

It’s great that they were fine. He thought…

Feng Jiu pulled Xuanyuan Mo Ze back a few meters to regain their balance. In that critical moment, she had enveloped him with the flames and at the same time pulled him into her space to evade the deadly attacks. She couldn’t imagine what would have happened if they hadn’t had the space to dodge those two deadly sword intents.

She took a deep breath to calm her pounding heart, glanced at the grim-faced Master of the Black Lotus, and then turned to Xuanyuan Mo Ze. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” Xuanyuan Mo Ze replied, shaking his head slightly, his expression solemn.”His strength has increased significantly. We can’t afford to be careless.”

“I know, ” she replied.

She tightened the grip on her Blue Edge Sword and stared at the Master of the Black Lotus. The next moment, she and Xuanyuan Mo Ze were charging towards the Master of the Black Lotus.

“It seems you have other treasures hidden in your body!”

The Master of the Black Lotus’ sinister eyes were filled with excitement as he stared at Feng Jiu. Now, all Feng Jiu’s treasures would now be his, not just the Ancient Blue Lotus. They only disappeared for a moment, but that was enough to show him that Feng Jiu also had a space in her body!

He waved his hand and a black sword flew out at Xuanyuan Mo Ze as if it were it were alive. At the same time, he condensed a cluster of Black Lotus power in his palm and struck at Feng Jiu.

His dark figure met Feng Jiu’s Blue Edge Sword head-on, making no attempt to avoid it.

His palm strikes were vicious and deadly, aimed directly at Feng Jiu’s vital points.

Meanwhile, Xuanyuan Mo Ze was entangled by the black aura emanating from the conjured sword. The deadly aura emanating from the Black Lotus burst like razor-sharp energy, slashing Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s body and ripping the aura that surrounded his body as well as his robe.

As the dark aura penetrated his body, even a sliver of it was bone-chillingly cold and made one’s skin crawl with its unsettling sensation. Clouds of black smoke enveloped him as if intending to invade his whole body.

After seeing this, Mo Chen didn’t care about his own wounds at all. He immediately lifted his vital energy and rushed towards Xuanyuan Mo Ze. A burst of energy surged within him, and his palm unleashed a dazzling holy light that flew toward the black smoke, dispersing it entirely.

“How are you? Can you still hold on?” Mo Chen quickly moved to steady the somewhat staggering Xuanyuan Mo Ze. As soon as he touched his hand, he felt a chilly aura seep into his palm. Startled, he looked at Xuanyuan Mo Ze.

“I’m fine,” Xuanyuan Mo Ze mumbled, his lips slightly discoloured and his face pallid, but he was still holding up.

“The Black Lotus’ world-annihilating power is something even Feng Jiu finds difficult to withstand. You…”