3702 Awakening

At those words, Duan Yunhe responded, “Yes.”

“The same goes for those disciples, let the sect send them back to their families, and also tell them about the matter, this matter will end here!” The Sect Master waved his hand, signaling the crowd to retreat.

Duan Yunhe summoned his disciples and asked them to take his Senior Brother back to clean up first, while he had to go and bandage his broken arm and also report this matter to his Master who was in seclusion.

After everyone had left, the Sect Master also stood up with his hand on his back, and only then did he take a step towards the back hall. In his heart, he was a little curious about that woman in red and her group.

However, he knew that if they were truly that extraordinary, he believed that it wouldn’t take long for news of them to spread in this continent.

As for Peak Master Sun, after coming out, he was still gritting his teeth in anger. They were afterall one of the four great Immortal Sects, yet such a matter was actually suppressed just like this. The more he thought about it, the more anger welled up in his chest.

“Peak Master Sun? Peak Master Sun?”

One of the elders called him several times, but did not see him answer, so he went forward and called again, “Peak Master Sun? Still thinking about that matter?”

Peak Master Sun slowed down and saw that it was the Third Elder, so he said, “I was not expecting the Sect Master to handle it like this.”

“You don’t need to think too much, what the Sect Master said is not unreasonable, in the end, this matter is also because Peak Master Ren was wrong in the first place, let’s just leave it alone!”

A Peak Master next to him walked over, shook his head and sighed, “It’s just a pity about those two Violet Gold Spirit Deer! Listening to Yunhe say that, those are two adult Violet Gold Spirit Deer. The Violet Gold Spirit Deer is a treasure, even for several other sects, it is hard to find one, I didn’t expect that those people actually have two of them and even use them to pull a carriage like that, it’s really a waste, a waste!”

“Old He, you are in charge of the sect’s medicine peak, what kind of medicine do you want? Don’t worry about those two Violet Gold Spirit Deer, look, just because of that Violet Gold Spirit Deer, Peak Master Ren and the others got implicated, isn’t that enough of a wake-up call?”

They were talking as they walked, and finally each of them shook their heads and dispersed without saying anything more. Only that Peak Master Sun, who had been moved in his heart, went towards those disciples who had their cultivation abolished.

Because of Du Fan’s serious injury, Feng Jiu slowed down their journey, and stayed in this town for the past two days to help Du Fan recuperate. The palm strike had injured his heart and veins, if it was an ordinary person, he would have already died, but because Du Fan’s foundation was better, plus Feng Jiu was here, the injuries on his body were gradually recovering.

On this day, when Fan Lin and the others were helping Du Fan to soak in the medicinal bath, and helped the unconscious Du Fan back to the bed to rest, they saw his hand move slightly, seeing Du Fan’s hand move, Fan Lin and the others were delighted and quickly went to invite Feng Jiu over.

“Master, Master, Du Fan’s hand moved!” Luo Yu quickly came to Feng Jiu and spoke, telling her the good news.

Feng Jiu smiled, “Well, he has been unconscious for almost three days, it’s about time to wake up.” She said and came next door with Luo Yu.

“Master, I just took Du Fan’s pulse, the pulse has regained some strength.” Fan Lin revealed a smile and looked at Feng Jiu who came in with Luo Yu.

“Hmm, that’s good, boil that medicine again and give it to him to drink until he wakes up.” As she was speaking, he saw Du Fan’s mouth move slightly, and a weak voice came out from his mouth.

“Water … water …”