3706 Minor Problem

Her gentle voice was confident and leisurely. Obviously, she didn’t take this matter seriously.

It was understandable, after all, who were they? They were people who had endured thousands of hardships and their current cultivation levels were by no means comparable to ordinary people, so why would they take the situation they were faced with seriously?

They put this matter behind them quickly, and the group continued to move forward, preparing to find a suitable place to stay.

That evening, the spirit deer carriage was still traveling slowly along the mountain road. They were probably going to have to spend the night there. Therefore, before the sky got dark, everyone discussed about stopping to rest.

Feng Jiu, who was in the spirit deer carriage, didn’t get out and rested in the carriage. Inside the carriage, Leng Hua and Qin Xin waited on her on either side, while Leng Hua, Du Fan and Bai Qingcheng guarded outside the carriage.

“Just make a fire, we still have food in space. We can use spirit rice to cook some rice porridge for Master.”

“That’s easy to do, you rest here for a while! I will go and make the preparations.” Wei Feng said, then he and Gu Mo walked to the woods nearby.

Bai Qingcheng got out of the carriage to help. Mainly, she cooked the rice porridge. The dried food in space for the others to eat was easy to prepare.

Everyone was busy doing their own chores. As the sky got darker, the aroma of the rice porridge spread. She scooped a bowl of rice porridge and brought it over to Feng Jiu who was in the spirit deer carriage while the others sat around the fire and chatted.

Suddenly, the smile on Luo Yu’s face, who was talking and laughing, faded and his eyes swept towards a certain place. A sharp arrow shot out with a whoosh and headed towards the spirit deer carriage.


At that moment, a figure flashed out holding a sharp arrow aimed at the spirit deer in one hand. At the same time, he raised his hand and shot the arrow tip back into the woods.


The same time the scream came out, and angry shout also sounded.

“Do it!” Shoot the arrow!”

As soon as the voice shouted, countless arrows shot towards them. At that moment, everyone jumped up. They protected the spirit deer carriage with spirit energy and blocked all the sharp arrows that shot at it. With a raise of their hands, the sharp arrows turned back in the direction they came from.



Shrill cries were accompanied by the scent of blood which permeated through the forest. Countless arrows were fired back at those people with a speed that was faster than sound.

Inside the carriage, Feng Jiu looked calm as she ate her rice porridge. She wasn’t scared, nor was she flustered. It was as if it was peaceful outside the carriage.

After drinking a bowl of rice porridge, she said to Qin Xin: “Go and scoop a bowl for Du Fan. He’s only just recovered, he shouldn’t eat the dried food. A bowl of rice porridge would be better.”

“Yes.” Qin Xin responded and walked out with a bowl in her hand.

“Master, would you like to lie down and take a nap?” Leng Shuang asked.

Feng Jiu responded lazily, then lay down on the mattress and covered herself with a blanket, closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Upon seeing this, Leng Shuang raised her hand and formed a soundproof boundary barrier to isolate all the sounds outside of the carriage so that it didn’t disturb her rest. After doing so, she sat quietly and watched.

Outside, Luo Yu and the others disposed of the bodies then sat back by the fire and chatted. The next morning, the group continued moving forward.

Three days later, they finally arrived in the city. When they saw that they were about to enter the city, everyone couldn’t help but look at each other and revealed a smile.