3713 Tipped Off

Although the City Lord had been killed, no one in the city dared to take any action. Some family clans had even discussed the matter after learning what had happened, and felt that they ought to pay a visit to those people.

Feng Jiu ignored this matter and left it to her subordinates to deal with. In addition to taking care of her unborn child, she was also recuperating and cultivating. At the same time, she took care of Xuanyuan Mo Ze, who was in space, and looked through some books and information.

She knew that in order for Xuanyuan Mo Ze to wake up, firstly, she had to find the Ancient Golden Lotus. Secondly, her Blue Lotus could restrain the Black Lotus, and thirdly, she needed to refine a medicinal pill to clear the Black Lotus energy.

However, even though she was unable to do any of those three things right now, she would not give up.

In space, she helped Xuanyuan Mo Ze move his muscles and limbs while she talked to him. She stayed with him in space for a while, then she went to the side to cultivate.

Early the next morning, people from family clans in the city arrived together. This was not a big city, and in comparison to family clans from other places, the family clans in this city could only be regarded as second or third rate family clans.

However, now that the City Lord had been killed, those small family clans and some forces in the city were ready to take action. They decided that they would pay a visit to those people, explore their background and see who they were. The second thing was that they had to stabilise the situation in the city.

Du Fan and the others were having breakfast on the first floor of the inn when they saw four five people outside the inn, looking inside. They signaled to the waiter who walked out. Not long later, he came back and reported to them.

“Young Master, those people outside are the Patriarchs of the family clans in the city and they would like to come and pay their respects.”

Upon hearing this, Luo Yu and the others looked at each other and then at Du Fan: “Shall we see them?”

Du Fan smiled and gently fanned the fan with his hand, and said: “It won’t hurt.” So, the waiter went outside and invited them in.

Luo Yu and the others were not interested in meeting the Patriarchs of third rate family clans. So, they got up and prepared to go to the back courtyard of the inn to stretch their muscles. They only left Qi Kang to accompany Du Fan to meet those people. After all, Du Fan’s body hadn’t fully recovered.

Qin Xin followed Fan Lin to study medicine, while Leng Hua was upstairs guarding the door to Feng Jiu’s room. Bai Qingcheng came out of the kitchen at the back of the inn and walked upstairs with breakfast in her hands. When she saw those people walking into the inn, she only glanced at them and continued upstairs.

Those four five Patriarchs walked in without anyone else. When they saw the beautiful woman in white, a flash of surprise appeared in their eyes involuntarily. They took another look as she walked upstairs, then they saluted the two men sitting in front of them.

“Greetings two Young Masters.”

They cupped their hands and spoke. At the same time, they focused their attention on the two men and sized them up secretly. Upon seeing this, they couldn’t help but become vigilant.

No wonder the City Lord’s younger sister Tie Ruhua fell in love with them. Not mentioning the people who had left earlier, just the two people who were sitting in front of them had outstanding appearances, and their dispositions were out of the ordinary.

“Speak! Why are you here?” Du Fan fanned the fan in his hand and asked slowly. The smile on his face made people who didn’t know him feel that he wasn’t actually that scary, but rather kind of friendly.

“We are here to tell Young Masters who put your portraits on the Bounty List.”