3714 Help Them Find Another One

Upon hearing this, Qi Kang and Du Fan glanced at each other. The former said nothing, but the latter smiled: “Oh? You know who did it?”

“Yes, we do.” They replied, then took out a piece of paper with the names and family clans on it and handed it over: “It’s these family clans. As for the reason they did it, we do not know.”

Du Fan and Qi Kang were not surprised by this. They took the paper and glanced at the names on it, then Du Fan asked: “You came here to tell us this? Are you not afraid that they will deal with you when they find out?”

“We are not the only ones who know which family clans released the news, and they have also not hidden the fact that they did it. So even if we didn’t say anything, Young Masters will know just by asking anyone. We came here to tell Young Masters the news because we hope you know that we didn’t agree with the actions of the City Lord and the others. Moreover, now that the City Lord has been killed by Young Masters, we think…”

“What do you want?” Du Fan asked with a smile, his expression friendly: “Speak freely.”

Upon seeing that he was so easy to talk to, they relaxed and explained their intentions: “Since there is no City Lord in the city now, we want to choose someone from one of our family clans to be the new City Lord. We hope that Young Masters can help with this matter.”

Du Fan’s eyes glazed past them and finally fell onto one of the middle-aged men: “Out of everyone, you have the strongest strength and cultivation. I’m guessing that your family background is better than theirs. If I were to choose someone amongst you, then you would be most qualified to give it a try, but…”

When the middle-aged man heard him saying that he was most qualified, he couldn’t help but feel happy. However, when he noticed that he had paused mid-speech, he couldn’t help but asked: “Young Master, what is it?”

Du Fan smiled slightly then put the fan in his hand away and said: “However, I don’t know anything about your conduct. If you have the same conduct as the previous City Lord, then that wouldn’t be good!”

“Don’t worry, Young Master! Although this city is not as big as some other cities, and our family clans cannot compare to those in other cities, we will not act recklessly like those people. Today, we came to pay our respects because we know that other forces are eyeing the position of the City Lord, so we want to ask Young Masters for your help.”

“I can promise you, Young Masters, that if I become City Lord, I will not act recklessly like the previous City Lord!” The middle-aged man promised quickly.

“What other forces are you talking about?” Du Fan asked.

Upon hearing this, the other people were overjoyed and quickly told them about the other two evil forces in the city, then they looked at them expectantly.

“You may go back first! If we think that you are suitable to be the City Lord, we will help you deal with the matter before we leave. If we don’t think that you are suitable, then we will not interfere in this matter.” Du Fan gestured for them to leave first.

Upon hearing this, the men looked at each other. Although they didn’t know what they would decide, they still left first.

After they left, Qi Kang looked at Du Fan and asked: “Do you really want to help them?”

“It’s not really helping them, it’s helping the people of this city!”

Du Fan smiled, then he opened the fan in his hand with a swipe, stood up and walked slowly, saying: “How can a city be without a ruler? Even if the city is not big, if there is no one in charge, I’m afraid that there will be chaos in the city and the lives of the people in the city will become very difficult. Since we killed their City Lord, then we should help them find a suitable person to be their new City Lord.”