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A few days passed, and it was another morning, and Ren was looking at the e-sport news. It was still about the mass construction of guilds. And wherever he swiped, it was either Scar, Silvia, or another rich kid on TV, talking about their exaggerated guild house.

It might look like a fantasy. A dream come true living in those paradises, but Ren knew those rooms and perks only applied to core members. The lower stratum only sleeps in a small space together with five or more players.

With hundreds of members, there was no way that that guild could accommodate them all.

Ren finished eating his microwave leftover food before he decided to meet with Leonel early so they could finish their apartment hunting early.

The last few units the Broker showed them were either too small, too overly decorated or less, or even too expensive or out of touch.

So far, nothing beats the first unit, in Ren's opinion. But staying together with Mike in one place was a big 'NO' for him. He might strangle the guy in his sleep.

After traveling for nearly thirty minutes, Ren and Leonel stopped at a skyscraper named Diamond Palace. Everyone knew how expensive the place was, and only the upper echelon could afford a unit in there. Owning a unit in the building was one of the pinnacles of luxury.

With a façade that reflected the landscape around it, the building featured 3d graphics, waterfalls falling on walls, caught by cantilevered pools, and the walls sparkled like stars at night.

Though it was a thirty-minute ride from school, Ren liked the hundred-meter setback of the place from other buildings. Restaurants, cafes, 24/7 stores, and malls were also near the area.

But Ren knew that the unit in there was out of his budget . . . as of now. And he said his concern to the Broker.

"I don't think this place is within my budget."

The Broker only smiled. "I am aware, Mr. Ren. But do take a look at the unit first before you say anything. I assure you, the price of the room that I will show you is only a few millions away from your original budget."

Leonel's face turned white, and he whispered in Ren's ear, "This Broker said millions like it's just a spare in the pocket."

Ren ignored him. The Broker was already nice, polite, and not to mention very patient with people like them. He was sure that the Broker was used to rich clients and not run-in-the-mill students like them. But she was still treating them in a very professional manner. Others simply wouldn't show up after the first hunt.

"Let's just go and inspect the place." Ren sighed. There was nothing wrong in just looking, even though he knew that he wouldn't buy a unit here no matter how beautiful the place was. It was far too expensive for his taste.

And as Ren expected, the grand lobby was enough to take his breath away. There was no greater indicator of a building's quality than its lobby. It was the first interior that everyone saw upon entering. The first impression was all everyone could remember, after all.

Floor-to-ceiling window with a view of the lush greeneries outside. Water flows throughout the space, which was designed to soften the metals and hard furnishings. At night the space was illuminated with dramatic lighting to highlight the area.

The lobby was jaw-dropping that you might not even notice a celebrity passing by, especially the attention-grabbing massive dome diamond chandelier on the ceiling. Italian marbles ran the length of the area. Even the elevators were made of glass with marbles, gold, and diamond accent. Diamond, brass, and gold fixtures and Plush chairs all set the stage. You didn't even have to stand and get a drink. A trolley made its way around the area where bartenders would craft drinks tableside while musicians played softly in the background.

The place was already complete with necessary amenities like restaurants, grocery stores, shops, a gym, a pool, and even spas.

The Broker led them into a private glass elevator that showcased the landscape of the place, just like with Axis Corporation.

When the elevator opened, the grand foyer stumbled their view. The space was two times bigger than Ren's rented room in Raven's apartment.

After using a card, the main door clicked, and the spacious living room greeted them upon entering from the main entrance.

The room came with a four million furniture allowance, white marble floors, four-meter high ceilings, and a 360-degree panoramic view of the waters and landscape. The unit occupied a whole floor of the building with one main suite with an oversize bathroom and a walk-in closet, two bedrooms, one guess room, two powder rooms, a spacious kitchen with marble countertops and glass cabinets, and dining and living room. There was even a library, private pool, and movie room. It was large enough to house two families.

The owner would have private elevator access and also a two-car air-conditioned private garage.

The unit commanded an eyebrow-raising price with its views and prestigious position in Zone A. When the Broker said the price, both Ren and Leonel's eyes went wide.

It wasn't just a few millions away from Ren's original budget but a few four millions away.

Ren could only shake his head. No matter how nice or perfect that place was, it was overboard and over budget.

Eventually, the Broker decided to contact Ren and Leonel again after she searched other places that coincided with Ren's requirements before they parted ways.

"That place is so nice but over the top." Leonel released a big breath. "I wonder if people are really crazy enough to buy those."

"They are. Remember what Ragnar said? He owned multiple apartments in the area."

Leonel's hands went at the back of his head as they went out of the building. "Must be nice to be so rich that you don't even know which apartment you would stay the night."

He then skidded to a stop when he noticed a restaurant near the lobby and tapped Ren's shoulder. "Let's eat there for a minute. I'm starving."

Ren checked his watch and noticed that it was already one in the afternoon. When Leonel pointed to the restaurant, Ren's stomach grumbled right on cue.

"It's expensive there. Let's go to that bread store instead. It would have to sate our hunger for now. I still have leftover food in my apartment to finish." said Ren.

"Fine. Fine. Anything to satisfy my growling stomach."

The two hurried to the bread store, and while Leonel was paying for their order, Ren stepped out of the bakery since it was small and there were others who went around the place. It felt kinda cramp with all the people and display.

Standing just outside the shop, Ren's eyes wandered before settling on the spacious restaurant beside the bread shop. He almost forgot to breathe when he saw a familiar face serving the customers of the restaurant.


. . .

. . .

When Leonel returned to Ren's side, he saw his friend in a daze with his eyes and thoughts so far away.

Leonel followed Ren's line of direction, and he saw the spacious restaurant just beside the bread corner. No matter how hard Leonel squinted his eyes, he couldn't seem to detect where Ren was looking at.

"What's in there? Why are you so focused on the restaurant? Don't tell me that you changed your mind and wanted to eat there?"

Ren didn't speak. He didn't even spare Leonel the barest glance as he said.

"Leo . . . I think I will . . . buy this unit, after all."

". . . HUH?! W-what made you change your mind?! I thought that you find this place expensive!"

That was only when Ren looked Leonel in the eyes, and the grin on his face that soon followed made Leonel rub his skin because of hives.

"Let's just say . . . I found my ideal place."