Amidst this scene of destruction, Ren and Evie exchanged glances, their eyes filled with quiet satisfaction.

Their partnership had been tested and had proven itself to be a force to be reckoned with –– time and time again.

With the battlefield now silent except for the fading echoes of two beasts turning into particles, Ren turned his attention to the horizon.

In the distance, the sun hung low in the sky, casting a warm, golden glow across the lush landscape. It was a stark contrast to the turmoil they had just overcome.

Ren's lips curved into a satisfied smile, and he remarked, "Well, it seems we got what we wanted after all."

Evie nodded in agreement, and release a soft chuckle. "Indeed, we did," she replied, and added, "Trouble always seemed to find you wherever you go."

Ren smiled and took Evie's hand into his. "What is life without troubles right?"

"A stress free one, that's for sure," Evie commented to the side.

With their objectives achieved, Ren and Evie decided to make their way back to Salister Kane.

After saying goodbye to Denric and the latter saying that they would definitely meet again, the two went on their way.

The journey back to the Grand Chapel was a hassle free one considering that it would be dark soon.

The forest, once a daunting maze of danger, now seemed to welcome them with a newfound sense of serenity. The trees rustled gently in the breeze, and the distant sounds of wildlife returned to the forefront of their awareness.

In the next scene, Ren and Evie found themselves in the village and the villagers seemed to be happy of some sort.

Upon investigation, Salister intensified his utilization of contracts among the common populace, extending his sinister influence even to basic blessings.

With every new contract inked, his insatiable hunger for souls grew, fueling his relentless pursuit of power.

"I guess they're all happy that Salister is giving them blessings," Evie muttered as the villagers passed by with happy smiles.

"Good. It just meant that the quest is proceeding smoothly. We need him to collect more souls and open up the Netherworld for us," Ren said.

"I wonder, what's in the contract," Evie thought aloud.

And Ren explained to her, "These contracts, now omnipresent, concealed a chilling nondisclosure agreement. Signers are prohibited from admitting to the contract's existence, discussing its nature in any form, or even speculating about its potential application to themselves or others.

"Breaching this clause would will trigger a violation, and the consequences are solely at Salister Kane's discretion, affording the violator no room for input."

Evie slightly shook her head. "In real life, that would be really sketchy."

As a result of these contracts, the quality of life experienced a dramatic transformation across the land, particularly among those residing near the hallowed chapel of the Grand Benefaction.

Salister's influence had wrought a remarkable improvement, bringing prosperity and happiness to the masses.

Salister himself became a figure of incredible prominence and influence, holding numerous meetings with a diverse array of people.

Astonishingly, everyone who left these encounters did so with elated expressions, including Salister himself.

This enigmatic outcome left observers wondering, for it seemed that whatever Salister was orchestrating, it was not without its share of benefits.

This attracted a lot more players to visit Salister and asked him about blessings, contracts, and quests.

However, Ren recalled that this scheme consumed Salister's time and resources for an extended period, affording the players an opportunity to explore alternative side quests if they continued to trust Salister.

Alternatively, if doubt clouded their perception of him, it became an ideal moment for a more thorough investigation into the true nature of his endeavors and the extent of his control over the populace.

However, Ren made a calculated decision not to reveal his true identity at the moment. Exposing Salister Kane prematurely would only enable him to slip away, assume another deceptive guise, and continue his soul-collecting schemes, forcing Ren to reset his efforts from scratch.

Ren had strategic reasons to keep Salister in the dark for now. He would aid Salister in his quests in amassing a substantial number of souls.

Moreover, he had a crucial plan hinging on the involvement of the princess to open the Netherworld.

Timing was a critical factor in Ren's scheme, and he couldn't help but wonder about Princess Elena's progress of finding Princess Lorelai.

As Ren and Evie made their way back to the abode of Salister Kane, their senses were unexpectedly drawn to an unfamiliar presence who was not in the village before.

A figure stood at a quiet corner of their path, distinct and intriguing against the backdrop of their surroundings.

Upon using [Probe], Ren finally knew the man.

This figure was none other than Balance, a tiefling of male descent, marked by an innate connection to magic coursing through his veins.

He bore the mantle of a wild magic sorcerer and had adopted the name "Balance" in his quest to maintain equilibrium between the forces of good and evil, a belief he held essential for a harmonious existence.

Dressed in robes of deep, regal purple, Balance's striking appearance was further accentuated by his vibrant, radiant purple hair — a manifestation of his sorcerous lineage.

A pair of gleaming golden bands adorned his tail, an unusual but deliberate choice in attire.

Balance was a thoughtful and introspective soul, a remarkable trait for someone inherently bound to the capricious nature of wild magic. He invested substantial time and effort contemplating the potential consequences of his actions before setting them into motion.

His role in this narrative was clear: to serve as a neutral arbiter, ensuring the battles and conflicts remained balanced and fair.

Ren recalled that he was neither good nor evil.

Should the players found themselves struggling, Salister Kane clearly had the upper hand. Then Balance would lend his arcane abilities to aid them.

Conversely, if the party was having an easy time subduing Salister, he would align himself with the villain.

In situations where the scales of battle were already evenly balanced, Balance would maintain his role as an astute observer, understanding that the ebb and flow of fortune could change at any moment.

Should the party harbor mistrust or suspicion towards Salister, this scheme would reveal Salister's true nature, serving as a critical moment of revelation.