[Side Story]

[Isolde and Leonel]

Spells collided, swords clashed, and the chamber was filled with a cacophony of battle cries and roars.

Leonel shouted to Isolde above the chaos, "Stick to me so I can protect you! We need to focus on the boss, but we can't ignore the guilds either!"

Isolde nodded in agreement. She needed Leonel's 'tankiness' for she was targeted by the players. Her DEF and MDF could take it, but dozens and dozens of attacks all at once was too much even for her.

The two friends fought back to back, their movements synchronized as they engaged both the Berserk Rose Sand Wyrm and the relentless onslaught of their adversaries.

Isolde stood on higher ground, her gaze fixed through the scope of her enormous sniper rifle. The weapon was a masterpiece of craftsmanship, a gleaming combination of matte black steel and polished wood.

The scope, equipped with state-of-the-art optics, allowed her to pinpoint targets with unparalleled precision, even from a considerable distance.

It was one of Ren's gift for her and she could it Isolde 5.0 [Rifle of Precision].

The rifle had a target lock features that allowed Isolde to never miss her target.

As she observed the battlefield below, Isolde's fingers lightly caressed the rifle's stock. She knew every groove and indentation of the weapon, the tactile familiarity that came from countless hours of practice in real life.

But it wasn't just her sniper rifle; she was a walking armory.

Draped across her body was an assortment of firearms, each meticulously maintained and upgraded. Her belts and holsters were filled with pistols, each customized to fit her hand perfectly.

The sleek, black barrels of submachine guns peeked from her shoulder holsters, and grenades nestled securely in pouches on her tactical vest.

But it was her bazooka that truly caught the eye. This formidable piece of hardware was a fusion of raw power and technological sophistication.

It featured a digital targeting system with multiple ammunition types, allowing her to adapt to any situation.

The bazooka's sleek matte finish concealed its destructive potential, which Isolde wielded with calm confidence.

All of her equipment were upgraded by Ren came from the rare materials of the Fey Realm. So it wasn't exaggeration to say that Isolde was a walking killing machine.

Leonel's equipment were also upgraded. His chestplate was a masterpiece of craftsmanship, forged from the rarest and strongest materials in the Fey Realm.

Embedded in the chest plate were energy-absorbing crystals, allowing him to absorb incoming magical attacks and unleash their energy as devastating counterattacks.

Leonel's shield was a marvel of engineering. It was constructed from a rare alloy that was both lightweight and nearly indestructible.

The shield featured a retractable energy hammer, which he could summon with a thought, making him a force in close combat.

His helmet was a combination of technology and artistry, providing him with heads-up displays and enhanced sensory perception.

It allowed him to keep a vigilant watch over his surroundings, protecting himself and his allies from surprise attacks, though only for a limited distance.

Ren had spared no expense in outfitting Isolde and Leonel with this arsenal of upgraded equipment.

With their gear, they were more than just players; they were forces to be reckoned with, capable of turning the tide of any battle in their favor.

In the heart of the Pink Desert's labyrinth, amidst the shifting dunes of rose-tinted sands, Leonel and Isolde stood face to face with the Rose Sand Wyrm.

Its colossal form stretched out before them, scales shimmering in the desert's gentle light and emerald eyes fixed upon the intruders with an unsettling ferocity.

Around them, a combined force of fifty players from the guilds of Fate Alliance and Great Dynasty had joined the battle, their characters brimming with 200+ stats and each have abilities complementing their level.

The air was charged with tension as spells and attacks erupted like fireworks, lighting up the desert with bursts of magic and the clash of weapons.

Leonel and Isolde, however, found themselves in a precarious position. Despite their exceptional coordination and advanced equipment, they were vastly outnumbered by the overwhelming might of their adversaries.

The guild members fought with fierce determination, their sheer numbers pressing in from all sides.

Isolde's rapid gunfire echoed through the battlefield as she unleashed a storm of bullets. Her rifles, and bazookas were a symphony of destruction.

Leonel's massive shield deflecting incoming spells and attacks. Together, they formed a determined front against the relentless tide of Fate Alliance and Great Dynasty.

The Berserk Rose Sand Wyrm proved to be both friend and foe. As its colossal form thrashed and lunged, it inadvertently inflicted damage upon the guild members, chipping away at their health bars.

Its breath weapon, a whirlwind of razor-edged rose petals, struck at random, causing chaos and confusion among the players.

Despite the temporary respite granted by the Rose Sand Wyrm's interference, Isolde and Leonel were far from safe.

The creature's cavernous maw snapped hungrily, its thorny tail lashed out, and its massive bulk blocked their escape routes.

They were constantly on the defensive, forced to evade the boss's devastating attacks while fending off the relentless guild members.

In the midst of the chaotic battle, Leonel shouted to Isolde, his voice barely audible over the cacophony of spells and clashes, "Isolde, make sure that they wouldn't steal the boss. I'll take care of the others!"

Isolde nodded, her eyes never leaving the Rose Sand Wyrm. "Leave it to me," she replied, her fingers deftly reloading her weapons. "We'll hold the line!"

The battle raged on, a tumultuous clash of might and magic in the heart of the Pink Desert.

The Rose Sand Wyrm coiled its serpentine form and prepared to unleash its most devastating attack. Its emerald eyes gleamed with malevolent intent, and a swirling vortex of razor-sharp rose petals gathered around it, ready to be unleashed upon its enemies.

Leonel and Isolde recognized the impending danger as Ren had warned them about it beforehand.

They exchanged a quick glance that conveyed their unspoken agreement.

Isolde swiftly moved to Leonel's side, and in an instant, he raised his shield. With a deft motion, he activated the shield's protective enchantment, causing it to expand fourfold, enveloping both of them just as the fiery breath of the wyrm swept over the entire room.