"We've been running errands for Salister for a few days now," Evie remarked to Ren, her voice filled with curiosity. "Do you think he has enough souls by now?"

Ren nodded. "We're nearing the finale of the event. Just one more quest, and we'll be done."

A puzzled expression crossed Evie's face. "Has anyone ever reached this part of the quest before?" she inquired.

Ren smirked knowingly. "Probably not. It's an advanced quest that requires at least the minimum of five hundred stats and at least ten players," he explained.

Then, he shot a playful grin at Evie. "But since you and I are cheats, we don't have any problems in that department."

Evie couldn't help but giggle at his confidence.

Amidst their excitement, Ren's thoughts turned to Elena and her mission to retrieve Princess Lorelai. She should have arrived by now.

"What's on your mind?" Evie asked Ren, noticing his sudden silence.

Ren shook his head, snapping out of his thoughts. "Nothing much. This is usually the time when Elena appears with Princess Lorelai," he replied absentmindedly.

Evie pouted and muttered, "Does it really matter if she doesn't show up for this quest?"

Ren shrugged. "Not really. We can always postpone completing the quest until Elena arrives. It's not a problem right now."

Then, it would be a problem later since they wouldn't be able to finish the quest without Elena and that princess. Evie thought.

Returning to Salister's chapel, they completed his quest as instructed.

Salister's eyes gleamed with enthusiasm as he handed them contracts outlining their next mission.

"Very good, adventurers! You did great for the chapel and its people. For your next quest, I plan to propose a new town charter to all nearby cities. Please help me spread the word to nearby cities and towns and make them sign this contract."

Ren and Evie accepted the contracts, and a new quest automatically appeared on their screens.

[At least make one town's leader sign the contract.]

"This looks easy enough," Evie remarked as they left the chapel.

"What happens after this?" she added, her curiosity piqued.

By now, Evie had grown accustomed to Ren's extensive knowledge of the game. She refrained from questioning him directly since she knew that he wouldn't answer her straight to the point.

Evie would wait for him to reveal the details in due time.

Ren responded to her question, "If a town's leader signs this charter, they condemn the souls of every citizen to Salister's clutches. The benefits to the people are substantial, with bumper crops and a complete eradication of sickness and disease.

"At this point, rumors that Salister Kane is going into politics elicit nothing but pure joy and excitement. The people are ecstatic to hear that this holy man of the people, who can do no wrong, is going to represent their interests.

"Salister humbly denies pursuing a political career and tells everyone who asks that he just has a few ideas for how to ensure basic rights are protected and maintained."

Evie giggled knowingly. "Just like the people who wanted to enter politics in the real world, then," she commented.

Ren shrugged, a wry smile on his lips before elaborating, "The exact number of towns Salister approaches is left flexible. If players are entirely on board with helping him, then they should approach at least one town, which would sign immediately.

"However, if the party is actively working to stop Salister Kane, then it's better to focus on a major metropolis and their efforts to convince the city's leader not to sign the contract."

"If we choose to side with him, the consequences will be that Salister gains 30,000 souls, and once he does, it's time for his finale to begin."

"Of course, we're helping him, right?"

"That's right," Ren affirmed and added, "Let's go to the largest nearby town and make them sign this."

As they journeyed to their destination, Evie was puzzled as to why so many players were looking in their direction.

"Why are they looking at us?" she asked.

"Our guild is probably climbing the leaderboard by now," Ren explained.

It better be. He thought, recalling all the rare and legendary items he had given to Leonel and the others, even upgrading their equipment with exceptionally rare materials.

Ren was inwardly lamenting the resources he had spent.

By the time he opened up the Netherworld and the Heaven Realm, World Conqueror better be in the top ten.

The sun hung low in the sky, casting a warm golden glow across the endless grassland as Ren and Evie continued their journey toward their destination.

The air was still, and the only sounds were the gentle rustle of leaves and the soft crunch of dirt beneath their boots.

In this tranquil moment, the heavens suddenly shattered as if a celestial veil had been torn asunder, and a figure descended from above.

A blinding light enveloped the area, momentarily obscuring their vision.

As the radiance faded, the silhouette of a man became discernible, bathed in an ethereal glow. He stood tall and imposing, his features chiseled with divine precision.

His eyes, the color of sapphire, held a depth of wisdom that seemed to penetrate the very soul. His skin was luminous, akin to polished marble, and he wore a flowing robe made of shimmering fabric that seemed to be woven from starlight itself.

In its back were four wings. Each wing stretched wide, reaching towards the infinite sky, their feathers shimmering with iridescence.

Evie's voice quivered as she uttered, "Is that . . . an angel?"

"The Chayot Ha Kodesh, described in the book of Ezekiel," Ren explained calmly, "beings with four pairs of wings. They are often considered a distinct class of angels, associated with divine visions and revelations."

"About time he showed up," Ren muttered under his breath.

"Huh?" Evie looked bewildered, turning her head sharply to face Ren. "You knew this was going to happen?"

Ren let out a small laugh. "Ah, my apologies. Did I forget to mention it? In this final quest, we're here to defeat an angel."