Ren and Evie observed from a safe distance, shielded within Evie's illusion, as the players fell one after another under the Angel's might.

"Should we attack it now?" Evie asked Ren.

Ren crossed his hands and shook his head. "Let's wait a while longer."

"But what if they claimed firstblood?"

Ren only smirked. "They won't. The Angel is an unkillable opponent."

"Unkillable?" Evie was baffled. "What do you mean?"

"You'll see."

The players straggled to regain their footing. They dodged, blocked, and countered, refusing to succumb to the Angel's divine wrath.

"Damn it! Where are the reinforcement?!"

"Send help!"

Ren's eyes narrowed as he assessed the Angel's dwindling health points, the numbers flickering on his eyes.

With a forceful thrust of his staff, Ren summoned the [Stellar Annihilation] spell — a legendary incantation renowned for its sheer destructive might.

Magical energies coalesced around him, forming a swirling vortex of vibrant, otherworldly hues. The air crackled, the very ground beneath him trembling in response to the power he was about to unleash.

The spell surged forth with blinding speed. A brilliant, searing ball of energy erupted from Ren's outstretched staff, hurtling toward the Angel like a comet on a collision course with a planet.

The atmosphere itself seemed to quiver as the [Stellar Annihilation] spell closed the distance, leaving a trail of radiant stardust in its wake. The air rippled with its intensity, distorting the very fabric of reality.

Ren's eyes glowed with the intensity of a thousand suns as he guided the spell accurately toward the celestial being.

At the last moment, the spell struck the Angel head-on with an explosive burst of light and sound that reverberated across the battlefield.

The impact was cataclysmic, the sheer force of the spell causing shockwaves to ripple through the air, sending nearby players staggering back from the epicenter.

For a moment, it seemed as though victory was assured.

The Angel's form wavered, its divine essence flickering under the onslaught of the [Stellar Annihilation] spell.

Yet, against all odds, the Angel's health points stubbornly remained stuck in the three-digit range.

A hushed silence fell over the battlefield as realization dawned on the players.

The Angel, though gravely wounded, had not been vanquished. Its divine resilience defied the expectations of all who witnessed the devastating attack.

"I-It's . . . It's unkillable?"

"That couldn't be."

"It must be its spell."

"Or it's Last Stance Mode."

The Angel's visage, once contorted with rage, transformed into an expression of solemnity. Its eyes, which had burned with wrathful light, softened as they settled on Ren and Evie.

In the midst of the chaos, the divine being's gaze held a depth of disappointment that seemed to pierce the very souls of those it fell upon.

"I sought to bring divine justice," the Angel's voice resonated, a melodic yet mournful tone cutting through the cacophony of battle. "But my efforts have faltered. I could not halt these relentless sinners, and for that, I seek your forgiveness."

The words hung heavy in the air, carrying an immense weight of regret.

With its words of regret hanging in the air, the Angel's form began to shimmer, its divine essence gradually fading like a wisp of mist in the morning sun.

The once-glorious being, whose presence had been an embodiment of celestial wrath, was now a fading echo of its former self. It dissolved, leaving behind dusts of particles.

As the realization dawned upon the players that the Angel was no longer present, a collective gasp swept through the battlefield.

Confusion rippled across their faces, mingling with the remnants of adrenaline-fueled excitement. The absence of the divine figure left them in a state of disbelief.

Then, pandemonium ensued.

Players scattered in all directions, frantically searching the area where the Angel had stood moments ago.

Swords clashed and spells detonated as they battled imaginary foes, their eyes wide with exhilaration and urgency.

"Where did it go?"

"Did anyone get any drops?"

"Check the quest log! Is there anything new?"

"Who got it?!"

"Who killed it?!"

"Check for a notification!"

Worry and curiosity fueled their fervor. They combed through every inch of the battleground, hoping to find a trace, a clue, anything that would explain the sudden disappearance of the Angel.

Some players consulted their in-game guides, hoping for a hint or a notification that would guide them on the next step of the questline.

Others fervently typed in the global chat, sharing theories and speculations about the Angel's abrupt departure.

Ren and Evie on the other hand remained unbothered within the crowds.

"Is the Angel gone?" Evie asked Ren.

Ren nodded. "Yeah. It's appearance wasn't really permanent. It just came here to warn us and if we don't heed it, it attack. The only way to survive is to wear it down, but you can't really kill it."

"So there's no spoils for war," Evie muttered.

Ren stifled a laugh. "We didn't kill it, so there was nothing to gain from it."

Evie sighed. "What a waste of time." she was beginning to be like Ren who only thought about the rewards.

"At least the players helped us h wear it down," Ren said. "Let's go and expedite this quest. Elena just contacted me that she had found the Princess."

Evie was both thrilled and annoyed at the idea, but she wasn't going to complain when Elena was nothing but being helpful.

Ren took her hand and Evie felt reassured. At least she knew that Ren love her more than anyone else. That feeling was enough . . . for now.

Ren and Evie went to the nearby town of Elysium, nestled at the foothills of majestic mountains and surrounded by lush, emerald forests.

Elysium Haven was a bustling town known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse population. The town was characterized by its charming cobblestone streets, adorned with colorful banners and flowers in full bloom.

Towering oak trees provide ample shade, and the distant melody of a bustling marketplace drifts through the air.

Elysium Haven was a melting pot of cultures and races, attracting travelers and adventurers from far and wide.