" If you really think you can beat me? Then come! Clash with my Excalibur if you dare!". Rudra challenged as he unsheathed both his swords, a roar of approval raining from the light faction god's.

The name Excalibur caused the god's to murmur a lot amongst themselves as inspection spells were thrown towards Rudra's weapon, and everyone was shocked to see that it was indeed a sword named Excalibur and one of divine grade too!

Everyone knew the legendary tales of the real Excalibur wielded by the archangel Micheal, which is why seeing a similar sword in the hand of a rookie, possibly not even a tier 6 god caused envious glances to be thrown Rudra's way.

Only select god's had access to divine items at tier6 , although it was not extremely uncommon to have a divine weapon, it was still rare to have one as fine as Shakuni wielded.

' He has a fine sword! Is this warrior really fresh out of Omega? '

' His armour and his second sword are formidable too, and I am pretty sure he carries a mana-stone around his neck. Impressive '.

' He must be capable considering the weapons he has managed to amass. This will be an interesting fight to say the least '.

' Will a sword really matter in this fight though? Weapons are only but a tool, it's the skill that matters '.

Everyone became more attentive towards Rudra, as if his brazzen attitude did not help him capture everyone's attention, his excellent equipment definitely did.

Raxa spat on the ground as he said " So what if you have a nice sword and a nice face? It will amount to nothing but spoils of war for me, as I pluner it off your corpse ".

[ System Notification ] - The bout will start in ten seconds, take your fighting stances, and prepare to engage!

This is a fight to the death and the loser will not be able to resurrect post death as per the rules set for this bout.

There is no-timelimit, the use of potions is restricted.

Good luck fighters, may the best fighter win!

The universal queen announced the start of the fight in her own voice and instantly Rudra got into the mental fight-zone.

His breathing became rhythmic as he focused sharply on his enemies footwork. Today, the objective was not to win but to humiliate the enemy completely before killing him.

He had one chance to make a lasting first impression, and he was not going to let it go to waste.


The countdown hit zero and Raxa charged towards Rudra instantly, closing the gap with speeds three times the speed of sound, and Rudra returned the gesture by charging towards him with an even greater speed as he charged towards him with speeds 5 times the speed of sound.


The moment Rudra's grim reaper collided with Raxa's curved blade he was sent flying backwards as Rudra completely outsped and overpowered him in the initial exchange.


Raxa crashed against the indestructible ground and friction caused his skin to bruise and burn as he was sent dragging through the ground for a good 200 meters before he came to a stop.

The light faction god's were in an uproar as cheers rained down on Rudra, whereas the dark faction god's were stunned silent.

Rudra's speed was unbelievably fast and his strength was enough to send a veteran warrior like Raxa flying.

He seemed like a genuine threat at the moment.

Raxa dusted himself off and stood-up, however the overconfidence in his eyes had dimmed considerably as this one exchange told him that his opponent was not a normal mortal, as only peak tier 6 god's had this sort of ridiculous power inside themselves.

' Can he be a god? No , that's impossible, not even Lucifer himself could complete the tutorial and come out as a god, he can't possibly be better than the lord himself '. Raxa thought to himself as he tried launching long distance spells on Rudra.

Rudra could see the laws of the universe being manipulated as Raxa called on the elements of water and wind, creating a water attack that Rudra had never seen before and definitely at the peak of tier 5 in terms of power.

" Hayley's whirpool ". Raxa shouted as he launched a unique and destructive whirpool towards Rudra who calmly let it come closer.

If he wanted to Rudra could have easily used his sword skills to cut the attack apart, however today was the day to show-off his skills.

Rudra waited till the last second until the whirpool came closer to him before opening his palm and using the move ' Space Buster ' .

The whirpool was sucked into the wormhole of space and a second later redirected right above Raxa as his own move crashed into his body as a result.

" WHAT! How is this possible! Spacial manipulation? ". Raxa could not beleive his eyes, he lost a whopping -650,000 HP from his own attack, however the psychological damage was more.

It was not impossible to learn spacial manipulation, however to do what Rudra just did one needed to be a master in spacial manipulation.

If Rudra was not a master in the skill he would need to chant the spell and connect the runic patterns to invoke the move, taking no less than 30-40 seconds .

However Rudra insta-cast the attack and he did it without causing large mana fluctuations in the surroundings, which was proof that he had mastered the spell.

Mastery in spacial manipulation was one of the hardest in the universe second only to time, and many god's could not even master a single space based skill to master level even after a thousand years of practice, yet Rudra somehow mastered one when he had not even been out of Omega for a full week.

This time around the gods started to loose their minds, although Rudra's power and speed were already beyond impressive causing the gods to develop some form of respect for the boy, the feat of achieving mastery in a spacial skill was something that made them start looking at Rudra as if he was a freak.

' Who is this newbie, what faction does he belong to? '

' Fetch me his details , someone quick! '

' Is this some old monster I don't recognise? Who is this warrior? '

' Why is a kid wearing Sariel's boots, and look like an angel? Is this Sariel's halfling? '.

The A.I. of various gods slowly filled them up about the public information on Shakuni the undefeated, and when people read that Shakuni defeated Lucifer inside Omega to help Hades reclaim the throne of hell, they finally had sweat dripping from their heads.

All the god's present here today had played Omega once upon a time , and understood the difficulty of winning a realm war. Their respect for Rudra had increased exponentially as now they watched the battle unfold at the absolute edge of their seats.

Even the dark faction god's were restless now, Raxa was around for over 400 years now and a familiar face in the faction, although it would not be a huge loss if he died in battle, it would still leave a sour taste in their mouths to lose one of theirs to the light.

Raxa's robes were tattered and the armour underneath was clearly visible now. The fiendish humanoid looked even more terrifying now with the clothes of decency covering him tattered.

Hate was clearly visible in his eyes as he flared his aura to suppress Rudra.

A dark aura washed over Rudra, and if he wanted to he could easily counter the aura washing over him with his own aura, however Gaia adviced him against it.

The various tier 6 and tier 7 god's present here today could not pry into Rudra's level and were all only guessing his strength at the moment, if he unleashed his aura it would be confirmed that he was at tier6, which would take away the element of mystery Rudra had, which is why she gave an alternative solution to withstand the aura.

Rudra used the move taught to him by Micheal, the Holy Mana Reinforcement as his body shined in a thin layer of holy mana around himself, negating the effects of the dark aura suppressing him.

Rudra created a lot of buzz by using this move as if the appearance and equipment was not a hint enough, now Rudra was also borrowing angelic moves.

' Who is this boy? How is he connected to the angels? '

' He has no wings, is he really an angel? '

' Is this a new-archangel? Why does his information show that he is from #H2047, since when do Archangel's go to trash planets for breeding? '.

" Good , good , good , you are full of surprises Shakuni, I can see how you may have troubled lord Lucifer in Omega, truly a formidable warrior you are, worthy of the arrogance you wear on your sleeves, initially I never thought I would need to waste my hard earned divine essence on a pointless fight like this, however you have forced my hand.

Let me show you the true difference between a mortal and an immortal and why no matter how high your skills are you can never match-upto a god!

Get ready to recieve divine judgement now! ". Raxa knew that he needed to end this fight quickly before he was out of moves to use against Rudra.

The reason why he abandoned all hope and moved to using divine attacks was because a divine attack could only be chipped down using divine power.

A tier 5 attack can slow down a tier 6 attack , reduce its power but never completely stop it!

It was the only hope that he had to win this fight now.

/// A clarification: Only a few god's like Archangel Sariel, Micheal, Hades , Omar know that Rudra is a tier 6 god because they are connected to him via Omega and recieved updates of that iteration of the game from the Universal Queen.

To the wider universe, the information of Rudra Rajput is classified under grade ' Yellow ' and they can only see basic information published by the queen on Rudra.

This is also why they don't know that he is a full -angel and why the Archangel's paid him a visit in person to censor that information before it is leaked.

Hope this clears any confusion on why Raxa beleives him to be tier 5 and why the other god's are only geussing his level ///.