" Let me show you the true difference between a mortal and an immortal and why no matter how high your skills are you can never match-upto a god!

Get ready to recieve divine judgement now! ". Raxa said as he prepared his strongest attack.

The dark faction god knew that Rudra was gaining the upper hand in this battle and the only way to reverse the tides was to go all out.

He had a strong beleif that Rudra would not be able to hold-out against his divine attack, because no matter how strong one was, a freshling out of Omega could never truly be a full-fledged God.

Raxa's strongest move was called " Abyssal Doom " and it was a sword slash laced with the element of void.

As he gathered energy around his sword, space-time itself seemed to bend around the curved blade as the pressure exerted by the attack caused even the calmest gods to feel a little uneasy.

Facing such a terrifying power, Rudra was as calm as the ocean, his blue eyes still radiating supreme confidence as while he seemed to be patiently waiting for his opponent to attack, in reality he was silently preparing his strongest attack too.

Raxa finished accumulating divine energy after about 15 seconds and unleashed a sword slash so powerful, that it could cut the island of Madagascar in half if used on planet Earth.

' This is it, although the mortal was strong this is as far as he goes ' .

' He looks unusually calm, do you think he has a divine artifact that can help him block this attack? '

' We lost a promising seedling today, the dark faction are cruel to challenge a mortal to a death match in the immortal arena, and the mortal is foolish to accept, had he kept his head down and waited for few more years before he was tier 6 , he would not have died so horribly today '.

' Look at the poor fellow, not even trying to dodge his doom. Well any resistance is futile anyway, so maybe it's the right choice to make '.

The gods had given up on the fight, in their minds it was all but over now that Rudra was facing down the barrel of a tier 6 attack, however every single god present felt a cold goosebump run down their spine when they saw Rudra grin seeing the attack approach.

' Is something wrong with his head? Why is he smiling? '

' Does he have some Trump card hidden, what could it be? '

Rudra planted his feet firmly into the ground, his eyes focused on the approaching attack as he extended both his palms towards the incoming attack.

Having divine energy inside his body for the last 25 seconds, Rudra finally unleashed his strongest attack to counter Raxa's.

With a smile on his face Rudra said " Elite Blast! "

A blast of pure divine madra infused with the qualities of Nirvana Flame burst out of Rudra's palms, creating a force so powerful and unstoppable that the incoming sword slash looked like a wooden sword trying to stop the advance of a tank!

The sword slash dissipated upon first contact and dispersed as if it was never a force strong enough to be taken seriously as Rudra's attack went onto obliterate Raxa, consuming everything from his body, his mind to his very soul.

A blinding light covered the arena as even the god's had to look away from the flash as to not damage their eyes, however when the power subsided and they looked at the arena, a collective gasp could be heard throughout the arena as only molten metal of the armour that Raxa was wearing remained in a puddle where his stood as not even his ashes remained when the attack subsided.

' WHAT? '


' JUST HOW STRONG WAS THAT BLAST? It definitely had divine power, this kid is a god? '

' A god straight out of Omega? Who tf is this warrior? '

' A god out of Omega? Impossible, is his potential even higher than the Archangel's themselves? '

' That blast ..... Is he tier 7 already? '

' Stay away from this madman, don't antagonize him or his planet , Shakuni The Undefeated, remember the name '.

Rudra smiled in satisfaction as the entire arena was thrown into chaos over his performance.

A system notification announcement followed.



Everyone looked at Rudra with weary and caution now, as he finally got the respect he came here looking for.

Rudra had announced his arrival to the universe with a grand entry and had put all forces on alert.

Although he wanted nothing more from today's display at this second, Hazriel came down from the stands on her Angel wings and declared loudly to the light faction god's that Shakuni and Earth were allies of the Angels!

Shakuni's use of angelic moves, as well as angelic equipment like Excalibur already had many speculating about the relationship between the two parties, but Hazriel's declaration made it clear.

Hazriel emphasized that Rudra was a human ally eliminating any rumors that he was an angel.

However Hazriel's entry completely paled compared to what happened afterwards.

The entire realm trembled as energy 1000 times stronger than the one unleashed by Rudra using the elite blast landed onto the immortal platform, forming cracks into the indestructible surface as everyone including Hazriel and Rudra fell onto their knees due to the pressure being exerted.

A tier 9 god, had just descended upon the realm, his reason to visit and identity was still unknown.