According to Angakok's memories, the Void was the most enigmatic of the superior elements.

'Void' was the absence, the null, where nothing existed but also where everything could be born. It was paradoxical, hard to grasp and even harder to control.

Within the Void, the normal laws of time, space, and matter ceased to exist, making it the perfect tool for navigation and transcendence beyond physical barriers.

But such power came at a cost. The Void demanded equilibrium, balance amidst the chaos of its nothingness. An imbalance could mean getting trapped in its boundless expanse, lost in the dimension between dimensions.

The Void in Angakok's memories was described as a space of complete emptiness, where no light, sound, or matter could exist, and where time flowed in unpredictable currents. It was this utter absence of anything tangible that made the Void a potent force. It could act as a shield, erasing attacks and presence, or as a sword, cutting through the very fabric of reality, creating rifts in time and space.

Within the Void, creation and annihilation coexisted, a testament to its paradoxical nature.

In Angakok's memories, the Void was visualised as a vast, boundless ocean of blackness, a space of infinite possibility and equally infinite risk. Those who ventured unprepared into its depths risked oblivion, their essence dissolved into the endless expanse of nothing. The Void was indifferent, an element that recognized neither good nor evil, life nor death.

Naturally, the understanding of the void differed from person to person and Max did not need to hold Angakok's understanding of it as a gold standard, however, he could derive inspirations from it.

Max's challenge lay in navigating this intricate and unpredictable energy. The Void's energies in the realm of Chaotic Energies was intertwined with the forceful and unpredictable energy of Chaos and the obfuscating and draining energy of Darkness.

This complex web of energies played havoc with his senses, already heightened by the realm's dense atmosphere of divine essence and mana.

Since no matter could exist within the void, to control the void element one needed to traverse it through the power of their consciousness and using their mind's eye.

The void had no physical presence, it wasn't a phase that could be brought under the influence of space or gravity, it was an intangible force that could only be controlled by those who had a superior will and extremely strong mental energy.

While the absence of many void techniques was a big reason behind why not many in the universe could master it, a bigger and more important reason was also that not everyone was qualified to.

Although Sir Jhonny made it look easy, it wasn't a Cake-Walk to control the powers of the void and phase-in and out of a solid matter form.

One needed perfect control over their subconscious to achieve this feat and the path to mastering it was by no means easy.

Angakok in his memories highlighted one method which he used to train his subconscious and it was called ' Severing The Flesh - '

The technique began with a state of profound meditative stillness. One needed to first rid their mind of idle thought and distractions and focus singularly on manifesting their consciousness.

The manifestation of consciousness was not much different from how one manifested it within the soul-realm, however, this time around they needed to do it within their sea of consciousness where their divine essence reservoir was located.

Once an individual was able to perform this task, they needed to learn how to move within the sea of consciousness next, however, Max felt like he could easily achieve movement once he learnt the manifestation since he could already move his consciousness freely within the soul realm, but the severance was not yet complete.

To completely sever consciousness from the flesh, one needed to learn to move out of the sea of consciousness and take a corporeal form into the void, leaving their physical body behind.

This was a step that wasn't necessary when manifesting void based attacks, however, it was a step that Angakok believed was necessary to master the secrets of the void.

According to him, only by becoming void could one understand the void and had hence crafted this method to unveil it's secrets.

This roadmap was Max's biggest asset in trying to master the element, as without succeeding in this first step which was supposed to be the easiest, he could never hope to master all 3 elements.


( Meanwhile Asiva )

" An invite for Max? Why does King Regus always send invites for Max when he's not around? " Anna complained to Asiva as she read the summoning letter.

Apparently a month from now Regus had decided to gather all the vampire lords to discuss the counteroffensive against Dracula.

Although the letter gave no specifics, by reading the language one could understand that Regus seemed excited and was finally ready to push-back against Dracula after all the suffering.

" I think this is for the best, this way everyone can see Max's true strength with their own eyes " Asiva said as she believed that the upcoming conference could help solidify Max's position within vampire society.

If he came back as a tier7 warrior, he would be the only one after the deceased Julian Caesar to reach the realm and could potentially replace him as one of the strongest pillar of vampire society.

It was a chance to rile up the anti-regus faction and rope in some allies early, as anyone with a slither of common sense would be able to see that Max was on the rise whereas Regus's downfall had begun.

" We have invites to attend tea parties right Anna? I guess we should start paying attention in the vampire social circle more….. interesting times might be coming ahead " Asiva suggested as Anna immediately understood her meaning.

It was common knowledge that wives had the ears of their husbands after sex, hence roping them in could potentially pave a smoother road for Max in the upcoming conference meeting.

As dutiful wives, this was the least they could do.


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