The journey for Max after learning how to manifest his physical form within his sea of subconsciousness was relatively smoother.

Once he learned how to manifest his form, learning how to move inside it came like a second nature to him and within a few hours he could move within the sea of subconsciousness as well as he could in the real world.

Once inside the sea of subconsciousness, Max gained clarity as to how the body was able to condense and utilise the divine essence from the surroundings and liquify it into droplets for the consumption of the god's.

The next step was to learn how to move out of the sea of subconsciousness and sever his connection to the flesh allowing him to venture into the void realm.

According to Angakok, nobody could perfectly detach themselves from their soul vessel.

There was nothing like severing one's connection to their body permanently without any consequences, but there was a trick around it to get the same desired effect.

The trick according to Angakok was to create a sensory puppet while sitting within the sea of subconsciousness, that shared all five senses with the caster and was able to transcend the body's restrictions into the void, with the only link to the body being from tiny threads of divine essence.

Only by sitting in an ambient divine essence reservoir could one learn how to create these threads and it took Max no less than 7 months to learn this technique and create his sensory puppet.

For 7 months he did nothing more than meditate and learn how to form strong and reliable divine essence threads from within his sea of subconsciousness which he could connect to his sensory puppet.

However, once he mastered it and was finally confident enough to leave his body, he witnessed a scene worth remembering for a lifetime.

As the puppet embarked on its journey, rising gently from the Sea, its ascent revealed the marvellous labyrinth of Max's brain.

For the first time, Max could actually see the constitution of his brain, every nook, every cranny as he could see bright lights flashing within as neurons blasted electric currents within his brain.

The view shifted as the puppet navigated through the dense forest of neurons, awash with the electric dance of synapses as it floated past the microcosmic rivers, where blood cells flowed like a torrent of rubies.

Then, transcending the biological realm, the puppet entered a dimension beyond the confines of physical existence as it moved out of Max's skull and into the vast cosmos beyond.

It's size expanded from a tiny microscopic puppet to Max's actual size the moment it exited Max's body, as for the first time ever Max viewed himself from a third person perspective.

The current dimension that Max was in wasn't the physical dimension where matter existed, but the void dimension, where only waves existed.

Looking at his own body, Max realised that he was nothing more than the sum of vibrations of the atoms that built him, nothing more than a waveform-

He was a part of the void, as much as the void was a part of him!

His surroundings were dark yet serene and seemed to stretch infinitely, unmarred by matter or time.

Here, amidst the calm of the ethereal dimension, his puppet stood detached from the tangible, a lone entity in the boundless void.

Within this realm, unbound by the laws that governed reality, Max controlled the puppet in a careful dance.

For now the void looked like an endless expanse of nothingness, however, Max was sure from Angakok's account that it wasn't really the case.

The void was full of mysteries, mysteries that Max was yet to learn about, but now that he was here, he could learn about all the secrets it held in the most authentic way possible!

Max almost felt like the void's embrace whispered the ancient secrets of existence, of the boundless possibilities beyond the realm of flesh and bone that by coming here, the puppet, and through it Max, had brushed against the veil of the ultimate reality, peering into the realm beyond realms.

Although Max could not be sure yet, he had a strong feeling that the technique that Seraphiel used when taking a single step and travelling a few hundred metres was him using a void technique.

If he could perhaps learn such a move someday, he could instantly bridge the gap between himself and the opponent and would never have to worry about things like distance and proximity in battle.

It was a possibility that got Max's blood riled up in anticipation as he began trying to decode the secrets of the void.


( Meanwhile Asiva and Anna )

Asiva and Anna could hardly be considered social birds.

They only attended the bare minimum of vampire society events such as weddings or official ceremonies, while skipping simple luncheons.

Them showing up to a tea party was a big deal, as they instantly came within the limelight amongst all the other ladies.

Both of Max's wives stood out from the rest as apart from being beautiful the two of them were tier6 goddesses and formidable warriors in their own.

While the other women could only idly chat about wars, Asiva and Anna could provide actual insights into the topic as they had actually participated in such events.

" My husband has been very worried recently about the upcoming meeting…. King Regus has finally asked everyone to get ready for a counter attack, but is it a good thing ? " One of the Velter clan ladies asked as all eyes turned towards Asiva and Anna at this moment.

Anna pursed her lips trying to hide her smile while she nudged Asiva on to speak.

" I think It's about time we push back…. Our vampire society forces in general are no weaker than Dracula's, however, the problem lies within Dracula himself.

King Regus is no match for him.

In a counteroffensive we can be assured to win back territories, but with Dracula being capable of destroying planets on a whim, all the war and struggle would end up for naught if we can't restrict him " Asiva replied as a few tea-cups dropped out of the hands of ladies after listening to her reply.

Asiva had no idea of the extent to which some of the women here were sheltered, as just by listening to Asiva's claims of Dracula being capable of destroying planets a few felt like they suffered a mini-heartattack.