( Max's POV )

The mastery of the void was a process that Max thoroughly enjoyed.

Usually when he was stuck trying to decipher the secrets of the universe, he felt a sense of frustration and restlessness as he couldn't wait to get all of this over with so that he could return to things that actually mattered, however, it wasn't the case this time around.

There was something about the void, something about its ability to nullify everything, something about its nature to strip everything down to wavelengths and vibrations that made Max extremely curious to understand its functioning.

Angakok had described the void to be a paradox, however, the question was the paradox of what?

The understanding of that paradox depended on person to person and Max could not rely on Angakok's understanding to figure it out for himself, hence all he could do was try to interact with the void and learn about its properties.

After what could have been years, or moments or something in between, Max one day realised the true crux and nature of the void.

It was as if a veil had been lifted, revealing a truth that was both daunting and mesmerising as he understood a vital concept about the void.

Max after spending countless hours within the void realm realised that the void was the very crux of existence!!!

The void was a singular moment in space-time stretched to infinity where the forces of creation met with the forces of destruction to nullify each other's existence.

This revelation was the key as it helped Max understand that the void was the equilibrium, the delicate balance where creation and destruction converged.

It was the manifestation of both everything and nothing – a baffling paradox that it wasn't just an empty space but the essence of existence itself.

As Max unveiled this secret, he felt an overwhelming sensation of understanding as if the missing piece of a puzzle that he was finding for long had finally clicked into place.

The paradox of void wasn't a barrier but the very essence he needed to embrace. It was the secret to mastering the void and in recognizing and respecting this dual nature, Max found the harmony he so desperately sought.

He understood why the void was able to nullify any attack-

It was because the void had the power to both create and destroy….

He understood why within the void no physical matter could exist, as within the void neither creation nor destruction could exist independently of one another.

Once he realised this, the road to mastering the void was smooth sailing from there on.

As he surrendered the control to try and manipulate the void at will and instead began to use it's rules and nature to his own advantage in synergy, he realised he could get the results he wanted by using the void to his advantage.

The dark world that he was once incapable of interacting with soon became a space where he could become both the creator and destroyer of matter, as he realised how easily he could manipulate space-time and gravity using the void.

Max realised that if he balanced creation equally with destruction, he could use the void to achieve anything!

If he wanted to turn his abdomen region into the void, he just needed to balance off the vibrations of the rest of his body, increasing them by the same percentage of loss that was incurred by turning his abdomen into the void and by balancing creation with destruction he could make his abdomen formless, learning the fabled ability of sir Jhonny.

He could do the same for Seraphiel's dimensional step, as to traverse long distances in real world, he just needed to exert equal amounts of energy within the void, however, since time for travelling was infinitely stretched the result of the operation when viewed from the real world appeared to be instantaneous.

In other words, to traverse long distances in an instant, Max could just travel the same distance within the void applying the same effort, however, when he would switch back to the real world, since there would be no loss of time during his effort within the void it would appear as if he travelled through a fourth dimension and teleport instantaneously.

It was a fascinating process of learning the powers of the void and using them to better understand the nature of void as over a long time period Max became a master of the void without even realising it.

He understood every aspect of the void and was able to apply it practically to the real world, however, he also understood that in actual combat he would not be able to sit meditatively and take his time to enter his sea of consciousness and then form connections and send his puppet to the void realm.

To use these skills in the real world, he would need to either develop or learn the subsequent skill moves that made his process faster and simpler, but the fact of the matter remained that he learned the theory behind them.

" Well done boy, you have mastered the Void in almost record time.

It appears you had external help and a platform to work from which makes this achievement a little less impressive, however, we have decided to let that matter slide and not let it affect your final grading.

Go on now, master the other two elements as if you can't, I shall kill you personally " An annoying ancient voice said as Max immediately recognised him as the individual who had threatened to kill him before the trial started.

Although he wanted to be pissed off and snap back at the arrogant celestial, he knew better than to dig his own grave after his last outburst and hence bided his time with great patience.

Returning his consciousness to his flesh, he opened his eyes after a long time to observe the realm of Chaotic Energies as even now he could see the rainbows dancing in his vision as he felt his brain to be overwhelmed by all the stimulus in his surroundings.

Thankfully, after learning the secrets of the void Max was now able to sense and seperate it from the other two as the next time he opened his eyes, the world had returned to a dark and normal vision.

" Step one complete! Onto the next one- " Max mumbled as he continued with his tier promotion test.


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