If there was one thing that Max understood with his experience in mastering the void, it was the fact that these ultimate elements could not be understood forcibly.

When learning the basic elements, Max always felt like he could force the basic elements to reveal their secrets, almost as if he could impose his will upon them, however, such a scenario was not possible with the ultimate elements.

He needed to surrender to their ways if he wanted to learn their secrets and to do so he needed to become a disciple rather than an instructor.

As he surrendered to the darkness enveloping him, slowly the mad ravings surrounding him began to change to a calm serene.

After a few months of being completely engulfed by darkness, Max realised that the interplay between darkness and emotions was intricate and profound.

Just as the moon's gravitational pull influenced the tides on Earth, the element of darkness held a magnetic sway over feelings.

In its embrace, joy could turn into euphoria, while a minor worry might morph into overwhelming anxiety.

The shroud of darkness, in stripping away external distractions, made one hyper-aware of their internal emotional state. It wasn't that darkness altered emotions; rather, it heightened one's sensitivity to them, revealing feelings that might otherwise remain unnoticed or suppressed.

However, this intimate relationship between darkness and emotion was a double-edged sword. On one hand, it offered unparalleled introspection, a chance to confront and understand one's deepest feelings. On the other, it risked overwhelming the individual, drowning them in their own amplified sentiments.

To many, this emotional maelstrom was the primary obstacle in mastering the darkness element. But, for those who sought true mastery, it was clear that one couldn't merely resist or suppress these emotions; they had to harness and channel them.

While Angakok and almost every other individual in the universe who had ever given the tier7 promotion test were unaware of the requirement to someday promote to tier9, Max knew it very well.

One of the methods to become a celestial was to become a complete master of one's emotions and sever all detachments to the controlled universe.

The darkness element was the key to achieving this as within darkness one had the rare opportunity to understand their true nature.

Once Max realised that to master the element of darkness, he had to first master himself; he understood that the path to mastery was less about external control and more about internal harmony.

He needed to attune himself to his emotions, understanding their ebb and flow. By acknowledging his feelings, be it fear, joy, sorrow, or anger, he could then channel them, using them as a conduit to navigate and control the darkness.

The key was balance; emotions, when harnessed correctly, became a potent tool, but left unchecked, they could easily spiral into chaos.

Anger, lust, hate, love, joy, every emotion felt by an individual could be converted to darkness, and darkness on the other hand could be converted to any emotion that one desired.

Used correctly, and darkness could grant one endless euphoria and the opportunity to remain stoic in front of great adversities, however, used wrongly and it could send one down a downward spiral of giving up to their vile temptations.

The mastery of darkness, therefore, became a journey of profound self-awareness and emotional intelligence for Max. It wasn't merely about wielding an element but understanding the very core of his being. The dance of shadows and emotions became a reflection of his soul's journey, a testament to his growth not just as a warrior but as a sentient being seeking enlightenment.

For Max, this journey was easy as he had almost no unresolved issues in his heart.

One of his biggest internal knots which was the death of Kremeth had been recently resolved as he killed and absorbed Angakok and the other issues he faced were not big enough to throw him off-track.

In his journey to master darkness, Max realised how his family was a positive anchor in his life that kept him focused on his goals and happy as an individual.

He also realised that he had some unresolved issues regarding Mira about how he secretly felt jealous of her natural gifts and her insane growth rate.

At the same time he was made aware of his inferiority complex when viewing Hazriel, but he was able to successfully solve all these issues in a matter of months.

As he solved more and more of his latent issues, the greater his mastery over darkness became.

Once he achieved significant mastery he discovered that he could weave shadows into tangible forms, creating barriers that were impenetrable or weapons sharper than the finest blade.

Max also learnt how to instil fear or calm in his opponents with a mere gesture but more intriguingly, Max's increased dominion over darkness allowed him to tap into the emotional states of others.

He learnt how to perceive the hidden fears, desires, and intentions cloaked in the hearts of those around him, giving him an uncanny insight into their motivations and strategies.

This emotional resonance was an important tool that could be turned into a strategy for predicting and countering moves before they were even made.

Overall, it took Max about 3 years to reach complete mastery over the darkness element, however, it was an emotionally enriching journey for him as he emerged from it as a better man.

" Well done boy, you have now managed to master Two of the Three ultimate elements and are very close to achieving something phenomenal.

However, the chaos element is not like the other two….. We are very curious as to how you will master the unmasterable " A celestial voice that sounded deep and kind said as Max did not recognize the individual behind this voice.

' Could he be the primal god of war Junfred? ' Max wondered as he felt curious if the individual behind this voice was his secret benefactor.


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