If there was one addiction that Max would willingly choose to hook onto, it would be the feeling of his strength increasing by leaps and bounds during tier promotion.

After successfully completing the tier7 promotion Max felt the surrounding energies in the realm of Chaotic Energies harmonise and seep into his body.

It was a divine feeling as he felt every bone, every muscle fibre and every cell of his body receiving a part of the Chaotic Energies.

It was almost as if the void energy was helping him cleanse the intangible, making his sea of consciousness a bigger and stronger place that could hold onto much larger volume of divine essence.

The darkness energy was helping him balance out his emotions, providing him with unprecedented clarity while the Chaos energy was restructuring the very constitution of his body and upgrading it to a level worthy of a powerhouse.

It was an addictive feeling as he could feel his speed, reflexes, constitution, intelligence etc improve at an unbelievable pace, however, the physical improvement wasn't even the best part.

" For clearing the tier7 promotion test with SSS rating you have been rewarded with these benefits- " A deep feminine celestial voice said as a system panel appeared before Max.

[ Basic Rewards ]

•All stats X2

•All attributes X2

• NEW STAT UNLOCKED - Karmic Value

• Title Upgraded —->[ Primal God ] —-> [ Primal Protector ]

• Wisdom +5


[ Basic Clear Choices ]

( NOTE - Choose any TWO out of FIVE options below )

•[ Dimensional Walk ] - This skill move allows you to utilise the power of the void to traverse long distances by walking a single step.

A move far superior to spatial teleportation, this skill allows the user to move inside a plane that does not follow the space-time continuity and hence is instantaneous.

( Celestial Note - Celestial Junfred, who has offered this move for you strongly suggests you to choose this move )

•[ Emotional Manipulation ] - Use darkness to gauge and manipulate the emotions of whoever you wish.

This skill has no tier restriction and even foes stronger than you shall succumb to its effects if they are not a master of darkness themselves.

( Celestial Note - Celestial Enel strongly recommends you to pick this skill and suggests that you use it to sow discord amongst your rivals and pit them against one another )

•[ Altered Reality ] - Use Chaos Energy to manipulate the very fabric of reality to your advantage.

Warning Notice - You cannot alter objects with Karmic value over 250.

( Celestial Note - Celestial Jasmine strongly recommends you to pick this move and couple it with ' Future Sight ' for the best results )

•[ Future Sight ] - Peer two minutes into the future and simulate all the events that are to unfold within those two minutes.

Return to present time after the two minutes are up, or after dying.

( Celestial Note - Celestial Jasmine strongly recommends you to pick this move and further suggests that this skill move is currently in the arsenal of some of the strongest fighters in the controlled universe )

•[ Prophet ] - Use Chaos Energy to peer into the fate and future of mortals.

Pick up talents before they mature and guide them on a better path.

Note- The higher the karmic value of the individual, the harder it would be to peer into their fate.

( Celestial Note - *@*@*@** strongly recommends you to pick this move and further suggests that it's important to nurture the next generation )


Max was perplexed about the choices offered this time around.

The basic reward was as expected, a massive 2x stat and attribute boost alongside an unlock of the Karmic value stat.

However, what perplexed Max was the change in his title and the choices of moves offered to him by the celestials.

In a way, none of these moves translated to direct combat strength boost.

None of them were ' Attacks ' per-se yet celestials were personally urging him to choose the options they provided for him.

Maybe the celestials had the best intentions for him in their minds, maybe they wanted to sabotage his progress, however, Max could not be sure about either and hence could only trust his own instincts.

Since he was not the one who got to choose what sort of moves he was offered as a reward and could only make the most of what he was offered, his entire focus at this point shifted to making the best of the options that he was offered.


( Meanwhile Rudra )

As Rudra looked at his son Jake carry the big sacks of the family luggage on his shoulders he felt oddly emotional for some reason.

Today was the day that the kids and their mothers returned to the mortal world and re-visit radiance and old friends.

It was the first time in over 12 years that the kids were going to be seperated from their father and Rudra felt emotional at this farewell.

" I'm telling you father, if you need me to complete your mission for you just let me know, I'll kick the queen's but all by myself, I promise " Kartikeya whispered in Rudra's ears as he pleaded his father to let him accompany him on this mission.

A soft smile spread on Rudra's face as he heard this, the youngest was a battle maniac for sure and sometimes his naivety felt refreshing to Rudra.

" Nah, your old man's got this " Rudra replied with a smile as Kartikeya clicked his tongue and followed his brother out of the house.

" Take care farher- " Amy said as she gave Rudra a bear hug filling his heart with warmth and joy before joining her brothers.

The last to leave were the two wives and their farewell lasted longer and included lots of French kissing, however, unlike the kids, Rudra was slightly delighted to have some more space away from the wives.

" Take care and get home safe- " Ruby and Naomi said as Rudra gave them a nod, before looking into Jake's eyes and instructing him to take care of the family in his absence.

" I will, father, good-luck" Jake said as he activated Spatial Warping and took the entire Rajput family alongside him to Radiance, leaving Rudra all alone on the small planet.


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