When Patricia and Neatwit finally got to sit down with Naomi and Ruby in the Rajput mansion, the atmosphere could only be described as awkward instead of the wholesome one it was supposed to be.

The reason behind the atmosphere turning awkward however was laughing and running around the house without a care in the world as he used his wind abilities to clean the dust that had settled over the years.

" So…. I see you have met the kids " Ruby said with a fake smile on her face as she was sure after hearing the city sirens blare that the boys, or most likely her boy had caused some trouble.

" Yes, they are delightful…. " Patricia replied with a straight face, trying very hard to prevent her left eye from twitching.

On the other side of the room, Naomi and Neatwit were sitting side by side as Neatwit had an arm wrapped around his sister's shoulder while she hugged him around the chest.

The twins had been separated for 12 years and both had missed each other thoroughly.

Although it was childish to embrace like little kids, the two decided to put aside their embarrassment and display affection openly today.

" Jake is very mature sister, he has even picked up your accent " Neatwit noted eventually as Naomi brushed the compliment off even though it clearly made her all giddy inside.

" Please, all he wants to do is be like his father…. Nobody wants to be like their mum " Naomi noted as she complained about how all the kids only looked up to their father.

" How is he? I'm sorry that he's not here today, the council of monarch's….. those bastards…..they wouldn't let him return " Neatwit said as he clenched his fists in anger.

" Agh, don't worry about it, if he really wanted to come here, I'm sure there is no one who is strong enough to stop him " Naomi replied as she tried to console Neatwit to not fret over this issue.

" So how is he? " Patricia questioned as Ruby and Naomi narrated the tale of what transpired in the past twelve years to the two of them.

It was an interesting tale and one could see by the radiant expressions on the faces of Ruby and Naomi as to how much the past decade meant to the two.

" So he's currently planning to go after the queen? " Neatwit asked after the whole story was finished as Naomi shrugged her shoulders in dismay

" I don't understand why he needs to, but apparently he is dead set on making it happen " she said as silence engulfed the room.

If there was anyone else who claimed to be plotting to overthrow the queen, Neatwit would consider him to be delusional and crazy, however, when Rudra made such plans he could only take this very seriously.

" I don't understand how anyone can defeat the queen, but let's just assume for a moment that he does, he's an indomitable fucker who can make it happen, but even if he does, what happens then?

What happens to the order of the universe?

What happens to all the system contracts that are in place that are holding monarch's from going after each other's throats?

What happens to the system panel? The existing rules about integrating world's slowly into the Sigma verse.

What happens to the dark faction territories that we just subjugated? Without the system they can roam again freely once more and can get back at our throats.

I hate to be a spoilsport, but I don't understand how the universe can function without the queen?

If Rudra takes her down, there will be chaos and billions if not trillions will die…" Neatwit pointed out as he hoped that Naomi could explain Rudra's logic behind going after the queen.

Unfortunately, Naomi had no answers for Neatwit's questions as she had no clue as to why Rudra was doing what he was doing.

" Ugh, such a headache " Patricia groaned as she realised the importance of Neatwit's concerns.

Now, she needed to inform emperor Cervantez and the three of them needed to start preparing for anarchy in the near future.

If Rudra succeeded and the universe was plunged into chaos, they needed to be prepared in advance to mitigate the effects of the collapse.

This meant that after she left the Rajput mansion, Patricia would need to undergo a series of endless meetings with counsellors and military generals and discuss a potential doomsday plan of action.

Secretly she hoped that Rudra would not do something as dumb as throwing the universe into anarchy just because the queen opposed his entry, however, she could never be sure.

Just like Kartikeya, his father was unpredictable and untamed as well and if anything was several times wilder than his son.

Just because his methods were calculated and he was intelligent, people assumed him to be of rational mind but only his closest allies understood that he was anything but.

If it was him, there was a genuine chance that he would plunge the universe into anarchy thinking that there used to be a time when the queen did not govern the universe and the universal order did still exist.

The queen governing the universe was actually a recent phenomenon, only about 5050 years ago after the chaos era war and before that the universe did use to be a lawless place without Sigma in place.

It was just that after the queen the living standards and governance had become so easy, nobody could imagine a universe without her anymore.

However, since they had no control over what Rudra was going to do, the only thing they could do now was be prepared for the worst while hoping for the best.

If Naomi's words were to be taken at face value, the result of this fight was bound to be disclosed within a week or so which gave the two leaders very little time to prepare for the aftermath.


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