" It's time " Rudra mumbled to himself as he sheathed his swords and looked at the devastation he had just caused to his surroundings.

At a glance, all one could see would be an immense asteroid belt consisting of hundreds of thousands of asteroids probably the size of the solar system, however, what one would fail to realise would be the fact that mere moments ago this asteroid belt was a system of five uninhabited Rocky planets.

For his 'practise' session to sharpen his senses, Rudra had gone over to a remote solar system and hacked entire planets down to the size of mere asteroids.

For him this devastation was nothing more than a good warm-up, a sort of release after spending decades being restrained, but the aftermath was proof of just how strong he had grown as an individual.

He was extremely close to the celestial realm, as close as a monarch could be in fact as he had already hit the tier limit.

Drenched in sweat from head to toe, Rudra looked at the masterpiece he had just created and smiled a knowing smile.

He was finally ready to enter the controlled universe and face the queen head-on in a fight that was sure to shift the very landscape of the universe.

[ Spatial Warping ]

Taking a deep breath, Rudra opened the spatial portal to the massive blackhole at the centre of the universe as he walked into it to re-enter the controlled universe.


( At the blackhole )

Rudra had tested the response speed of the queen several times before today.

During the past twelve years he had entered the controlled universe time and again and each time the response time of the queen in confronting him was around 42 seconds.

Considering the fact that the blackhole was the most important location for the queen to defend, Rudra assumed that he would only get about 10 while teleporting there, however, for him even 10 seconds were enough.

The moment that he teleported before the black-hole he felt the immense gravitational force exerted by the body in full.

As a celestial, one often forgot how small their size was compared to celestial objects, however, standing before the blackhole's event horizon Rudra was reminded of just how tiny he was compared to the entire universe.

The very fabric of space around the black hole seemed to ripple and stretch, a maddening dance of distorted stars and galaxies as they spiralled and twisted around the hole's event horizon like fireflies caught in a cyclone.

The sheer power and immensity of the black hole made the vastness of space seem like a mere puddle, colours beyond the human spectrum bled into each other, creating a mesmerising, kaleidoscopic effect around the edges of the singularity.

The gravitational lensing played tricks with his vision, revealing glimpses of other universes, realities, and perhaps even timelines, only to pull them away just as quickly.

Rudra felt a profound connection as he stared deeper into the abyss. Time seemed to slow, then stretch, then distort. His thoughts meandered through his memories, dreams, and fears. He remembered his childhood, the laughter, the tears, the love, and the loss. The weight of his journey, the foes he'd vanquished, and the friendships he'd forged all culminated in this singular moment.

It wasn't just darkness he was looking into, but infinity itself. A realm where time and space folded upon themselves, where existence and non-existence were indistinguishable. The black hole, for all its terror and might, also represented potential: the birth and death of stars, the creation of elements, and the possibility of other dimensions.

' It's the perfect place to hide- ' Rudra thought as he understood the horrors and powers of the blackhole probably better than even the greatest scientists of earth since he had actually uncovered the secrets through the seed of knowledge.

There was an unwritten rule that no monarch or god ever broke, which was to venture into a blackhole as such an act was considered suicidal for even such men, however, Rudra was special.

Enveloping himself in Chaos Energy, Rudra created his own reality as he ventured into the blackhole before the queen manifested and got a chance to hound his back.

The closer he came to the blackhole, the faster his descent into the darkness became as he kept on accelerating faster and faster for what felt like an infinity.

Soon, his sensory organs began to fail him, he could no longer see, hear, smell, touch or perceive a single object as there was only darkness and a perpetual void in the realm he had just entered.

Within the blackhole, everything was compressed and torn to their basic form as waves and within this endless realm of vibrations, Rudra was left floating in absolute darkness as the queen began manifesting her physical form inside this forbidden realm.

With all five of his senses locked away, the only way Rudra could perceive the queen's formation was because of his treasure, the seed of darkness.

Being just as monstrous as he remembered, the queen manifested before him as an entity with six twisted limbs that sprouted from an ugly torso and a headless mass of eyes for a top.

A soft smile emerged on Rudra's lips as he perceived the queen's arrival as he mouthed the words ' As ugly as I remember ' although they could not be transmitted to the queen in this environment.

Wasting no time, the queen attacked Rudra using a variety of void and darkness techniques, however, within the black-hole Rudra with the darkness seed was supreme as he managed to neutralise all of the queen's attacks with little to no effort.

" This place might be your home-ground, but in this area devoid of light, my treasure is the strongest! " Rudra claimed to himself as although he could not rub these words into the queen's face, conveying the thoughts in his mind made him feel better about the overall situation.


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