Max considered himself to be a professional choice maker by now, having faced countless difficult choices regarding his tier promotion rewards.

He knew that there were always going to be moves within the list that he desperately wanted to learn, however, since he could not pick every move on the list, he needed to be pragmatic about making his choices.

For the normal selection, Max had three clear favourites for making a choice.

Firstly Future Sight, secondly dimensional walk and thirdly altered reality.

While prophet was a valuable skill too, he did not have any particular inclination towards raising future talents or meddling with the fate of mortals.

If he did desperately wish to peer into a mortals future he had Hazriel as his ally and could rely on her for the job.

Wasting his promotion reward did not seem worth it for a skill like prophet and hence Max decided to not take it into consideration for the final selection.

The most lucrative skill move amongst all the other ones offered was undoubtedly dimensional walk.

It was an unparalleled movement skill and Max had witnessed first hand while facing Seraphiel as to just how strong the move really was.

Having such a move in his arsenal gave him a great boost as a warrior as it opened a whole new dimension for launching attacks and planning retreats that others would find hard to follow.

Convinced of its use, Max decided to choose it as his first reward.

Him finalising dimensional walk left him with the tough choice of choosing between future sight and altered reality for his second skill move.

Future Sight was a very powerful skill. Having knowledge of the future gave an edge about any upcoming combat and Max was 80% sure that his brother had this move or some version of this move in his arsenal.

Under any other circumstances Max would have chosen future sight in a heartbeat but he did not do so today as he had a feeling that the move was obtainable some other way in the universe.

Altered Reality on the other hand was a unique move that Max felt was not being used by any other monarch currently.

A mastery over such a move potentially opened an endless realm of possibility for him which is why he decided to bet on it today.

For the advanced skill move selection, the choices were much more difficult.

The celestials had tailored the simple rewards with non-combat skill moves, however, the special rewards were all about fighting.

There were two ' Descent ' moves and although Max wasn't sure how ' Indomitable ' worked, it seemed to be of the same category.

The war god's descent allowed Junfred to take over the clone just like Angakok did and use his body to defeat his opponents in battle.

In a way, it was a cheat skill, a skill that gave Max a get out of trouble free card that allowed him to push back any monarch that he could not handle on his own.

The sword saint's descent was also a move of similar origin, however, it aimed to close down his inadequacies in swordsmanship.

Max had started down the path of swordsmanship later in life and while his basics were solid due to Kremeth's teachings, he wasn't the BEST swordsman in the universe nor did he possess elite level skills like his brother.

If he wasn't strong and fast, his swordsmanship would most likely lose to a superior opponent however Max did not view this as a disadvantage.

He wasn't a ' Pure ' swordsman, however, he had his domain and his elemental mastery that made him as formidable of a warrior as any other pure swordsman if not more dangerous.

Even Though his style was lacking, Max did not wish to become a pure swordsman and was happy with how he was as a warrior.

This left him between the options of ' Copy ' 'Indomitable' and ' Void Neutralisation '

Of these three moves, indomitable stood out from the rest.

It appeared as a blazing golden on the screen as if it was a move unparalleled and arguably the best skill move in all of Sigma.

Nonetheless, the attached message underneath seemed to make a mockery of him and Max did not wish to stand for it.

He could not lash back at the perfect warrior at the moment, he wasn't strong enough to even clean his shoe, however, that did not mean he would roll over like a dog and bite whatever bone he threw at him.

It did not matter if the skill move was the best or not, Max did not wish to select it if it meant swallowing his pride.

Void Neutralisation was an excellent skill move that gave a new method of defending against attacks and was also a great way of countering divine attacks that were notoriously hard to defend against.

Copy too was a broken skill despite its 100 year cooldown, as for one to be able to copy any attack move of any individual irrespective of race or tier as long as they witnessed it first-hand was absolutely insane.

With this skill, Max could potentially learn his brother's version of future sight, or learn his brother's strongest attack move that was undoubtedly more valuable than any other options presented on this list.

He could also use it once every century, meaning even after he became a celestial this skill would help him keep improving with passing times.

Since those two options were good enough for him, Max decided to not lick the bone that the perfect warrior threw for him and stuck with the other two choices as his final selection.

" Interesting choices Max Rajput, your tier7 promotion is now complete! We wish you the best on your future endeavours " A feminine celestial voice said as Max felt all the information about the four moves that he had just chosen pour into his brain.

By the time he consolidated the knowledge and opened his eyes, he felt the gazes of all the terrifying entities retreat completely as he was left alone in the realm of Chaotic Energies.


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