"So, what's our plan of attack?" Severus inquired after the initial excitement over Regus's new weapon subsided.

The atmosphere in the vampire council had intensified due to Regus's announcement that he might be able to restrain Dracula.

They had gathered to discuss the precise plan of counterattack and while the meeting had been going for roughly 30 minutes, the specifics of the plan hadn't been discussed yet.

Since the meeting was specially convened to discuss these specifics, Severus's reminder served as the nudge needed to steer the conversation to take a more constructive turn.

After being gestured to do so, the Titus clan servants laid out the current war lines and universal maps for everyone to examine, and open discussions about planning a counter-attack ensued.

With Regus designated to counter Dracula, the responsibility fell on the other vampire lords to repel Dracula's minions.

Dracula's most prominent minion was none other than Ulrich, the tier-7 werewolf god.

Being the backbone of Dracula's army, his immense strength implied that only Vega or Max, both tier-7 themselves, could be tasked with defeating him.

Before this, Vega would have been the sole candidate to confront Ulrich. However, with Max's recent rise to tier-7 status, he too was qualified to challenge him.

Though the council members left the decision to Vega and Max to discuss amongst themselves, Max volunteered.

His assertion that the Bloodfall clan would handle the werewolves was bold, but the vampire society greatly lauded him for it.

While it appeared courageous, Max's motivation wasn't solely altruistic.

He had realised that to be seen as a leader, he had to demonstrate his prowess in battle and inspire confidence during challenges and with Regus's image declining this was the perfect time for him to start collecting merits under his belt.

As someone aiming for the vampire throne, he couldn't let this chance pass, and thus, he willingly accepted the mission.

While many showered Max with praise, Vega Titus was deeply concerned about his actions.

Seizing the first chance he got, Vega pulled Max aside for a private conversation, wanting to ensure the young man wasn't getting in over his head.

" What has gotten into you? Ulrich is a tier7 god but he isn't a newly promoted one like you-

Just because you think that being in the same tier gives you the qualification of fighting him, doesn't mean you are actually prepared for it.

There are over 400 levels in tier7!

He has been levelling up for centuries and the gap between you and him is huge-

I did not wish to shame you publicly, since today is your day to shine, but go back and pull out of your commitment to fight Ulrich.

Be more pragmatic and tell everyone I forced you to back out to save face.

I'm an old foggie like Ulrich and can probably defeat him in battle, you on the other hand have an endless future ahead of you.

Your time will come boy, but it isn't now " Vega said as Max could see his genuine concern as he mouthed these words, however, his concerns could not have been more pointless.

" Respectfully, Lord Titus, I appreciate whatever you have done for me so far, without you I'd never have reached tier7 and it's a favour I'll forever remember.

I see you supporting the man you so vehemently hate for the sake of the vampire society and it's a trait I admire in you.

However, although I'll forever consider the Titus clan as an ally, my personal ambition to become the vampire king has not changed.

I'm not you, I can't lay down my pride for the sake of the vampire society, but I'm not foolish either.

I'm not your average tier7 fighter, and I don't think you understand the gap in strength between me and you.

So what if he's 200 levels above me? I'm confident that my weakest stat will be at least 10,000 points above his strongest " Max claimed boldly as Vega could not believe the brats arrogance.

" Are you just delusional boy? Or did you hit your head too hard as a kid? What absolute rubbish are you talking about? " Vega questioned as he had never heard anyone claim something so absurd, but that's because Vega had never seen a man walk on the path of a perfect warrior uptil tier7.

" You can choose not to believe me if that suits you, however, I'm not pulling my name out.

I'll fight and take down Ulrich on my own, that much I'm confident of.

You can have faith in me, or you can use some backhand politics to take the job instead of me.

However, I'm not backing out of it and that's the end of discussion " Max said with some flare under his voice as Vega Titus was left dumbfounded and speechless.

Watching as to how Max went back to the council room and chatted with the other lord's as if becoming a tier7 was nothing much pissed off Vega to no end.

He was trying to be kind and considerate yet the best was too full of himself to listen to his sound advice.

' Fine, go and die to Ulrich then, you insolent brat.

You Rajput brothers are too full of yourself, one of you thinks he's the strongest tier7 warrior as a newly ascended strongman and the other thinks he can bring down the universal queen herself as a monarch.

I say, Both of you are full of shit and outright delusional ' Vega thought as he had just heard about the Won Knight and the True Elites Empire preparing for a universe without the queen's help in administration.

Apparently the Rajput family's return had caused a big stir on Radiance and reliable Intel sources suggested that Shakuni was on a mission to bring down the queen.

Vega had never met Shakuni, he was not sure how strong Max's elder brother was, however, he had absolute faith that nobody in the universe was strong enough to take down the queen and Regus Aurelius thought the same.

Just before walking into the meeting the duo had a talk about this very piece of news and Regus commented on the topic saying

' I'll chop off my balls and change my gender if he brings down the queen.

As strong as he is, and as much as I respect him as a man, that feat is impossible to achieve '

Even Regus who had witnessed Shakuni in battle thought it was impossible, hence when the universe heard the next notification, EVERYONE was rattled to their core.

[ UNIVERSAL NOTIFICATION - Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls of all ages, this message is issued by ' me ' the one and only God Of God's, Shakuni Won Knight in public interest as the new conqueror of the universe and the undisputed ruler of all of the controlled lands.

Today, I have taken down the universal queen and enslaved her as my personal A.I. and from this moment onwards, I'm going to re-write some of the laws of the universe as per my own personal volition.

For those who wish to take part in this intellectual discussion about the future of the universe as I rewrite the laws, come meet me at the previous Council Of Monarch's monument in two hours time.

Peace ]