As Max glanced around the room with only five minutes left in Rudra's two hour deadline, he realised that his brother had gathered 70% of the universe's total strength under one roof in a two hour notice.

Not only was every light faction monarch present in the room, but even long lost bastards like Memphidos and several tier6 dark faction god's were in attendance.

The total number of tier6 god's gathered surpassed the total seating capacity of the arena of god's which made the small council of monarchs monument overcrowded upto the brim.

But amongst the entire crowd full of distinct individuals, there was one individual whose entry riled Drax up.

' Max, he's here….. I can feel his presence, the man who trapped Lord Agni is here- ' Drax said in a shaky voice as Max could hear the trauma and panic behind it.

Max tried to look around trying to figure out who exactly Drax was talking about but he could not single that individual out amongst the crowded sea of powerful god's.

Max had not forgotten his promise to Drax, the old A.I. had only one condition to lend his unwavering support to Max and that was that Max would one day help him exact revenge for the death of his first master Agni.

Although the Agni-Astra was no longer as important to him now that he was a tier7 god, that promise still held true for him.

Without Drax he would not have made it so far and now that it was finally his turn to give-back some of the favour that he had received he was not going to shirk back from it.

Unfortunately, before he could investigate the mysterious presence further, Rudra entered the building surrounded by an entourage of dozens of universal queen manifestations as he walked guarded by them on both sides.

All chatter died down when Rudra entered the building as the crowd unilaterally parted ways to let him pass-through.

As Max glanced at his brother he saw him walking with the same cadence as he always did without a care in the world.

He wasn't intimidated by the thousands of hostile gazes that the god's around him threw at him.

He wasn't worried about a single god getting cheeky and trying to assassinate him.

He wasn't even smiling as if he was extremely proud of what he had accomplished, but rather just walking like he always did without acknowledging a single face in the crowd before taking his seat at the head of the table of the council of monarchs and putting both of his feet on it like an absolute boss.

Behind him, the queen's avatars made a semi-circle and stood at guard as just his presence alone gave everyone in the room goosebumps even though he wasn't even flaunting his aura.

As Max scanned the room, he could look into every single monarch's eyes and see their desperation to say something.

Every last one of them had something to ask, something to say, something to clear up, yet none of them had the balls to say anything as they all waited for Rudra to start speaking first.

As Rudra casually glanced around the room, Max saw how tier6 god's began to flinch and shirk back at his mere glance as he wondered if this was what true power was?

For a full minute after his arrival Rudra did nothing but just sit calmly and observe as the longer that he stayed silent the more nervous the crowd became until some upstart tier6 god crumbled from the pressure and began shouting his mind out.

" You think of yourself as some BIGSHOT? surrounded by the universal queen as your personal bodyguard?

There are thousands of us assembled here, don't you dare take us for granted!

Put the queen to a side and step outside against us for a moment.

Then we shall see who the tough guy really is! " The tier6 god said as immediately all eyes were drawn to him.

Rudra did not even turn to face him, he only strained his neck a little to get a look of his face and then extended his hand as he said [ Darkness Bind ]

The tough guy had the colour drain out of his face the moment Rudra glanced at him as he began to shiver uncontrollably.

He probably realised the stupidity of his actions and felt the immense fear for his life when Rudra extended his hand.

He thought it was all going to be over, he even closed his eyes and accepted his fate, but never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that the Darkness Bind spell was not intended for him.

" Kartikeya and Jake... you boys don't have to go killing whoever insults your father.

What have I taught you about the ramblings of weaklings?

Ignore them " Rudra said as both Jake and Kartikeya dropped on the floor in darkness restraints with their swords clanging on the floor beside them.

The very moment that the dumb god insulted Rudra, the boys had their weapons drawn out and pounced for the kill as if Rudra had not intervened, the poor guy would have been hacked to a thousand pieces by now.

" JAKE! "


Ruby and Naomi shouted as they dragged the boys back to their side pulling their ears, as the first time the Rajput boys made their universal debut, they were thoroughly embarrassed by their family.

Rudra calmly blew two flying kisses to his wives as the elf king laughed heartily at all the unfolding drama.

" HAHAHA, WHAT ROWDY GRANDSONS- HAHAHA JUST LIKE ME IN MY YOUTH " he commented as Rudra raised an eyebrow looking at the man.

But eventually seeing him laugh so heartily Rudra broke out in a smile as well as it was impossible not to like a loving grandpa.

" Sorry, where was I? " Rudra wondered as he properly turned to face the god that accused him of hiding behind the queen.

" Queen my dear, what is the probability of me slaughtering every last one of them if an open fight of one versus all was to break out right this moment? " Rudra asked with a confident smile on his face as one of the queen's avatars replied after doing some computation.

" Chances of victory are 73.4% "


Pin drop silence engulfed the room once the queen dropped this shocking stat.

Nobody could believe what they heard and many thought that the queen's answer was not truthful but rather one that suited her master's image.

Little did they know that the answer was not only truthful, but it also assumed that Naomi, Ruby, Max, Neatwit, Jake, Kartikeya and all of his other allies were joining the enemy side to kill him.

If Rudra had the queen's support as well as that of his allies, which was the ground reality, the chances of victory actually stood at 99.991%.

" Make no mistake here ladies and gentlemen— the queen here is to protect YOU from ME and not the other way around.

I will be more than happy to step out for a fight, but I'm afraid none of you will then be alive to tell this tale " Rudra said as he snapped his fingers and immediately a tier10 barrier was set up all around the council of monarchs monument.

From this moment onwards, not a single soul could enter the building nor could a single soul leave without Rudra's permission.

The environment had just turned hostile and the stakes had became dire.