" BAHAHA, interesting…. " Dracula chuckled as he inspected the barrier cast around the monument.

Not only did it completely cancel out all spatial skills, but it also boasted the achievement of being indestructible.

It was not a stretch to say that every god within the chamber was not stuck till Rudra decided otherwise as the fate, life and death of every major god in the universe now literally vested in the hands of one man.

" Hell's Fire " Hades murmured as although Rudra stopped Jake and Kartikeya from killing the upstart god, Hades did not take to his actions too kindly.

The god was painfully reduced to ashes in front of the entire room watching as the message was sent loud and clear to the other young god's that should they insult Rudra or resort to stupidity, this would be the same fate that they were to suffer.

" My apologies Lord, no Supreme Lord Shakuni, the young these days have little manners " Hades said as he gave Rudra a deep bow in apology.

Rudra was impressed by the tacit understanding displayed by Hades as he nodded back to the veteran god who was one of his oldest benefactors.

" If you're planning to kill us all, let me tell you now, no matter what the odds are, we will fight to the bitter end " Micheal said as he nervously inspected the barrier around the monument.

Technically, the seat that Rudra was currently seated on at the head of the council table belonged to Micheal.

The man had let go of his usual position out of fear and not respect for Shakuni and with his previous action of blocking Shakuni's return to the universe, he was afraid that Shakuni would not let him leave this monument alive today.

" Tch, chill Micheal, drink some nectar. I know you enjoy it thoroughly, " Rudra said as he retrieved some divine alcohol from his inventory and threw Micheal a bottle.

" I thought you tutored him better Odin, but I'm disappointed in how poor your students' reading of the room really is " Rudra said as he glanced at a young god who seemed to be only tier6 and one of the beastmen.

While the others were confused, Odin realised that he could not fool Rudra's Omniscient eyes as he reverted back to his original form much to the shock of everyone in the room as he let out a deep sigh.

" What can I say master Shakuni? My embarrassment knows no bounds" Odin confessed as Rudra chuckled.

The rest of the room was in absolute disbelief as Odin had just referred to Rudra as ' Master '

Odin was a mysterious god, he was only known in the universe as the master of all angels and one of the strongest warriors of the light faction.

Although he was not involved in active politics, he was rumoured to be a sage of knowledge and one of the most respectable individuals in terms of moral standing, yet such a man openly called someone who was at odds with the angels his ' master '.

" What is the meaning of this? Since when is Shakuni your master? Master? " Micheal asked in disbelief as this was the first time he had heard Odin refer to Rudra as his master!

Before today whenever the two of them plotted against Shakuni in private, they always referred to him as ' That bastard ' or ' That fool ' or ' Shakuni the defeated ' or ' Shakuni the good for nothing ' yet today in front of Shakuni's face the man suddenly became servile as a dog.

" Shakuni has been my master since he ascended to tier6 and became a god. Who else would it be but the strongest warrior to ever exist? " Odin said as if it was the most natural thing to serve Rudra as even Beniogre frowned at this statement.

" B-but you were the one who told me to block his re-entry to the universe, I never wanted to do it myself? " Micheal said in horror as if trying to make sense of this situation that was getting out of hand as Odin shook his head and did a complete 180° on his own previous commitments.

" He's clearly lying master. Your loyal servant would never do anything of the sort, in fact I was the one who protected your family from the queen during her previous hostile descent.

You can confirm this with your family " Odin said as Rudra's smile widened while Micheal, Sariel, Hazriel and Raphael's faces turned ashen.

They had never witnessed this side of their master's personality and they could not handle the shock of him actually being a rat and a chameleon that changed colours all too often.

" Oh so it was you who blocked my re-entry into the universe… " Rudra said with a menacing smile on his face as Micheal hurriedly brought out his sword in sheer panic ready to fight for his life.

" Then I must thank you, King of angels, for the last 12 years have been absolutely delightful for me.

Without your insight in reading the situation that I may have needed a vacation and hence barring me from the universe, I might not have enjoyed such quality time with my family…. So thankyou" Rudra said as Micheal began trembling at his words.

This calm bastard was not the Shakuni he knew or remembered.

Every word out of his mouth was measured and his attitude while talking to him was like a monarch talking to a mortal.

It was clear that he viewed Micheal no different than an ant and this fact both infuriated and terrorised Micheal at the same time.

Max who was witnessing this whole exchange could not believe his eyes that Odin was still alive and kicking!

This was the same man who had tricked the primal god of war, the same man who was solely responsible for the chaos era war and the same man who was the father of Thor!

This was a master manipulator and just like Rudra Max too did not trust him one bit.