With Odin squirming like a dog, the rest of the god's within the monument lost a lot of confidence.

For Rudra to have the queen at his back and be called ' Master ' by old monsters like Odin confirmed the worst fears of many that he was indeed the Supreme Lord of the universe.

It wasn't hard to accept the concept of the universe having a supreme ruler. However, for those who had been raised free, to suddenly accept the rule of a higher being was difficult.

This difficulty was even higher for the council of monarchs who had been the governing body for the queen and who had lost the most authority when Rudra became the Supreme Lord.

Had Rudra come from the celestial realm, they would have accepted his reign without complaints. After all, they were long aware of the power gap between themselves and the celestials.

But the fact that Rudra rose from the bottom and was born and raised in this universe bugged them as while they were content by becoming monarch's, thinking they had reached the pinnacle, Rudra reached even higher.

Such was the magnitude of achievement that the man had achieved today, as before today not even monarch's had the courage to dream that one could defeat the queen and become the supreme ruler of the universe.

However, after today they were sure that many aspiring young kids and gods would make Shakuni their role model and chase after something that was impossible.

" How did you do it? Please share with us!!!How did you defeat the queen? " said one of the god's in the crowd as his words resonated with the thoughts of almost all the god's present in the room.

Just how did Shakuni beat the queen? Everyone wanted to listen to this story, however, was Rudra going to share his methods?

Smiling, Rudra closed his eyes as he contemplated whether or not he should share the method to defeat the queen or not as flashbacks of his own battle within the black-hole replayed in his mind.


( Flashback, Within the black-hole )

Rudra had walked into the blackhole, understanding a few fundamentals of 'Karma'

Just like how mortals could only use mana and could not use divine essence for their attacks, those within this controlled universe could only use divine essence and could not use ' Karma ' to fuel their attacks like celestials.

The difference in one's ability to use ' Karma ' was the distinguishing factor between tier8 and tier9 and was the reason behind the chasm between these two tiers being extremely wide.

Through the seed of knowledge, Rudra had came to understand that reality could not be altered for objects that had high karmic value lest one feel karmic extreme backlash for doing so.

Within the universe, the object with the highest Karmic value was none other than the universal queen as she was integral to the life of trillions.

Other than being the governing body of the universe she was also the Karma farm of the celestials against the perfect warrior.

If Rudra killed her, he would undoubtedly incur the wrath of the celestials who would destroy him for the act, which meant that destroying her physical server was never an actual option.

What he could do however, was enslave her, as if he did manage to do that, the control of the queen would shift from the council of monarch's to him, but her karma farm features would remain intact.

By further linking her life to his own, Rudra would also create a fail-safe against any Celestial killing him as if he died so would the queen resulting in severe Karmic Backlash for even celestial god's.

From the first moment that Rudra entered the blackhole he never wanted to kill the queen or go after her server.

He understood perfectly that defeating the queen while transcending tiers in an open fight was impossible!

The queen had perfect offence, defence and probably the largest arsenal of moves to choose from.

Although Rudra hated to admit it, even he was not strong enough to beat her in a one vs one battle, but fortunately with his 12 years of planning, it wasn't a fist-fight but a brain fight.

Fortunately, not even the queen with her near unlimited processing powers had a mind greater than the greatest mastermind to ever live as in his fight against the queen his strategy paid off once more.

The ONLY viable way to defeat the queen was to defend from her attacks using the seed of darkness and somehow find a way to use ' Alter Reality ' on her without facing Karmic Backlash.

To do so, Rudra created a unique move using the near infinite knowledge of the seed of knowledge called [ Fate Severance ]

The attack severed one from their Karmic ties for a short 2 second window, giving the caster a brief moment to use alter reality without Facing Backlash.

It was using this move and making the most of that short window that Rudra used the powers of the seed of chaos and altered the reality to be one where the queen was subservient to him and had her life line attached to him, as by the time the short two second window closed, the fight with the queen was over and he had already won effortlessly.

It wasn't the cleanest of victories.

He did not suppress the queen using his strength, nor did he cultivate the necessary defensive and offensive skills using his own strength.

He only crafted the plan, and used the divine tools at his disposal to their fullest to achieve the impossible.

Naturally, the universe believed otherwise and were convinced that he somehow beat the queen to subservience-

It was a foolish yet amusing conclusion that they had arrived at and Rudra had no intentions of correcting their misunderstanding.


( Present times )

Chuckling, he opened his eyes to face the god who asked him the question of how he defeated the queen as he pointed to his head and poked his forehead.

" I used my head " Rudra replied not specifying anymore as he intended to take the secret method of defeating the queen to his grave.