Rudra engaged in one-sided debates with several god's present within the monument, however, not one god was able to convince him to tweak a single one of his reforms even slightly.

There was a deep reason behind Rudra choosing to do everything that he was doing and it was not at all abrupt.

Although Rudra did not say it outloud, he was planning to ascend to the celestial realm after 14 years and at the time of his ascension he was going to down-grade the queen's powers from a genuine tier9 powerhouse to a peak tier8 A.I by devouring her Celestial Core.

Hence, for this reason he had set a specific time limit of 14 years for all system contracts to seize in operation.

Although the queen he had enslaved was a tier9 powerhouse, the queen that was going to be passed down to the next leader of the house of rajput would only be about 50% as strong as the real deal.

At that time, preventing overexposure amongst the masses would become a priority, which is why Rudra planned on saving lots of computation space by deleting tier-up planets, safe zones and system contracts.

If it were just tracking and providing all individuals with system screen and promotion quests, even a tier8 queen could handle that task without any difficulty which would make the universe none the wiser about her downgrade.

The only individuals who would understand the true situation would be Rudra and the next inheritor of the House Of Rajput, who would be responsible to maintain universal peace through a weakened queen and his own combat strength.

As for the creation of House Of Rajput itself, Rudra had did it for the future descendants of himself and Max.

Looking at the next generation, Rudra felt like their potential was limitless.

Unlike Max and himself, the lives these kids had lived were that of royalty and comfort.

Uptil this point they had not been forced to aim for a goal nor were they driven to achieve anything particular.

After observing Kartikeya, Rudra understood that it was because the boy had no ' Cause ' to rally all his energy behind, he became an untamed rebel.

If he just became a rebel with a cause, he could become someone who was focused and disciplined and could achieve much more in life.

Once the house of rajput was created, the next generation would either vy for the position of head of the household, or they would be involved in keeping the prestige of the house intact against foreign pressure.

Either way, they would have a greater cause to rally behind and a sense of pride and belonging towards their roots.

By labelling it as the house of ' Rajput ' instead of house of ' Rudra Rajput ', Rudra ensured that Max and his bloodline were equal parts involved in the project.

Although the two brothers had not spent much time together in the past years, Rudra did consider both of them to be part of the same house and did not wish for their descendants to feel otherwise either.

Jake, Amy and Kartikeya needed to learn to treat Kremeth Jr as their sibling and for that to happen, they needed to unite under one roof.

Although Rudra had not declared it here, he planned on creating a grand planet with a grand palace to serve as the capital of the house of rajput.

It would be the next council of monarchs monument and would serve as the gathering place of the universe's strongest for generations to come.

Overall, the entire meeting went smoothly however, Odin's attitude was most peculiar.

That bastard was somehow not satisfied with how things had turned out to be and although he did not show it, he was undoubtedly plotting some heinous scheme behind his smiling facade.

' Queen, protect my family and Max's from any kidnapping or assassination attempts-' Rudra commanded in his mind as the queen immediately acknowledged his request.

Although Rudra was not sure what Odin was planning, unless he did not threaten Rudra with the life of his loved ones, he could handle anything else that Odin threw at him.

After about three hours and taking close to 100 questions, the final conclusion of the meeting remained the same as Rudra had proposed as he went ahead and pushed through with his reforms which came as a breath of fresh air for all dark faction members.


( The next day, at the Rajput mansion on Radiance )

For the first time ever, the FULL Rajput family gathered under one roof as an exorbitant banquet was organised.

From Max's side it was him, Asiva, Anna, Kremeth Jr and Sebastian who were participating.

While on Rudra's side it was him, Naomi, Ruby, Neatwit, Jake, Amy and Kartikeya.

It was an almost surreal gathering as the power concentration was absolutely insane.

" MUAHAHAHA, I AM FINALLY AN ELDER BROTHER " Kartikeya rejoiced as he patted Junior on the head a little aggressively.

Everyone in the room chuckled a bit at Kartikeya's antics as nobody could infer from their temperaments as to who the elder brother was versus the younger one.

Kremeth junior was well mannered, reserved and polite.

While Kartikeya was brash, full of energy and childish.

Both were starkly different from one another, but somehow their brotherly bond was instantly formed as Kartikeya declared that he would not let anyone scratch his mortal brother.

Jake and Amy also showered junior with affection as the younger generation gelled up quite easily.

" Kremeth, don't you need to thank your Uncle Rudra for all the birthday gifts you have been receiving all these years? " Anna said teasingly, as Ruby instantly shook her head.

" Anna… don't embarrass my nephew, Kremeth darling, if anything you should ask your uncle for more gifts, what good is it to be the Supreme Lord of the universe if you can't even shower family with precious artefacts? " Ruby said as she gave Rudra a squinted look.

Although Rudra had showered Kremeth Jr with countless gifts, he had never even given his wives a bouquet much less birthday or anniversary gifts and it was a matter that the two wives were not willing to let-go of easily.

" Ahem, Max help " Rudra said silently as Max bursted out laughing.

Standing up, Max jiggled his right leg a bit before mischievously glancing towards Rudra as he firmly planted his feet to the ground.

" For anyone of you kids who can lift my feet up even an inch, I'll reward them with 100 million gold coins " Max declared as immediately Rudra's eyes constricted and a wide smile spread on his face.

" Care to make a side-bet ' Old Man' ? " Max said, in an inside joke that only the elders in the room understood.

" Isn't it just lifting your feet? I'll easily complete this challenge! " Kartikeya said as he jumped in front of Max and gripped his leg by the calf.



Applying all the strength in his body, Kartikeya tried to yank Max's leg up but it remained unmoving as a stone.

" Holy hell, this is impossible, I'm sure I've made father take a few steps back when I'm fighting against him with a sword, but I can't even lift your feet?

Uncle Max, are you perhaps even stronger than my father? " Kartikeya asked in surprise as he gave up on lifting Max's leg.

Max only smiled in response and said nothing as Kremeth Junior tried his luck next but failed as well.

Unsurprisingly, Jake and Amy also failed in lifting Max's leg as once all four children failed Max easily lifted his own leg and shook it around before walking back to his seat as he stared down Rudra.




Rudra clapped for Max with a raised eyebrow as he realised that Max had picked on the trick that he used to perform the leg hold with.

The leg trick was a form of ' Alter Reality ' and while Rudra had the seed of chaos to do it effortlessly, Max had performed it through his own strength and sheer mastery of the elements' understanding.

Although it was a silly trick, Rudra could not help but be impressed as this little demonstration showed him just how far his little brother had come since he last saw him.

" Do you want to spar? Max? Show your older brother how capable you have become? " Rudra asked as the temperature in the room suddenly dropped by a few degrees.

" Oh boy, this is going to be epic!! " Neatwit exclaimed as he felt goosebumps rising all over his body in anticipation of this exchange.

" I'll suppress myself to early tier7 if you want " Rudra offered as Max waved him off.

" Sure, I'll take all the handicap I can get against you brother….. that way I atleast have a fighting chance " Max said as everyone in the family felt incredibly excited to watch this exchange.

As the two brothers stepped out into the garden, Max casted [Divine Concealment] to create a safe space for them to fight as for the first time since Max was only a kid, the two brothers were going to fight in a actual spar.