Rudra brought out his dual swords for this fight signalling his intent to take Max seriously as he gripped Excalibur in his right hand and Grim Reaper in his left.

Cracking his neck as he suppressed his strength to level 1101, the same as Max as he took a rather lax fighting stance.

The aura he projected even as a tier7 warrior was absolutely insane as although the rest of the family were outside the isolation barrier and completely safe from Rudra's aura suppression, they still felt intimidated from just looking at him.

Max on the other hand took out Lucifer's sword, the divine blade Azrael and activated his blood manipulation powers as he used [ Call Of The Sanguis ] to transform the terrain around him into a pool of blood while also covering the entire concealed area in thin blood mist.

With his eyes shining a bright red hue, he too looked extremely menacing as pin drop silence engulfed the family in anticipation of the clash that was about to happen next.

In a way, Max was cheating by having the terrain altered before the fight began, but Rudra let it slip as this was supposed to be a friendly spar and not a fight to the death.

Since Max could only express his full abilities as a primordial vampire within a bloody battlefield, Rudra decided to let his brother fight at his absolute peak!







In a blink of an eye several moves were exchanged between the duo as Kremeth Junior who was only a tier4 mortal could not even follow the speed at which the fight unfolded.

To him, his father and uncle were standing in one position and by the time his eyes were able to see them again they were in an entirely different position with countless explosions occurring all across the small enclosed space at once.

' What happened? ' he wondered, however, with everyone else laser focused on the fight, he could not find the right moment to even ask anyone about it.

The tier6 and above god's, who were able to follow the fight were even more mesmerised by the series of moves that unfolded as the opening fight sequence looked absolutely surreal and almost cinematically crafted to them.

Max had opened the fight by using [ Blood Mist Explosion ] as he turned the entire battlefield into an endless expanse of explosions.

Rudra countered using [ Blink ] as he teleported straight behind Max and swung his dual swords, aiming for his neck.

When Rudra was in motion to strike, Max not only judged his position, but also turned to block his incoming strike as the two of them exchanged two strikes before Rudra retreated using [ Water Wall ].

Not wanting to let his brother create a distance once more, Max used [ Blood Chains ] to restrict his movement, however, Rudra unleashed the power of the Sun to create almost blinding heat within the concealed fighting ring as he evaporated every last drop of Max's blood attack in almost an instant, with all that compressed steam causing a large explosion that caused white smoke to cover the entire battlefield.

All this happened within a blink of an eye, as Rudra's eyes visibly dilated in shock at what he just witnessed.

Max was about 15-17% faster than he was at tier7, which was something unfathomable to him as he had grown up with one of the most broken cheats in the tutorial game Omega.

He was sure that Max was lagging behind him in terms of strength uptil tier6, however, there was some big change that had occurred between his tier6 and tier7 promotion that gave him the edge to surpass the almost unsurpassable milestone that he had set.

Had he not been that fast, this fight would have been over the second it started, however, not only was Max faster but his strength was somehow parallel to that of Rudra's.

The two sword strikes that Rudra had unleashed were somehow parried without Max being pushed back or having to exert too much strength to block.

Those strikes on their own were strong enough to slice off mountain tops, yet Max parried them with ease which just went to show Rudra just how much his brother had grown since the last time he fought him.

Max on the other hand was in utter disbelief-

He had sneakily used [ Call Of The Sanguis ] to change the terrain to his advantage before the fight started, however, within the first second, his brother had literally vaporised all his efforts into oblivion in a move that he never saw coming.

In all of his fights up till this moment he had never witnessed someone vaporising blood so easily, as this fight opened his eyes to what a truly strong opponent could accomplish to neutralise his bloodline advantage.

For now, both brothers were fighting with basic mana moves and no-one had brought out anything special, but still the fact that they were evenly matched uptil this point was something that Neatwit and Sebastian found unfathomable.

Neatwit having grown up with Rudra knew just what sort of a monster he truly was and understood that he was a man who could slay two monarchs with three moves.

For Max to stand on equal grounds with this man and exchange even a few blows was an incredible achievement in Neatwit's eyes.

Sebastian on the other hand felt the same sort of amazement towards Rudra.

Having grown up with Max, he knew just how fast Max was and what sort of powers he had under his belt.

For someone to neutralise his bloodline ability with such ease and to parry strikes with him on-par was something Sebastian had never witnessed.

Max was always fighting opponents much stronger to himself, often several hundred levels higher or even tiers apart.

His path of the perfect warrior gave him top-notch physical abilities, yet Rudra was able to go toe-to-toe with such a beast at the same level which just went to show how much of a mammoth he was himself and Sebastian was in awe.

In his eyes, this was undoubtedly going to be a fight worth remembering in the history books.