" Not bad… " Rudra complemented Max as his brother came out unharmed from his first barrage of attacks.

" I can do better " Max replied as he activated the ace in his hole and used [ Perfect Cloning ]

In an instant, his clone materialised from thin air with the same strength level and move-set as Max but without the same gear.

The crowd, especially the kids who had never witnessed Max's cloning skill were baffled by this phenomenon as this was the best skill they had possibly witnessed in their entire life.

If one could just create a perfect clone of themselves which replicated their tier and move-set, they would theoretically never need to fight a one vs one fight in their entire lives!

Not only would that partner be extremely reliable, but it would share the same psyche and work in sync with the host making this move undoubtedly the most broken ability in the entirety of Sigma!

Everyone in the room was of the opinion that Max had pulled off a great move, however, Rudra countered it with extreme ease.

[ Move Reversal ]

Rudra said as he lightly tapped his feet and within an instant Max's clone dissipated to the thin air it had just formed from.

Max's eyes widened in disbelief, just as he thought he could gain an advantage against his brother, he neutralised his attack as easily as Max formed it using a technique that Max had never seen or heard about.

Seeing the confusion in his eyes, Rudra took a moment to educate him as he said " Look Max, there are many cheap moves that you think can give you unfair advantage in battle, however, the higher you go, the more pointless these sorts of moves become, because your enemy will always have a technique to neutralise them.

The reason why such moves work for you now, or why sir Jhonny's void transformation is so effective against lower opponents is because they don't have the means to deal with such advanced techniques.

But in the end they are just parlour tricks, if you rely on them too much, a truly skilled warrior will obliterate you- "

Max chuckled and shook his head, he did not expect this spar to become yet another teaching lesson from his brother.

In a way he was glad that he received this eye-opener today while fighting against his brother and not against some real enemy who would use this mistake to kill him, however, he also felt pissed that his brother was chiding him like a child.

He could not understand the struggle of someone like Max who needed parlour tricks to gain upper hand against opponents since he was always naturally strong, however, Max wasn't some pushover who could only fight using cheap tricks only and he wanted to prove it today.

[ Dimensional Walk ]

Taking a step, Max suddenly teleported right across Rudra in a move that even the all-mighty Shakuni did not see coming right till the very end.


Using his excellent reflexes Rudra did manage to avoid the crippling damage that he might have suffered from the attack, yet Max still managed to land a small scratch on Rudra's cheek which drew a single drop of blood before Rudra's excellent vitality closed the wound instantly.

As Max licked that single drop of blood from his sword, he menacingly looked into his brother's eyes who could not understand as to how Max escaped his omniscient field of vision?

As the bright red gleam in Max's eyes collided against the Omniscient blue of Rudra's, both brother's smiled and tightened the grip on their swords as they understood that the fight was on now.

" IMPOSSIBLE- HO- HOW? " Jake shrieked in disbelief as he fell flat on his bum.

Although Neatwit and Kartikeya said nothing, the two of them were on their rear ends as well as the three of them looked into each other's eyes to make sure that they had not been hallucinating.

" Did father just bleed? " Kartikeya asked in shock as he found his whole childhood worldview collapsing in this instant.

The mad tyrant who would not even flinch when facing the kids?

The supreme lord who never broke a sweat while even facing monarchs-

The god of god's who was hailed as the strongest in the universe!

That man just lost a drop of blood in battle?

Even Naomi and Ruby were shocked as Rudra had not lost a single point in HP since his fight against Thor several years ago.

He had not lost a single point in HP while fighting against several monarchs in the dimensional battlefield.

He had not lost a single point in HP while facing Anubis or Dracula.

He had not lost a single point of HP while fighting the universal queen!

Yet today he bled a single drop of blood….

Just how strong was Max to make that happen?

Just as everyone was shocked on how Max managed to do the impossible, as if to prove that it wasn't fluke he went on to unleash a barrage of attacks that Rudra had no answer for.








Rudra only focused on dodging in the limited time he had when Max emerged back into the third dimension, however, the proximity and Max's speed made it impossible for him to dodge completely as he ended up being lightly scratched every single time.

Kremeth junior watched the fight unfold with sparkling stars in his eyes as he realised in this moment that his father was the strongest of them all, while Neatwit, Jake, Kartikeya and Amy watched the fight unfold as if someone had sucked out their very soul.

The god of god's was being hit by an endless barrage that he had no answers for and was forced on the backfoot by an opponent.

Regardless of how the fight developed from here on forward, their respect for Max skyrocketed after witnessing this barrage.


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