Max gained a lot of insights from his battle against Rudra as although he could not prove his full potential to his brother, for the first time he realised the areas which needed much improvement from his end.

Neither from fighting monsters, nor from fighting average opponents could Max have ever realised the shortcomings of his techniques, yet a single spar against his brother made it clear.

There was a lot of room for improvement for him and although there was a gap in strength between him and Rudra at the moment, Rudra had already finalised his style of fighting while Max had only laid down a solid foundation.

Max was in a unique position where he still did not have a signature fighting style which he called his own, yet he was able to progress this far as a successful warrior.

Whether it was his bloodline ability or his various attacks, he did not have a fixed style to make the most of them all and even at this stage of his life could alter his fighting style to aim for perfection.

Unlike Rudra, he had a 'PERFECT' foundation.

He did not need to rely on artefacts and other auxiliary knowledge blocks to become this formidable.

His understanding of all the elements in the universe came from his mastery over them while his superior speed and strength at the same level were a result of his perseverance.

If one stripped Rudra of his gear, his superior experience and his carefully selected move-set that catered to his fighting style, he was an inferior fighter when compared to Max at the base.

What made Rudra special was his critical thinking and quick witted response to any situation.

Given enough time he could win any battle, however, should a fight be sprung up on him at random, Max could prove to be a better fighter than Rudra in those situations.

Nonetheless, as the fight between the brothers ended the kids began urging their uncle Max for a fight as Naomi and Ruby gave them an earful for troubling their uncle.

Anna and Asiva consoled Max after his loss in a way that they wouldn't step on his ego while Neatwit praised him wholeheartedly for suppressing Rudra even if it was only for a moment.

Overall, it was an amiable atmosphere within the House of Rajput as they gelled quite well as a family.


( Meanwhile Odin and the Angels )

" Master, how could you betray me like that? " Micheal said as he confronted Odin for his comments at the Council Of Monarch's Monument.

" Hazriel, explain to your brother as to why I did, what I did…. " Odin said as he refused to answer Micheal directly which greatly irritated the angel monarch.

Hazriel also felt apprehensive about her master's explanation, somehow her unshakable trust in him had been shook after today's events as she no longer felt a hundred percent sure if their master had their best interest in mind.

" Hazriel… " Odin urged again, snapping her out of her daze as she looked at her elder brother and said " Shakuni is strongest now and has control over the queen. The master did what he did to gain his trust.

We need someone as a confidant by his side so he doesn't go crazy with the governance of the universe.

Of Course the master doesn't truly believe that he's Shakuni's servant, but he's putting on an act to make him believe so- "

Micheal did not buy Hazriel's explanation which was delivered half-heartedly as Odin felt pissed about this turn of events.

" Do you guys have any idea about the power that I serve? " Odin asked solemnly as he realised that the only way he could get out of this tough situation was if he revealed some truth about himself.

Although all the Archangels remained quiet, they listened in on what Odin had to say intently as they were all curious about the real master that Odin served.

" The real master that I serve is the Perfect Warrior.

He's an individual who has mastered all the techniques within this universe, has mastered all the elements and has methods to regain all the mana, vitality and stamina that he might expend in battle.

He is the epitome of what one could become as a warrior and is a Diety that rules even above the celestials- " Odin said as he painted a divine picture of the perfect warrior and portrayed him as a warrior elite without a match.

This portrayal was not an overstatement either, the perfect warrior was all of this and way more but just a sliver of his true glory was enough to baffle the monarchs of the controlled universe.

" The only command my master has given me is to find and nurture individuals who can one day reach the celestial realm and challenge his position at the top and for that goal, I re-incarnate souls and nurture talents that even have a 0.01% chance of becoming Celestial some day…. " Odin said as he began shaking his head in dismay.

" Even Shakuni is one of the souls that I have reincarnated myself and his journey so far has been greatly aided by me.

He's the first candidate that I've nurtured fully that has the potential to become a true Celestial.

A mission that would greatly impress my real master and for which I call Shakuni my ' master ' for I need to make him a celestial, " Odin explained as he hoped that the angel kids would buy this bull-shit that he was selling.

" The perfect warrior desperately wants that sweet taste of defeat at the hands of a worthy opponent and I'm hoping that Shakuni can become that individual who can defeat him someday.

As for his role as the Supreme Lord, it's just a temporary post that he occupies before ascending to celestial hood as I'll personally ensure that he ascends sooner than later " Odin said with conviction as the angels wondered what his plans were?


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