Bavuma felt baffled as he was teleported within Max's soul-space.

He had never seen nor heard about such an ability and despite his extensive knowledge about a variety of affairs, he was amused that there were still things that could take him by surprise.

Max on the other hand was grinding his teeth in despair.

It was clear from Bavuma's behaviour that he did not feel the effects of soul suppression at all!

His soul vessel was exterting the full-force that it was capable of, which was much stronger than the force it exerted on Angakok as a tier6 soul, however, it was almost useless against Bavuma.

Not only could the God Of Knowledge move around freely within his soul-space he could also approach Max's projection and his soul vessel freely as if he were taking a stroll in the real world.

" What an amusing ability… I'm guessing its purpose is to drag a soul within your soul realm and absorb all its experience and memories.

It's the biggest short-cut to powering up if I have ever seen one and I must admit, it's breathtaking " Bavuma said as Max suddenly felt a rush of divine essence and a warm strength reinforcing his projection.

His strength improved by around 20% as Bavuma felt a little uncomfortable under his increased soul-suppression as he began wondering about the sudden strength increase.

" Odin…. Hahaha, he's interfering from the outside world! So the soul can be influenced from the outside…. How interesting indeed " Bavuma murmured bemused at this new finding.

Max also felt a moment of relief as his depleted divine essence reserves were being replenished quickly which gave him the leisure to keep [ Mind Reader ] skill active while fighting Bavuma.

" So…. You have dragged me here to your soul realm, but you are clearly no match for me?

How exactly do you plan to beat me here, I'm curious to see you try " Bavuma said as he taunted Max into trying to attack him.

For Bavuma, his plan to kill Max had only been delayed by being dragged into the soul realm and not foiled, as he undertook a leisurely attitude in killing his foe by deciding to amuse himself and toy with him first.

Max, having learnt a few valuable lessons by fighting against his brother just a few days ago, knew perfectly how to open his fighting against Bavuma as he started off with [ Call Of The Sanguis ] and summoned the blood river.

His eyes turned bright red, his fangs protruded outwards and his nails sharpened into claws.

His instincts and speed sharpened to their maximum as he unleashed a blood blade towards Bavuma.


( Meanwhile Drax )

The entire purpose of Drax's existence was to find a master capable enough of defeating Bavuma.

The old A.I. had been created with the single goal of finding the inheritor of the will of fire and nurturing him to become strong enough to fulfil Agni's last wish of defeating the scheming god who betrayed him.

At first, Drax never wanted to choose a master whose strength was below tier6.

If anyone under tier6 touched it, Drax was programmed to kill that individual through mana poisoning, but through sheer fate, Max was a manaless trash who could not be killed through ordinary mana poisoning.

While Drax still had means to kill Max, upon fusing with the boy, he found his memories as a reincarnator and grew interested to see his fate.

From the very start, Drax knew that the path that Max wanted to walk needed him to have a strong mind that was capable of being ruthless when needed, as being soft would lead to Max being taken advantage of throughout his life.

For this, Drax ensured that Max killed his ex-girlfriend Sophie who had wronged him and cucked him in his past life and had also time and time again checked his mentality whenever his resolve wavered.

Uptil tier5, the Agni-Astra was Max's main weapon as it's tier6 strength and near inexhaustible mana reserves gave him the edge he needed to become a stronger warrior.

When he himself became a god, he got his hands on even stronger attacks and his reliance on the Agni-Astra and Drax dropped.

This trend continued till he absorbed Angakok and his memories as it was at that point that Drax underwent a second evolution since his creation and learnt some of Angakok's shamanic abilities to evolve from just the master of the Agni-Astra to becoming a shamanic master of the Agni-Astra.

Although untested in actual combat, within the ultimate levelling pagoda, Max had tested with the skill Perfect Cloning and then Drax took over the clone's body using the shamanic move [ Forced Takeover ]

Having both Angakok's knowledge as well as an extensive experience of using Max's body and his moves while fighting against Max in the mirror realm, Drax's control over Max's clone was unbelievably powerful.

Drax controlling Max's clone was what Angakok dreamed of achieving with Max's body as he was powerful, fast and extremely resourceful.

Ever since he joined Max on his journey to become the vampire king, Drax had slowly but surely became attached to the boy who he now saw as his master and someone who could transcend the achievements of Lord Agni.

The only unresolved issue that Drax carried in his heart now was regarding Bavuma and now that he had the opportunity to find his previous master's killer while his current master's life was on the line, Drax knew that the time to fight the battle of his life was here.

As Max used the skill [ Perfect Cloning], Drax knew what he intended to do as he activated [ Forced Takeover ] from the Agni-Astra and took control of the clones body.

In an instant, the clone's eyes shifted from red to dark purple as Max converted the 1vs1 into a 2 vs 1 in his soul-space.

" Oh, another very amusing ability " Bavuma noted as he silently applauded Max for his efforts, feeling impressed at the resourcefulness of the young man.

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