As Bavuma began laughing out of his mind, Drax felt like someone was landing gut punches after gut punches in his upper torso as he felt sick to his core.




Bavuma laughed like a madman as at one point he even grabbed Drax's own shoulder to laugh on to which Drax responded by using [ Blazing Onslaught ]

The never ending flames did burn all over Bavuma's clothes and caused some minor damage, however, Bavuma extinguished the inextinguishable flames with a simple flip of his hands.

" So you're telling me, you waited for a worthy successor for ages, you nurtured his future and still this is the best you can come up with? " Bavuma asked as he burst out laughing once more.

If a gentleman's revenge could wait ten years, a god's revenge could for 5000.

However, something about Max only being tier7 at the time of carrying out Drax's meticulous revenge made Bavuma burst out laughing as the timing could not have been worse for the young god.

Had Max bided his time and become a monarch, even Bavuma would have had to take him seriously as his skills were that exceptional.

Unfortunately however, Max jumped the gun by dragging Bavuma to the soul realm for no apparent reason when he clearly did not have the strength to see it through.

" Agh, very well, I'll destroy you once more today, in the memory of your loving master Agni, so that you can reincarnate once more and try again after another 5000 years " Bavuma mused as at that moment, Drax nodded his head and suddenly used [ DimensionWalk ] to get far away from Bavuma as Max caged him within [ Divine Concealment ]

For a split second, Max felt uneasy as his Concealment spell took longer than what he would have liked to materialise, however, when he saw Bavuma trapped inside when everything was said and done, it was then his turn to celebrate as he shouted " YESSSSS!!!!! " in relief.

" Oh, you're unharmed, how about that? " Bavuma noted bemused once more as he wondered how Max came out unscratched from the volley of assaults that had been sent his way, still not understanding the complexity of the situation that he was in.

Bavuma believed Max's barrier to be just another concealment spell that he could break out of, however, it was not!

It was a spell with strength akin to a tier10 barrier and was one of Max's strongest moves!

By the time Bavuma tried to cast a move outside the barrier and failed, it was Drax who burst out laughing as the old A.I. taunted the god of knowledge in his face relentlessly.



" Ba- Hahahaha "

Unlike Bavuma, one could clearly tell that Drax's laughter was fake and clearly meant to taunt Bavuma as the old A.I. danced fearlessly outside Bavuma's barrier confines while taunting the former to hit him.

" What did you say to me just moments ago? You were going to send me reincarnating where?

Dumb bitch you ain't going nowhere, you shall rot in this prison for the next 5000 years until you die! " Drax said as Bavuma furiously attempted to break the pink barrier, however, failed miserably.

What followed were 30 minutes of peak entertainment as Bavuma used attacks after attacks of varying strength on the barrier as he used all of his knowledge as the God Of Knowledge to solve the paradox that made up these barriers.

However, as Bavuma tried to figure out a solution, Drax constantly clapped without rhythm and danced around Bavuma's cell laughing like " Haha, hoho, hehe " as he irritated the flub out of the god.

Miraculously, not even Bavuma could break Max's barrier which meant that for Max, from this moment onwards the worst that could happen was he needed to spend an eternity within the soul realm.

Since he had used [ Soul Devour ]

The only way he would be allowed to leave the soul-space now was if he devoured Bavuma or Bavuma devoured him.

While the God Of Knowledge stayed within the confines of [ Divine Concealment ] it was impossible for Max to defeat him and absorb his soul, while the vice-versa was true as well.

The move acted like a great equaliser and Bavuma being trapped within meant that the fight had reached a standstill.

" What monstrous barrier ability- I must praise it's craftsmanship. Well-Played " Bavuma complemented as Max politely bowed.

' Ha- loser ' was what he was thinking and knew Bavuma must be reading, however, he went ahead with the act just in-case.

" Max, we took this guy too seriously for no reason, he's not as strong as your brother, he's not even as strong as your brothers left leg!

God Of Knowledge? I call that a fraud, if he can't even figure out a simple barrier technique, then he's not even as good as Shakuni's pinky finger " Drax said mockingly as Bavuma's left eye began to twitch immediately listening to these insults.

As the god could not read Drax's mind, he looked at Max who was thinking ' Are you taunting a god? Grandpa Drax? ' as he covered his mouth to hide a smile.

" Yo, Mr wait 5000 years, child, listen to this old grandfather's advice and don't mess with Shakuni, as when Max trapped him within this barrier spell, he figured out how to get out within 5 minutes.

Your weak brains can never match up to a guy like him " Drax said as he gyrated his hips in front of Bavuma with only a few centimetres separating the two in the form of a barrier.

If Bavuma could, he would have blasted Drax to smithereens in an instant, however, his thirty minutes of futile attempts taught him that firing at the barrier was useless.

" Don't mock me like that, I'm not going to be baited into doing whatever you think I'm going to do.

If I can't hurt you, you can't hurt me either and I'm happy to stay put- " Bavuma said as while he appeared to be calm Max could read the floating line of text above his head that said

' If shakuni can break out of this, maybe I can too? '

' Got him! ' Max thought as at that very moment Bavuma looked at Max and inferred that Max was acting happy at his decision to not make a move and stay put.

It was a small misunderstanding caused by reading Max's mind out of context, however, it was a misunderstanding that was going to cost Bavuma dearly.


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