The few moments before Bavuma decided to use [ Alter Reality ] on the barrier were nail-biting to say the least.

Max had to constantly think about gibberish and force his mind to stay on track so that his secret would not be given away.

Drax had to control his bloodlust and act like a taunting ape even though such behaviour was completely different from his actual personality.

' If Shakuni can withstand the Backlash and proceed to finish the fight against the boy, then I should be able to do the same.

Logically while the seed should help him collect and manipulate chaos energy faster, it should not help him deal with the Karmic Backlash.

If he survived it, then it must be because of the strength of his own soul, which means that I can do it too… ' Bavuma deduced as he made up his mind to give it a try.

As he began collecting Chaos energy in his left hand, he looked around to confirm his decision once more as Drax kept clapping and mocking him while Max looked straight at him with a frown.

' That mysterious fog around his hand? Could he have figured it out? ' was the text that floated over Max's head, as even now Max played his part in deceiving Bavuma perfectly.

However, none of it mattered in the end as the second Bavuma extended his hand and collected Chaos Energy to alter the barrier. He was done for!

The barriers Karmic value was so high, that not even the universal queen dared to forcibly break through fearing backlash, yet Bavuma, convinced that he was stronger and better than everyone, fell folly to his own delusions.

" NO! IT'S TOO MUCH, THE KARMIC VALUE OF THIS BARRIER IS TOO MUCH! " Bavuma shrieked in panic as the entire soul-space around him began to tremble violently, causing him to cancel the move midway fearing the impending consequences of his actions.

However, it was already too late for him, he had poked the bear and now the hunt was on even if he did not follow through with it completely, as in the vast emptiness of Max's soul-space, the darkness began to intensify dramatically as an ancient force that was beyond the grasp of Max's understanding began taking shape.

From this unyielding darkness, chains made of pure karmic energy shot out, rapidly encircling Bavuma, tightening and constricting. However, the interesting part about these chains was that they weren't just metal; they were crafted from the very essence of all the wrongs Bavuma had committed, sharpened by the pain of his victims.

Each link in these chains was a memory, a sin, a consequence. As they bound him, Bavuma could see, feel, and re-experience each malevolent act he'd ever done.

" NO, YOU GUYS TRICKED ME! NOBODY CAN SURVIVE THIS SORT OF A BACKLASH " Bavuma shouted as he hallucinated seeing hundreds of thousands of abyss mages all with sinister smiles plastered over their faces as they each took a gram of flesh from Bavuma's body.

As the chains began to dig deep into his flesh, tearing at it, making him bleed profusely, Max made most of the opportunity and turned each ot the blood droplets into a small blade and redirected it to cause even more damage to Bavuma.

With every ounce of his being, Bavuma screamed in agony. Not just from the physical pain, but from the psychological torment of confronting every wrong he'd ever committed, playing in an endless loop in his mind.

A massive, shadowy hand—formed from the karmic energy—emerged from the void. It began to squeeze Bavuma, pressing him, contorting him, causing his bones to be cracked, flesh ripped, and blood spewed. The once mighty Bavuma was now at the mercy of the karmic forces, and they showed none.

" AGNI, VAYU, KUBER, MAYA we are old friends, don't do me dirty like this! Forgive me please, I never meant to wrong you, it was the Seed! The seed manipulated me…. " Bavuma pleaded to figures that were not actually present, but were confronting him in this particular Backlash.

Drax, floating a distance away, watched intently, a sinister smile playing on his lips. The intense beef between him and Bavuma made this spectacle all the more satisfying. Every cry, every scream, was music to his ears.

Although he could not be sure, if Bavuma was hallucinating about his master Agni taking his revenge upon him, then it was the most fitting ending that he could have asked for his mis-deeds.

Amid the torment, as Bavuma's consciousness started to wane, the chains and the shadowy hand began to retract, leaving behind a mangled, barely alive form of the once-mighty villain, floating listlessly, only for the Karmic chains to be replaced by a direct connection from Max's soul vessel which began sapping the strength from Bavuma's remnant form.

Max, witnessing the karmic retribution, whispered to himself, "Every action has its consequence."

Drax, savouring every moment, murmured, "And some consequences are long overdue."


( meanwhile Odin )

As Bavuma received the Karmic Backlash, Odin's connection to Max snapped in an instant.

" Karmic retribution? " Odin asked in disbelief as he looked at Rudra for confirmation but realised that the latter did not understand what was going on either.

" What do you mean? " Rudra asked in a concerned voice as Odin checked his forehead for sweat only to be shocked realising that he was sweating profusely.

" Someone triggered a karmic retribution within Max's soul space and it's a strong one.

I don't know if it's your brother who made the dumb choice to alter reality or Bavuma, but whoever it was is now in deep trouble" Odin said as Rudra narrowed his eyes in worry.

A karmic retribution being triggered could only mean that one of the involved parties was getting desperate and the fight is nearing its conclusion.

With all external help already snapped, all that Rudra and Odin could do from this moment forward was for a victor to emerge and hope that the emerging victor would be Max.