" When I said I'm looking for a private space to talk to you, I wasn't referring to your bedroom…. " Rudra said as he sighed in exasperation.

Even as the cosmic ruler, if there was one mystery that he could never quite decipher fully, it was women and how their minds worked.

He had clearly intruded in her territory, he was about to extort her off her most prized possession, yet the woman was inviting him to her bedroom and acting all coy.

It wasn't like Rudra was not aware that he was being rude to Beniogre, however, he had not expected that behaving rudely to her would make her behave like a bitch in heat.

Now he found himself in an impossible situation which he had no idea of how to handle.

Beniogre clearly had plans to seduce him, however, he wanted to talk about the seed of life.

" Look, Beniogre, I'm going to collect all the seeds in the universe and I need the seed of life from you- " Rudra said, getting straight to the point and not allowing Beniogre any room to play her tricks.

Immediately as he said this, the playful glint in Beniogre's eyes changed and turned into a dangerous state as she contemplated whether or not it was worth it to fight Rudra over the seed.

The seed meant more to her than anything else ever could and she was not willing to give it up for anyone.

Even if Rudra was the cosmic lord, even he would need to forcibly snatch it from her body if he wanted to have it as there was no chance whatsoever that she was going to hand it over willingly.

" If you're planning to force me, let me tell you I'm not going to take it lying down.

I'll fight you to the best of my abilities, even if it means you injure me and have your way with me " Beniogre said as she put up her fists in front of Rudra, assuming a fighting stance.

For a moment Rudra looked at her visage and contemplated her words, but no matter what angle he looked at her from, he just could not see how the pretty woman with flawless skin could ever fight him.

" I'm going to confiscate it for the next 20 years. That's all I'm going to take it for.

You will retain possession of the stone and will have access to its powers if you need it for some emergency.

But you will not be allowed to bring it out of the vault or use its powers for more than 2 days a year " Rudra said eventually, as he relented and toned down his rhetoric.

Initially he had waltzed into the Kingdom of Life thinking that he was going to forcibly take it, however, something about pretty women who liked him made even the supreme lord grow a soft corner.

As for the 20 years period, he had decided to ascend in just 14 which meant that it was going to be the next Rajput lord's problem to deal with the renewal of this deal if they deemed it necessary at the moment.

Beniogre thought about Rudra's offer carefully and then shook her head as she said " I'll agree to this deal if you pledge me the support of the True Elites guild in the war against Dracula.

My people are suffering from a terrible war currently and the seed of life helps me heal all the injured.

I'm not going to give it up for nothing, even for a limited time "

Beniogre refused to give up the seed without gaining significant benefits which wasn't wrong on her part, however, it made Rudra feel dumb for offering a peaceful solution in the first place.

Out of kindness he had offered Beniogre the luxury of cutting a time-limited deal with the house of Rajput, but Beniogre had refused that kindness by putting up a rebuttal.

" Fine, have it your way " Rudra said as with blinding speed he gave Beniogre a chop on her neck knocking her out cold in an instant.

Taking out his sword Rudra put an incision in her abdomen and mercilessly plundered the seed of life as he did not even bother closing her wound out of kindness anymore, knowing full well that her monarch level physique will heal her soon enough.

" Lesson of the day- Don't argue like a spoiled brat with the supreme lord " Rudra said as he waltzed straight out of Beniogre's room and opened a spatial portal to return home.

Later as Beniogre regained consciousness and realised that she had been looted, she went on a crazy spree telling everyone that the Supreme Lord had ' Looted ' her by knocking her unconscious, which started a lot of nasty rumours about the God-King.

But none of them mattered anyways since such rumours were never going to reach his ears.


( Meanwhile Odin)

Ever since Max defeated Bavuma, Odin had been tasked by Rudra with the task to relocate Bavuma's entire knowledge library to the new Rajput mansion, as he was given the role of ' Gatekeeper ' of Rajput household.

Currently, the grand planet where the future Rajput capital was going to be located was under construction and Odin was overseeing the efforts to ensure that it was made correctly, however, his own mind was still stuck on Max and his potential for growth as he wondered if he could perhaps become a warrior that could surpass his brother and face the perfect warrior as a celestial.

He got in touch with Hazriel to learn everything about Max and his past and what Hazriel saw as his eventual future, as the more he learnt about Max and the path he was walking the more convinced he become that he could become the strongest warrior to ever exist.

However, the path ahead for Max was not easy.

The biggest payout of his path would only come if he could successfully promote to a monarch with a SSS promotion rating.

However, that trial would be unlike he would have ever faced.