Chapter 869 Ulrich on the move

Draconia was a surprisingly beautiful city.

Unlike most Bipedal cities where the architectural layout and house patterns were more of the same, Draconia was an architectural marvel.

Rebuilt from the ashes of betrayal, Draconia once again regained its majesty in recent years as Max riding on Mira's back enjoyed its breathtaking views.

From above, the Dragon City looked like a sea of unique homes, each distinct but with a shared characteristic: dual entrances.

Every dragon home had a large, circular entrance atop its roof. This was for the times when dragons were in their grand, full-size forms. These entrances were typically bordered by expansive landing platforms where dragons often relaxed or sunbathed.

Once inside, after shifting to their human form, dragons navigated through the house using normal-sized corridors and rooms. These pathways twisted and turned within each residence, ensuring optimal space usage, and when viewed from above, the layout of these homes resembled intricate labyrinths—a harmonious blend of vast circles and delicate lines.

These sprawling structures weren't particularly tall but rather spread out across the landscape. From an aerial viewpoint, they resembled a vibrant mosaic of circles and winding trails. Some homes even featured central open-air courtyards where dragons, in their human guise, nurtured plants or relaxed by water elements.

Brightly painted walls or glistening tiles adorned many of the homes, making the city gleam under the sunlight. It was as if one was looking down upon a vast, intricate tapestry, each segment representing the unique domicile of a dragon.

Intersecting the homes were roads and pathways, interspersed with parks and open spaces. Here, dragons in human form engaged in daily activities, offering a glimpse into how they were more of the same like other bipedals.

" It's beautiful isn't it? " Mira asked as she could sense Max's content while gazing at the beautiful city at his feet.

" It really is " Max acknowledged as he felt a lot of the stress that he had accumulated over the recent times simply melting away as he enjoyed the simplicities of life.

" Sometimes I wonder if I can govern such a beautiful place? Or if I'm even worthy of the title ' Queen ' but then I realise, nobody is worthy of becoming the ' Queen ', but you will do just fine as long as you care enough for the place and its people " Mira said as her words deeply resonated with Max's thoughts.

There were times when Max too genuinely worried if he was worthy of becoming King.

Although it was power that made one Monarch, it was the love and adoration of one's people that made one a ruler.

Although Max had aspirations to become the vampire king, at times he too worried if he was fit for the role.

" Wow, Mira, you've become mature, your talk is almost philosophical at this point " Max joked as Mira silently bit her tongue.

Max enjoyed this change in Mira, it no doubt made her company much more admirable.

" Your brother was here the other day- " Mira said in a complicated voice as Max raised an eyebrow.

" Why was my brother in Draconia? " Max asked, curious as to why Rudra would visit the city in person.

" I think he was here to intimidate, and I'm pretty sure he succeeded in doing so.

I haven't seen anyone capable of rattling my mother, but he was.

If there's ever a person whose eyes have no care about the life of those beneath him, I think it were his eyes " Mira said as she expressed her disapproval for the way Rudra conducted his business in Draconia.

He walked into the country as if he owned the place and walked out after making his threats to its existence clear.

If he weren't as powerful as he was, Draconia would have gone to war by now over such an insult.

Max frowned listening to Mira's analysis, however, he waved it off thinking that the dragon's were not used to being intimidated.

He could imagine his brother being domineering, however, he did not think that his brother had no regard for life in general.

His brother was the man who created the true elites guild and its culture of ' one for all and all for one ', if he did not care about each and every member of the guild he would have never made such a place to begin with.

" Don't worry about him, he has reasons to act the way he does that we can't even comprehend " Max said, sweeping the whole matter under a rug as he returned to observing the sprawling city underneath with a solemn mood.

Mira, realising that she had ruined the moment, apologised and accompanied Max for the rest of the journey in a serene silence.


( Meanwhile Ulrich )

" Sire, the modern vampires are counterattacking more aggressively now-

They have set their eyes on a valuable planet this time around which is a breeding ground for your primordial vampire seeds to spread fast.

We cannot let it fall in their hands, we cannot let them build momentum, " Ulrich said as he pleaded with Dracula to do something about the vampire pushback that had started recently.

Although Dracula understood Ulrich's plight, he also acknowledged the fact that the current forces employed under him could not match the modern vampires.

He needed at least 50 more years to nurture promising primordial vampires to various military roles to build the core strength of his army, but recklessly fighting against the modern vampires could jeopardise that mission.

The name of the game now was patience, as he only needed to bide his time and force the modern vampire's into a stalemate while his seeds grew and became terrifying warriors.

Nonetheless, the particular planet that the vampires had set their sights on this time around was indeed extremely valuable and could not be allowed to fall into enemy hands.

" Sire, If you allow me, I shall not disappoint you and will personally settle the matter " Ulrich pleaded as after a lot of contemplation, Dracula nodded and gave him his consent.

" Very well then, settle it " he said as he entrusted the mission to Ulrich and his werewolf division.