Chapter 872 Max finds out

The afternoon after consummating his love with Mira, Max was confronted by Rhea about taking responsibility for being intimate with her daughter and Max politely agreed.

He had made the decision to marry Mira before he even kissed her and he regretted nothing.

Mira was an amazing woman and her skills in bed were exquisite while being with her gave Max a sense of fulfilment as if it soothed his soul.

With there being an opportunity to hold a proper wedding where his entire family might attend, Max did not rush into giving Rhea an absolute date but he did promise to marry Mira in the near future which was enough for the dragon queen.

He spent the rest of the day taking either romantic walks or frisking all of Mira's body before returning to Radiance just in-case there was something important going on back home that he had missed because of his coma.


( Back On Radiance)

Max was swarmed by Asiva and Anna upon his return as he had to spend considerable time and effort in pacifying and assuring them that his condition was now stable.

He then had to assure his two sister-in-laws that he was okay and ready to leave for Dombivli as they insisted that Max stay back for a few more days.

Naturally, Max did not give in to the pressure and stood his ground as he understood that as the Lord of Dombivli he could not be missing from action for too long.

Finally, Max knocked on his brother's office wanting to meet him once before his departure as Rudra softly said " Come in " as if he were expecting Max.

As Max entered Rudra's office, he was extremely happy to see Furball being back in Rudra's lap as Rudra silently stroked her with the nine-tailed beast enjoying the love of her owner.

However, he was also uncomfortable with the two projections of the universal queen that stood behind Rudra in guard as he wondered if his brother needed to be so intimidating when working out of his own house?

" I'm leaving for Dombivli brother, I was just here to say goodbye- " Max said as he started to sweat subconsciously.

The air within the office felt stifling for some reason and although Max could feel no aura suppression or killing intent from his brother, somehow his very visage seemed much more dangerous than before.

" Sit " Rudra said as he let out a soft sigh and placed Furball on the ground below much to her disappointment.

Max took a seat as he could read the solemn mood in the room as for some reason his instincts screamed at him to activate the [ Mind Reader ] skill.

After getting the ability, Max had sworn to himself that he would only use it in battle and emergencies and never use it on family to gauge their true emotions, however, as he sat across hit brother with his back drenched in sweat, he wondered if using the skill might give him some insight into why he was feeling crippling hostility?

" What happened in your fight against Bavuma? " Rudra asked as his blue eyes gazed straight into Max's as if he were interrogating Max for being a criminal.

In essence it was only a harmless question as both Anna and Asiva had asked him the same, however, there was something about the way Rudra asked the question that made Max feel that there was something wrong with his brother today.

" I trapped him within my soul-realm using [ Divine Concealment ] then tricked him into losing the fight " Max revealed as Rudra nodded his head and averted his hostile gaze.

The moment Rudra stopped looking directly into Max's eyes, Max felt like a huge boulder had been lifted off his chest as he immediately activated [ Mind Reader ] to make sure that everything was okay with his brother.

Never in a million years could Max have ever imagined what he was about to see when he activated [ Mind Reader ] as his breath stopped and his mind blanked as he read the multiple text boxes floating over his brother's head.

[ He lies….. he's scheming to kill you, hiding his true strength, SNAKE, HE'S A DAMN SNAKE! ]

[ Don't give him the core, use it to create a double core for yourself- , you are the protector of the Rajput family, it's only natural that you become the strongest for the growth of the family ]

[ Ask him to share his gains with you, test and see if he feels as fondly for you as you do for him ]

[ Chaos…. Let there be Chaos ]

<nullb><nulli>[ SHUT UP! ALL OF YOU SHUT UP! DON'T MESS WITH MY HEAD WHEN I'M WITH FAMILY ] Max watched in horror as he noticed the different coloured text boxes floating over his brother's head as if there were multiple voices in his head.

Most of the boxes sounded like conniving whispers that would lead one's mind astray as Max realised immediately that it were the seeds that were pumping his brother's mind with toxicity and hate.

Although his brother himself did not create the suppressing aura, it were the seeds that were hostile towards him and were causing him to break out in sweat.

" Here, before you go take all the loot that Bavuma dropped after being dead, I've kept it safe for you- " Rudra said as he presented all the artefacts that dropped out of Bavuma's body in full including the extremely valuable Celestial Core.

Max's hands trembled as he accepted the loot as he realised that his brother's better nature had won today against the toxic seed voices, however, he could not even begin to fathom how he was going to confront him about this issue.

" Tha-th-thankyou brother " Max said as he gasped for air after speaking each word which made Rudra raise an eyebrow in concern.

For now, Max had not even registered the fact that he was in possession of a celestial core as all his thoughts revolved around the fact that there were several toxic voices pouring into his brother's brain.

" Brother…. Are you okay? " Max asked after mustering the courage as after casting one look into Max's eyes that seemed to float over his head, Rudra smiled and understood the whole game.

" Reading my mind are you? " Rudra asked as some of his killing aura leaked, immediately alerting Furball as she began growling towards Max.

Max fell over from his seat, not being able to process as to how he could handle this situation as seriously fighting or confronting his brother was an outcome that he had not even imagined in his wildest dreams.

[ He's reading your mind! The damn snake is trying to see what your true intentions are- he doesn't trust you at all ]

[ His only concern for you is to see if you are still capable of functioning as the universal lord. The moment you show a sign of weakness, he will pounce and take this position that he covets! ]

[ Use my power, show him that with a snap of your finger you can alter reality itself…. Use me, Delve deeper into the depths of my power ]

<nullb><nulli>[ I WON'T SAY IT TWICE…. SHUT UP! ] Max read the text boxes floating over Rudra's head and clenched his fist in anger.

However, as his brother looked down on him with nothing but a cold indifference Max knew that no matter how he confronted him today, he was never going to give-up the power that he had become so drunk on.

" You don't have to worry for me, brother, there's nothing in this universe that I can't handle…. " Rudra said as he successfully receded his killing intent and turned to look away from Max as he gazed out of his window at the cityscape ahead.

" Very well, I shall take my leave then " Max said with a confident voice as he got back up, dusted himself off and left Rudra's office with watery eyes full of newfound resolve.