Chapter 873 Max's resolve

Max stormed out of Rudra's office with a myriad of complex emotions.

Because of reading the Primal God Of War's book, Max knew first-hand about the dangers of using the powers of the seeds.

Watching how Angakok ruined his life with the time seed made Max swear to himself that he would never claim the seed for direct use.

However, Max trembled upon looking at the sheer number of seeds that Rudra had collected.

Max noticed 6 total text box colours floating over Rudra's head.

If he assumed that one of them was Rudra's own brain and thoughts, then it meant that there were 5 seeds that he had under his control currently which were too many for any individual to handle.

The primal god of war could not handle just one of them.

Angakok failed at just one as well, however, his brother was carrying five!

Regardless of the kind of power that the seeds gave him, they were sure to poison him slowly and Max wasn't sure as to who could really stop his brother should he actually go rogue?

If his brother suddenly lost it someday, with not even the queen left to oppose him, Max was afraid that there would be no one to save the universe from his fury unless the celestials personally intervene in the matter.

'I have to stop my brother before he self-destructs, I have to save him before the seeds corrupt him.

At Least for now he still appears in control, at least for now it's not too late to save him' Max thought as he paced around the Rajput mansion with his head hanging low.

He knew what he needed to do. However, he also had a feeling that his brother was not going to give-up the seeds voluntarily, thinking that he could control them forever.

In a way, Max did not have a right to question Rudra's abilities or better judgement.

Rudra had built the house of Rajput from scratch and had become the strongest in the universe without having the luxury to stand on anyone's shoulders.

In a way, Max had always been privileged. He could rely on the help of his brother, the Elites, his sisters-in-law, the Won Knight clan and could generally do well in life because he had the ' Rajput ' surname.

From an earthling to the strongest in the universe, Rudra's journey had not been easy at all and if he felt that he could control five seeds at once then Max did not have a right to tell him to give that power up just because it was dangerous.

No matter how much Max cared for his brother, no matter how much he loved him, such a request was bound to fall on deaf ears as if he really wanted Rudra to part from the seeds then the only way to take it from him was to take them away by force.

There was no competition amongst the Rajput brothers, there was no desire in either brother to always be stronger than his counterpart, however, today Max realised that he needed to become stronger than his brother not because it was a competition to see who was the best, because it was a fail-safe to save his brother from himself should he ever lose control.

" I need to get strong…. And fast- " Max said as he gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

He sincerely hoped that the day he must fight Rudra would never come. However, he also dreaded to think what might happen if Rudra turned into a monster and he failed to stop him before Rudra destroyed the individuals he loved most.

If he failed to save his brother from himself, then it would be the biggest failure of his life and Max wasn't going to allow such a future to exist.

He was going to become the strongest! He was going to become the strongest to save his brother.


( Meanwhile Regus Aurelius )

" MY KING! MY KING! MY KING! " The guard called frantically as he raced towards the king's office chambers and barged in without knocking.

" What happened? " Regus asked with a clear frown on his face as he could analyse from the guard's face that he did not come bearing good news.

Recently Regus had been getting a streak of good news one after another, but the gnawing feeling in his heart that this was only the calm before the storm also kept increasing everyday.

" Ulrich! He and his forces have attacked! Lord Falcon Twilight requests immediate assistance " The guard said as Regus immediately got up from his seat and kicked aside his office table.

" Where is Lord Vega Titus? " he asked as he began flying towards Vega's quarters in urgency.

When Regus reached the quarters of the Titus Lord, he found him already putting on his armour and equipping life-saving treasures as he seemed to be preparing to leave.

Vega nodded curtly when he saw the king and then resumed focusing on equipping himself as he seemed to prepare his psyche for the battle ahead.

" Give them hell " Regus said with a fiery passion as Vega nodded solemnly.

Regus had unilaterally decided that the duty to fight Ulrich be shifted from Max to Vega as he did not want Max to take anymore of the spotlight.

Vega, while apprehensive about his own safety since he did not have 100% confidence in being able to beat his opponent, was clear about his duties as a pillar of the vampire society and was not afraid of a tough battle.

If he failed to hold-back or kill Ulrich he could always retreat or call on Regus for backup, as the chances of him dying in this battle were next to none.

However, in the slim chance that he did actually die, Vega was happy to die while fighting for the future of the vampire society as a martyr for his people.