Chapter 876 Disturbing News


[Classified: Strategic Military Dispatch]

To: Lord Ravan, Sovereign Commander of the Bloodfall Clan

Subject: Operational Briefing and Mourning of a Fallen Hero

It is with solemn duty and unwavering allegiance that I convey to you, Lord Ravan, critical updates from the frontlines of our ongoing conflict.

Our valiant vampire forces, through unyielding determination and exemplary combat prowess, have successfully executed Operation Nightfall, resulting in the strategic liberation of Planet #V246, known colloquially as Velar. This monumental victory has wrested control from the oppressive grip of the Dracula Regime.

During the fierce skirmishes for liberty, we deployed Lord Vega Titus as a tactical reinforcement to counter the escalating threat posed by the savage werewolf contingents, commanded by the notorious Tyrant Ulrich. In a display of extraordinary valour and tactical acumen, Lord Vega engaged the enemy, striking fear into the hearts of Ulrich's forces.

Tragically, in the crescendo of this honourable confrontation, Lord Vega Titus sustained grievous injuries due to treacherous interference from enemy werewolf insurgents. It is with profound sorrow that I must report his valiant spirit has since succumbed to these mortal wounds.

The vampire society is in mourning, having lost a paragon of our kind—a stalwart guardian and a warrior of unparalleled honour.

Despite our bereavement, it is imperative to acknowledge that due to Lord Vega's heroism, Tyrant Ulrich himself sustained critical injuries and was evacuated from the battlefield in an incapacitated state. Intelligence reports indicate that, albeit severely wounded, he yet clings to life.

In these harrowing times, unity and solidarity are our bastions of strength. Hence, we extend a formal invitation to you, to join us in the sacred halls of Zandar, as we pay our respects and bid farewell to the esteemed Lord Vega Titus. Together, let us honour his sacrifice and fortitude.

Awaiting your esteemed presence in this period of collective mourning and reflection.


The Aurelius Clan

[End of Dispatch]


The first letter that Max received upon returning to Dombivli was a most concerning one.

Never in a million years would Max have ever imagined that the sly old fox Vega would die so easily?

It felt like just yesterday when he was plotting alongside Max on how to bring down Regus and the crown or hosting a grand banquet for him, yet today he was dead, never to wake up again.

" GODDAMN IT! I TOLD THEM I'LL HANDLE ULRICH, WHY THE FUCK DID REGUS SEND VEGA THERE? " Max burst out in anger as he slammed his fists on his work desk crumpling it to a heap of splintered wood in a second.

Max felt rage bubbling in his heart as although he wasn't 'Closely' attached to Vega Titus, the man was his benefactor who had helped nurture him since he was a tier3 weakling.

Whatever vampire society Max dreamt of during his reign, Vega was always a part and a pillar of it. His death was a big blow to Max and even more so to the entire vampire society as a whole.

There were only two tier7 warriors within the vampire society and both of them were indispensable.

Without Vega, the vampire society literally lost close to 15% of its total strength as he was one of the oldest, wisest and strongest warrior there was.

To make matters even worse, while he died, Ulrich seemed to have survived the match-up albeit being gravely injured which meant that while the vampire society faced an irreparable loss, the other party only faced a temporary setback.

Apparently, Vega was to be given a proper burial with all honours and all the vampire lords were invited to mourn in solitude.

However, as Max saw it, the funeral was only Regus's attempt to apply band-aid on a stab wound so that the morale of the vampire society could be patched up as a whole.

" That's it, the old man needs to abdicate the throne. He no longer understands what's in the best interest of the people and what's not.

Either he abdicates the throne tomorrow, or I send him packing through my own strength! " Max said as he made a silent vow to himself that he wasn't going to let the vampire society suffer from Regus's incompetency anymore.

There was no doubt in Max's mind that Regus was a decorated tactician once upon a time and nobody could erase his contributions towards vampire society as a whole, however, whether it was the Dimensional War or the fight against Dracula or his stance on the Supreme Lord, he had made one blunder after another and had pulled down the Vampire Society as a whole alongside him.

For way too long had he been left unchallenged and unquestioned. It was now time for him to own up to his mistakes and admit to his shortcomings as at least that way he could keep his honour intact, for if he did not do that, then Max believed that he would be left with no option but to strip him of his powers in disgrace.


( Meanwhile Regus Aurelius )

Regus could not wrap his head around how Vega could have died in the fight against Ulrich.

While Vega was not as strong as him, Regus did acknowledge his strength at the near peak of tier7 as there should have been technically no one that could suppress Vega within the same tier.

He should not have died against Ulrich, the fight should have ended in his victory or a stalemate, however, he should not have lost his life.

Now the blame of his death was on Regus who dispatched him to the battlefield even though Max Rajput had volunteered to take the role and just thinking about the upcoming funeral gave him jitters all over his body.

He knew perfectly well that Max Rajput and the other rats that did not wish to support his reign were going to fully try and exploit this opportunity, however, Regus was not willing to give them an opportunity to do so, especially when the vampire society was about to be thrown into chaos post Vega's death.

Despite their differences, Vega was loyal to the throne and to the vampire society which was more than what Regus could say about snakes like Max and Severus, which was why he would rather die than abdicate the throne to scoundrels like them.