Chapter 877 Strike While The Iron Is Hot

( Dracula's POV )

In the grand halls of his luxurious palace, Dracula sat upon his ornate throne with a delightful cup of fresh blood in his palms.

Surrounding him was an ambiance of opulence as the various leaders of his shoddy army took a seat in the grand chamber experiencing the same luxury that Dracula did which was a stark contrast to the war-torn realities outside that their underlings were suffering.

Within these walls, Dracula sat in leisure- plotting and contemplating his next move to cripple the modern vampires as he waited for the daily report before starting the day's meeting.

It was then that a werewolf general, his posture stiff with respect, approached with the latest report. "My lord," he began in a hushed tone, "the modern vampires are in turmoil. The loss of Vega Titus has left them exposed, their morale significantly dented."

Dracula, listening intently, allowed a sly smile to creep across his face. " The fragility of these new-bloods," he muttered, his voice a blend of amusement and contempt. " They lack the fortitude of our ancient kind."

Dismissing the werewolf with a casual gesture, Dracula's attention shifted to his council—a diverse mix of primordial vampires, rogue gods, and potent werewolves. They were gathered around a large table, a universal map laid out in front of them.

Addressing his council, Dracula spoke, " This is our moment. The modern vampires are reeling from their loss. It's time to discuss a decisive counteroffensive."

Murmurs of agreement resonated in the room. Dracula leaned over the map, his eyes tracing the vulnerable points of the enemy. " Our enemies are wounded, their defences faltering. A strategic strike now could be devastating for them " he suggested as he waited to see what the others had to say about this approach.

One of the rogue gods, his eyes gleaming with the anticipation of conflict, added, " Indeed, my lord. Striking now, while they are still reeling from the loss of Vega, could completely shatter their resolve. They are at a breaking point "

Dracula nodded, his mind already orchestrating the imminent assault. " This is more than mere battle; it's psychological warfare. We will invade their lands and their spirits. They will experience fear like never before."

As the council engaged in fervent strategic discussions, Dracula interjected with insights, shaping the conversation with his expertise.

As the meeting progressed, one of the elders suggested that if they could couple the loss of Vega Titus with the death of either Regus Aurelius or Max Rajput then the damage to the vampire psyche could be increased tenfold which opened a whole new domain of discussion at the war table.

" Well it's true that killing Regus or Max would land a big blow to vampire society, it's also risky to fight them now.

They have superior forces and unless lord Dracula picks up the fight personally, it will be a very difficult battle " A tier6 werewolf god said as Dracula smiled in amusement.

He had confidence in killing both Max and Regus at once, however, what worried him was Rudra Rajput.

The bastard had marched into his palace not too long ago and intimidated him like he was an ant.

Dracula had never felt such humiliation since his father scolded him as a child and it made him feel emotions untold as he desperately wanted to gain more of Rudra's attention as if he were a child.

Nonetheless, he understood fully well that an attack on Max Rajput was not something that he could survive as with the queen under his control, Rudra was untouchable within the controlled universe.

" We can only attack Regus Aurelius, Max Rajput is untouchable.

While I'm confident of defeating all the other monarch's in the universe, the supreme lord Rudra Rajput is in a whole different league.

Touching his brother won't end well for us " Dracula candidly admitted as his underlings were shocked by this admission.

All of them knew just how strong Dracula was, however, even a behemoth like him was scared to move a finger against Rudra Rajput and his family. Such was the terror of the universe's Supreme Lord.

" Reports suggest that Regus Aurelius has gotten his hands on some ancient weapon to fight against you Lord Dracula, while I'm not sure how useful that weapon is, it seems to give Regus the confidence in facing you " reported a rogue god who had an extensive information network backing him.

Dracula, however, scoffed at the report as he shook his head and chuckled.

" Weapons are for weaklings. Real men fight with their fists and their skills.

Just his mentality of relying on a weapon rather than using this opportunity to better himself as a warrior shows how weak the modern vampires are.

If their king is such a brainless coward, what can you expect from the rest of the race? " Dracula said as he expressed his absolute contempt for the modern vampires.

" My lord, are you confident in fighting Regus Aurelius? " asked a werewolf underling as Dracula nodded and smiled.

" Currently the only thing going for the modern vampires is their large numbers compared to us.

While we can't raise a capable army overnight, killing Regus Aurelius will ensure that until we have enough manpower to take over all the vampire territories, we can rest assured that they can't counterattack as well.

For now, we bide our time and grow our strength.

Once Rudra Rajput ascends to the Celestial Realm, we move from vampire domination to universal domination as I shall most definitely become the next Supreme Lord " Dracula declared as he showed his approval for the plan to take down Regus Aurelius next as well as his ambition to become the next Supreme Lord someday.

—------ x x x —---------