Chapter 878 The future of the Rajput House

Volume 10- The Strongest Vampire God


As Kremeth Junior stared at the tip of his tier5 opponent's sword, he felt blood pumping through his veins like never before as the rush of a life-death battle was something that he was experiencing for the first time ever.

Initially he had no intentions of participating in the Tri-State tournament, however, while he was visiting the Rajput mansion, his cousin Kartikeya coaxed him into participating in the under 30 category which was riddled with peak level mortals.

As a young and inexperienced tier4 warrior, Kremeth was learning something new with every battle as putting his life on the line taught him more than what a controlled spar ever could.

He could see firsthand the so-called 'Gaps' in defence that his father would always talk about and how 'stance' and footwork were important in actual combat.

If he did not constantly keep moving, he would be dead-meat under the barrage of attacks from his stronger opponent, however, if he could create space between the two and fight the battle on his own terms then he could neutralise many of the advantages that his tier5 opponent held and fight on more equal terms.

' If I suddenly accelerate towards him while he prepares a sword strike, then I can circle behind him while his elbows are still contracted, giving me the opening to strike' Kremeth thought as he lured his opponent in by pretending to be hurt and incapacitated, however, just as the opponent closed in for the kill, Junior burst out with speed and circled behind him to completely expose his neck.



Deafening cheers erupted from the crowd as Kremeth embarrassedly scratched his nose.

His opponent was in disbelief over what just happened, however, Kremeth only felt embarrassed about the alias that Kartikeya chose to register him under.

Pale cousin wasn't a good name at all, it did not strike fear into the heart of his opponents, however, Kremeth had no choice but to suck it up as regardless of his own preferences he was now stuck with the alias for the rest of the tournament.

As he walked back to the stands ' The Brute ' a.k.a his brother Kartikeya stood at the entry tunnel with his arms crossed as he had a deep frown on his face.

Thankfully, his other cousin Jake was also present with a big smile on his face with an expression that seemed like he was very proud of Junior's performance.

" What a great fight "

" What a s**** fight "

Jake and Kartikeya said at the same time as the moment those words left Kartikeya's mouth he got a tight smack on the back of his head from Jake.


" What? He fought like a coward, he's out without a single scratch on his body. That's not how real men fight- " Kartikeya complained as Jake pinched his nose in exasperation.

What Kartikeya said was not wrong, however, the teachers that Kremeth Jr had were very different from the teachers that Jake and Kartikeya had growing up.

While Kremeth was taught by Max and Sebastian, both of whom were students of the coward turtle sage, Jake and Kartikeya were taught by Rudra.

Kremeth did not consciously make the choice to fight at a slow and methodical pace, it was more like he was always taught to fight at such a pace where he was in absolute control of the fight and could dominate his opponents movements.

It wasn't a ' Wrong ' approach to fighting but it was different to Jake and Kartikeya's approach of ' Overwhelming ' the opponent, which was Rudra's preferred style of fighting.

"Don't mind him Kremeth, he's just a sadist and masochist in a single body who likes to abuse and be abused all the time" Jake said as Kartikeya gasped in disgust as he tried to look gravely offended by Jake's comments, however, as Jake squinted his eyes he could not control his laughter as his act crumpled and he burst out laughing.

Junior only tilted his head sideways in confusion as he did not understand the meaning of the words ' Sadist ' and ' Masochist '.

For now, Kremeth Jr was like a young child that was smitten with fighting and his family as he was happier than ever now that he had a large family to call his own.

He absolutely idolised Jake who he thought was not only very strong but also very kind, while he was being spoiled rotten with love and adoration from Amy.

Kartikeya was like the mischievous brat of the family, however, his strength was the real deal.

Even at this tender young age, Kremeth understood that it was better to remain in Kartikeya's good graces rather than his bad one as there was nothing that could stop that man from making your life difficult if he did not like you.

However, he also acknowledged that Kartikeya had a clean heart without malice and could take joke's as well as he made them.

Just like him, Kartikeya was also participating in the tournament but unlike him he fought in the open category when he too could have easily fought in the under 30 or even under 20 slots.

Despite his young age, he absolutely wiped the floor in the under 30 category as his alias ' The Brute ' slowly became a household name in all three kingdoms.

Although for now, there were 6 more matches before the tournament ended and they were bound to get harder and harder, Kartikeya was given an overwhelming 6:1 odds of winning the tournament which was a testament to his strength.

He himself on the other hand only had a 102:1 odds for winning as he was far from the top-seed in his category, however, just from fighting stronger opponents and gaining new experiences he felt like joining the tournament was absolutely worth it.

Little did he know that every move made by him was being watched thoroughly by the powers that knew his true identity as this tournament was not just about his own growth or fun, but rather it was the debut of the future of the Rajput household.