Chapter 879 Odin's Test

( Kingdom of Life, Odin's POV )

" You look like you have aged a dozen years, Beniogre, " Odin said as he tried to hold back his laughter.

Instantly, thick killing intent erupted out of Beniogre's body as she did not take kindly to jokes about her age.

" Do you have no manners? That's not how you should talk to a lady, " Beniogre said as she gave Odin a rather spicy side-eye.

" No, but seriously, how did you let him rob you like that? And I'm not talking about your chastity, because both of us know about your extensive history of sexu- "

" That's enough- , if you don't want me to kick your rear and send you packing out of my kingdom, behave! " Beniogre warned as she gave Odin a rather serious frown.

Recently she had been the most insecure about her looks and her mood as without the seed of life, her perfect image as the goddess of life could come crumbling down at any moment.

Without the seeds' calming effects, she let out killing intent at the smallest inconveniences and it was a huge issue as the goddess of life was supposed to be kind and compassionate to everyone without a single violent thought in her brain.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, Odin stopped joking around although he really wanted to as he sighed deeply and said " I'm worried about the Supreme Lord. Thankfully one of the five seeds that he has under his control is the seed of life which will help balance out the seed of darkness, however, the corrupting influence of the other three is the most concerning "

Beniogre squinted her eyes as Odin said this as she thought about it for a moment and then began to chuckle.

" No, you don't care about the supreme lord, the only supreme lord you serve is the perfect warrior, so what's your real role in all this? " Beniogre asked as Odin let out an evil smile.

There was no-one in the universe that still unilaterally trusted Odin.

Whether it was Beniogre, the angels or Rudra, everyone kept him around because he was useful, but everyone also expected him to backstab them as Beniogre did not buy the act of concern, as if Odin was really concerned for Rudra then he would have confronted him or schemed to take the seeds off his body, however, he did not do that.

" You're right, I'm hoping he can control the power of the seeds, because having five seeds under his control would greatly expand his horizons about the true nature of the powers of the seed.

You cannot defeat the perfect warrior with 95% mastery over elements and you also cannot defeat him through strategy alone.

To defeat the perfect warrior, you need to become someone who is beyond perfect, the absolute epitome of what this universe can produce and only then can you unshackle @#@#@# " Odin said, as divine lightning crackled over his head as a peak tier8 attack descended over the structure he stood at.

" SHIT- " Beniogre complained as she immediately scrambled to defend as both herself and Odin had to use their full strength to counter divine justice.


The entire planet rattled from the after-effects of the explosion as the aftermath gave way to a cataclysmic seismic earthquake.

" Oops, I accidentally revealed sealed knowledge, my bad " Odin said as he sincerely apologised for his slip of tongue as Beniogre glared holes through his chest.

At least a few hundred thousand were going to die because of the resulting earthquake and it was all Odin's fault.

Somehow, Beniogre could not hear what Odin said at the end so the whole sentence became useless for her anyways.

Absolutely losing her mind, Beniogre shoved Odin out of her planet as she wanted nothing to do with the crazy old man who was always plotting his next scheme.

Despite Odin's best attempts to make it upto her, Beniogre was in no mood to entertain him as she had suffered great losses because of his casual slip-up, a mistake which Beniogre doubted to be intentional rather than a slip-up.

Her analysis wasn't wrong either, as Odin was indeed testing if he could reveal the information about the celestial realm without consequences and the answer to that question was a stunning - NO.

Whether it was Beniogre, the angels or Rudra, everyone kept him around because he was useful, but everyone also expected him to backstab them as if he were a snake.

sentence became useless for her anyways.

Absolutely losing her mind, Beniogre shoved Odin out of her planet as she This was most definitely a warning shot, a reminder to not make foolish mistakes which Odin was only able to counter with the help of Beniogre.

If Odin made the foolish choice of revealing this information to Rudra or Max, the consequences for him and the one listening to the information would be unbearable. That much was clear to the old god.

' What a shame- ' thought Odin as the information he would have provided would have proven to be the factor that could make or break one's odds of beating the perfect warrior, however, the heavens would not let him.

In all truth, Odin wasn't a snake, he wasn't a scheming bastard that enjoyed making people dance to his tunes, however, he was dead set in trying to produce a warrior that could dethrone the perfect warrior.

People underestimated greatly what it took for one to defeat the perfect warrior. There were no flaws in the perfect warrior's fighting style to take advantage of.

There wasn't a move he could not perform with the [ Perfect ] mastery and there wasn't a race that was superior to his own.

Defeating him was next to impossible and Odin knew that only by taking extreme measures and tempering the toughest warriors with the best foundations could there ever be an individual that could bring that celestial down.

Uptil now, Odin only focused on tempering Rudra because he was the first warrior that the universe had produced in the last 10,000 years capable of giving the perfect warrior a worthy challenge.

However, recently Odin was mesmerised by his younger brother and his potential as well.