( Jhonny English's POV )

Sir Jhonny peacefully sat on a ledge as he overlooked the training of the new kids at the true elites guild as he could not help but chuckle at how things had turned out to be.

The fact that he had become a monarch was not known to many. It wasn't because Sir Jhonny feared any man or because he wished to hide his cards for a tough future fight, but rather, it was simply because he had reached the realm of a monarch before guild master Neatwit did and out of respect for the boy, he did not publicise his achievement.

However, there was one man who did know that he had become a monarch, the only child that sir Jhonny had seen grow up from being a boy to becoming a man, the founder of the True Elites guild and its first guildmaster, Shakuni.

One day before he left the universe, Shakuni visited him and asked him for a huge favour.

A favour that would technically grant sir Jhonny immortality and give him greater strength than he already wielded, however, in return he needed to safeguard a fragment of Shakuni's soul, so that he could thrive in the celestial realm.

' A soulmancer eh? Sounds better than an assassin' Sir Jhonny thought as he could not help but feel that the reason why Shakuni chose him over Neatwit was because Sir Jhonny was older and more wise than Neatwit was in terms of temperament.

According to Rudra, being his soulmancer would bring Sir Jhonny immeasurable trouble as some of the strongest in the universe might try to kill him, however, at his age, these kind of challenges were exactly what made Sir Jhonny's blood boil with excitement as he much looked forward to his first challenger.

Although he had no idea how he would stack up against truly old monsters like Augustus Won Knight or Emperor Cervantez, Jhonny felt confident that even if the king of angels faced him personally, he would be unable to beat sir Jhonny in a one vs one battle.


( Riva's POV )

Riva could not believe her own eyes as to what she was witnessing.

She was sure that she was on the verge of death just a few days ago when mountain bandits attacked the caravan she was a part of and killed everyone. Yet, somehow she found herself in the body of a one year old child, as despite dying she was miraculously given a second chance at life.

'Who dis dis?' she said as she tried to jolt her brain as to who might have saved her or why she was given a second chance at life, but unfortunately she could not figure it out.

All she could remember was a handsome face with angel wings coming out of his back as he bestowed Riva her dying wish and granted her a second shot at life.

If Riva were to make a wild guess, then the individual who saved her was none other than the mythical figure Lord Shakuni Won Knight, however, the more she thought about it the more absurd it felt as there seemed to be no way that Lord Shakuni would personally come and save her.

She was a travelling performer on planet radiance in her past life, she was a first generation radiant, a child who had been born to earthling parents but had never seen earth and was born on planet Radiance instead.

Just like every other earthling, she had grown up listening to the tales of valor and bravery of the True Elites guild and their legendary guildmaster Shakuni, and like every other child she had the ambition to join that guild someday.

Unfortunately, she did not have much talent for combat, nor did she possess any talent for craftsmanship. She was only talented in circus tricks like balancing on a rope and sleight of hands, which is why her dream of joining the elites was never realised and she grew up as a travelling performer with her parents instead.

She lived a normal and happy life up till the age of 20, loved some boys and broke some hearts, however, she never felt content with what she was and where she was as she truly felt that there should have been more to her life than just practising circus tricks and loving different boys from every town she visited.

She wanted to be something more, she wanted to make a change and hence when she saw the opportunity to make a change by rescuing some trafficked sex worker elves while travelling from town to town, she decided to convince her father to attack and rescue the group since the opponents only seemed to be four in total.

It was a heroic fight but in the end all four of the traffickers were killed and the travelling circus managed to save all ten of the captive elves in what was a joyous occasion.

The nearest town was two days away and the travelling contingent was relaxed and carefree, never anticipating that there would be consequences for freeing those slaves as the next night they were all massacred indiscriminately by hooded men who wore the same robe as the traffickers.

Riva watched helplessly as her mother was bound, raped and stabbed mercilessly while her father was castrated and beheaded.

She herself was raped by multiple men but unlike her mother she was not stabbed because apparently the traffickers saw value in selling her which was why they chose to keep her sedated yet alive.

It was the most demeaning and heartbreaking incident that Riva had suffered in all her life and it was at that moment that she knew that had she lived a different life, had she pursued a life chasing power where instead of practising juggling skills she practised swordsmanship, she would have never been put in such a disgraceful situation.

Angry, yet determined, she banged her head over and over again on a nearby rock as despite her binds, she willed herself to commit suicide by inflicting brain damage.

It was the hardest thing she had ever done in her life, it hurt like hell and her survival instincts screamed at her to not do it, yet for some reason she did not stop.

She kept vowing that if she got a second chance she would never let history repeat itself, that if she got a second chance she would never waste her time chasing the hearts of men, she vowed to respect her parents and kill these murderer's, however, she did not actually believe that she would be granted a second chance.

She felt she was hallucinating when just before her death she saw the Supreme Lord Shakuni come to her aid himself, however, for reasons unknown, it turned out to be that her illusion might not have been only a hallucination, as although she should most definitely have died, when she opened her eyes once more she found herself in the body of a young girl in a place which her parents described as the ' Legendary Hospital'.

Apparently, back on Earth, there was no mana, the priests did not know birth assisting spells and had to perform complex procedures to aid a mother giving birth.

Yet despite having no magic, they had a remarkable success rate, much of which was owed to the legendary buildings called ' Hospitals' where ' Doctors' gave birth to babies.

For a moment, Riva could not understand how it was possible though, as Earth was now nothing but an abandoned planet and doctors were nothing but weak priests who had no light magic to heal their patients.

There was no mana in her surrounding air, and there were no bed-warming runes in her cradle.

Weird women in white dresses kept checking in on her from time to time as they undressed her and wiped her bottom rather harshly as Riva wanted to yell at them to use a cleaning spell but she could not.

Somehow, she had no control over her own vocal cords, nor did she have any control over her muscles as even if she tried to move her fingers precisely she could not as her motor connections had not perfectly developed yet.

All she could manage were cute ' Goo' and 'Eh' noises as she could not inform the adults about the incident with the caravan and about the traffickers, which was probably a blessing in disguise since a talking baby would have drawn too much attention.

A year passed in a blink of an eye as she realised that the place she was in was not Radiance, but the proper Earth from the legends.

She was reborn as a baby in an era where earth had not yet integrated to Sigma and the legend of Shakuni was unknown.

Although she had no idea how her memories were intact despite her clearly undergoing reincarnation, there was one distinct pop-up that she kept seeing floating in the corner of her eye.

[ Soulmancer System - The current host is too weak, It will take the host 10 years, 4 days and 15 hours to fully integrate the system.

Please stay alive until then host, for if you die, your killer will become the next system host ]