“So, its final; we will follow a ten-eleven formula,” I said, and Grimm nodded foully; we had negotiated for about twenty minutes with a lot of threatening and cursing before agreeing with the formula.

The bastard wanted to send an equal number of people, which would have benefitted it immensely because, in the end, they would have more people remaining, who would have easily killed the last of humans with their greater number.

While we are negotiating, more people have come, four humans taking our numbers to twenty-seven and five Grimms, taking their number to thirty-two.

Even now, things are not really in our favor; the Grimms will still have more numbers than us at the end, but at least those numbers would be managed.

“Let’s decide on the order,” I said to the humans and immediately got the reaction.

“I do not want to go last,” said one young man in his mid-twenties, “Me too,” added another young Master, and then another voice came before another.

“Don’t worry, Grandmaster Racheal and I would be the last,” I said when finally complaining voices stopped, and immediately saw a lot of Masters and Grandmasters taking a visible sigh of relief.

“I am sure, Lord Irvin, Lady Hina, you wouldn’t have a problem staying till last?” I asked the two experienced High-Grandmasters, who shook their heads with a smile.

It took a few minutes to decide the order before we turned to Grimms, where there was a lot of cursing and threatening going on.

“Finished?” I asked the Golden Fire Werewolf as he turned toward me, “Yes,” it harrumphs. I just nodded and turned toward the first human who had chosen to walk through the gate.

“Grandmaster Kenah,” I said, and the woman in her mid-thirties stepped out and walked toward the huge gate silently.

Soon, she reached and pushed the get, which began to open her push despite the massive difference in their size.

The door pushed open completely, but all we could see the white on the other side in which Grandmaster Kenah had vanished, and the doors closed on their own again.

“Gfras,” said Golden Fire Werewolf, and immediately the scaled Frogman stepped out from the group of giant Grimms and walked the gate.

The gate opened, and the Grimm walked inside before the gates closed again, just like before.

“Mister frisk,” I said, and a man in his early fifties stepped out of the group and walked toward the gate, and after him, another Grimms.

One by one, the humans and the Grimms begin to enter the gate before only three humans and five Grimms remain.

“Lord Irvin,” I said, and the middle-aged man took a step toward the gate before stopping, “Be careful, Lord Zaar, Grandmaster Racheal,” he said before resuming and walking toward the gate while the six Grimms watched.

All of us were very careful, Racheal even had her bow out, and arrow nocked; she just needed to aim and release the string if any of the Grimms dared to take a step toward us.

They seemed very much willing to do it; there would be a very high possibility that these five Grimms would attack us the moment Irvin walked out of that door.

Irwin opened the door before stepping inside the white light, and the door closed behind him; the moment it did, the hungry eyes of five Grimms fell on us.

“Chral,” said the Golden fire Werewolf and Snakeman walked toward the door, and he minutes later, the door closed behind it.

“Be careful, Michael,” said Racheal and walked toward the door; she did not look back nor need to.

If anyone here knows about my abilities the most, then it would be Racheal. She was aware of my skills and knew I would be fine, even if all four of them had attacked me; I might not be able to kill four of them, but I wouldn’t have any problem guaranteeing my life.

Soon, Racheal opened the gate, and instead of opening it directly and walking inside, she turned back at me before taking a step inside the while.

“Now you are alone, Zaar,” said Grimm, “So, do you want to attack me?” I asked with a casual smile on my face, which seemed to be angering it more.

“You will be dead if we do it,” it said, looking at me with eyes filled with hate, “Then try it,” I taunted as I put the mask down, and a moment later, all the Grimms came at me.

Within seconds, I was fully surrounded, with no way out.

“Now, you will die!” said the Golden Fire Werewolf with a laugh and brough down its ax at me; the others also swung their weapons at me, aiming to finish me up in a single strike; unfortunately, this is not going to happen.

I let the weapons come at me; the Grimms are quite smart, they have attacked me in a way their weapons wouldn’t clash against each other, but they would also trap me on my spot.

It is quite a great strategy; unfortunately, they have far underestimated my abilities; the things I could do now with the power of my amazing artifacts.


When the weapons were only four meters above me, I jumped, and I jumped back instead of forward, right toward the Viperman behind me, who slightly adjusted its thin blade, that now if I kept moving, I would have myself sliced into two.

The chances of that happening became greater with my speed and speed of the thin sword of Viperman, which have become even faster seeing me coming toward it.

Both the sword and me kept moving toward each other fast, and soon, there was barely inches of distance between the blade and my head.

I could see the smile of victory on the face of Golden Fire Werewolf; there was not a doubt on its face that I was going to die in the next second when suddenly, the victorious smile on its face froze up.

I moved or teleported from my place by a meter; the thin blade of the Viperman, which was supposed to bisect me, continued to fall while I continued to move up.

Still, the dodge was nothing as shocking as what happened very next second when I moved my sword forward to hack toward its neck, but the thing is, its neck was three meters away, and my sword would not be able to reach it before I passed over its shoulder.

The Grimms have thought that too when their shock, the blade of my sword suddenly extended by five times, and for the first time, horror appeared on the face of the Viperman.


That very second, the long blade touched the neck of the Viperman and began to cut through it like butter; by the time the second was over, the Viperman’s neck had also been completely cut apart.

Its poisonous blood showered over me, but this time, I made no moves to dodge it; everything fell on my clock before sliding down; with how every part of my body was covered, not a single drop had touched my skin.


I landed on the sand before turning toward the three Grimms, who were looking at me with shock.

“So, who wants to die next?” I asked the shocked Grimms with a sweet smile.