“Well, it come seemed like nobody is interested,” I said to the three Grimms, who were still looking at me with shock over what had happened a few seconds ago.


I looked at them before slowly walking toward the reward box that had happened, “I will be taking this,” I said and opened the box with a click and inside it as the seal.

Seeing that, a smile couldn’t help but appear on my face; the seals are always welcome. I took the seal in my hand and stuck it to my cloak while keeping a sharp eye on the Grimms, who looked at me like they wanted to eat me alive.

“Since none of you are interested in fighting, I will be going,” I said and walked toward the gate at a pace that was neither fast nor slow.

The battle a few seconds ago may seem easy, but it is far from it; I have used my trump card to shock and awe. I will not be able to use it for some time.

If these three attacked me, I would have a hard time defending them, as now these three will be prepared, and I might need to run away if things got too difficult.

I am extremely cautious right now; my sword and artifacts are ready to deal with any attack the Grimms could launch.

The Grimms did not launch the attack, even when I reached the door and began to pull it, which couldn’t help but make me relieved as they were not the only thing I needed to deal with.

I am sure the other side of the door also has something very challenging, and I need to be ready; I could not afford to make myself too tired fighting against these three Grimms.

Soon, I opened the door completely and saw only white light ahead.


I did not immediately walk into it and instead looked back toward the three Grimms. “Dear mortal enemies, I will see you on the other side,” I said and stepped into the white light, which felt like a comfortable, gentle wind in the night.

The next second, I found myself standing on the top of the tall stone pole, and in front of me was the desert, but unlike the desert before, this one had white sand and blade sand worms that could be swimming everywhere.

There was no direction text telling me where I had to go, but it was rather clear by the beacon which is shining on this beautifully dangerous night. This is the last challenge of this test, and passing it would make me clear this test, but it would not be easy.

Seeing the sheer number of black sandworms here and the sharp spikes on their body, I really don’t want to jump into this field of death, but I have no choice but to do that.

So, I let down my backpack and took out the potion bottles, which I poured into the half-empty water bottle. I begin to add not only stamina potions but also healing potions inside it; this bottle will be the only thing I will take aside from the artifact.

I do not think I would need the backpack further and should have unloaded most of the stuff back into the safe zone, but I did not want to take the chance.


I looked around before taking a deep calming breath and jumping down from the fifty-meter-tall pole from which is surviving the jump almost impossible without the artifacts.

The test begins from the first jump itself.

Raaa Raaa Raaa

As I had jumped, immediately, all the sandworms in my close vicinity noticed me and came at me like they wanted to turn me into a paste in their dangerous mouths.

I was not even halfway into the jump when some of the sandworms reached me; these sandworms were different from the ones I had faced; they were faster and stronger and bigger, twice bigger than those I had faced in the past couple of days.

This is not surprising to me because if these were regular sandworms, crossing this hurdle wouldn’t have been much of a challenge.

I looked at all the sandworms coming toward me, and, with the aid of a mask, the view of them was clear, which helped me immensely in deciding what I needed to do.

Raa Raa Raa

One sandworm appeared right behind me and came toward me fast; if nothing happened, then I would directly enter its mouth and turn into the paste.

Of course, I would not let that happen and took action about it immediately; a faint sound of boost appeared under my feet, and I moved a few meters forward.

It is a boost, different from teleportation I have performed while fighting the Grimms, which I could only do once in a minute within a little rage. That is a life-saving tool and only be used when it is necessary.

I now appeared in the middle of the three sandworms, and all of them were coming to eat me; it was quite a terrifying thing, especially those teeth, but I kept myself calm and weapon ready before soon, there would be a shower of blood.


I reached the position that now, those huge mouths of sandworms mere a meters away from me; I activated the seal at the perfect moment and whipped my sword in a complete three sixty-degree, decapitating all three sandworms who were coming to eat me.

There was no joy on my face for the kills because I had only killed three, and there were tens are coming toward me, with hundreds being present in this desert.


I activated boost again and landed on the spiky body of the sandworm, which flipped immediately to throw me off and crush me under its spikes, but at that time, I had already leaped away from it.

If I had wished to, I would have easily killed the sandworm, but that is not my target; my target is the beacon, and I would kill when my life is in danger, or it will help me reach the beacon quicker; otherwise, it is just a waste of time and would get me killed.


I had just landed on the sand when suddenly my heart skipped a beat and jumped immediately; as I did, I found another sandworm bursting out of white sand.


Leaping, I moved to the left and cut across another sandworm blocking the way before landing on the sand and jumping immediately as I sensed another sandworm coming at me from the ground.

‘It is like a landmine,’ I muttered, and in the next minute, it seemed to be the truth; every time my feet touched the sand, a sandworm would come out. I could not even stay for a second on the sand before I had to move; otherwise, I would get swallowed.

The challenge seemed too difficult, even for me, who had the aid of my clone finding it difficult; I wonder how others are doing.

If others have got the same difficulty as me, then it would be hard for even 10% of the people to pass this dangerous challenge.