My sword struck the upper part of its lips and only went a few meters inside as intended, leaving enough out on which I had landed before taking a high jump using its flexibility and power of artifacts boost.


The sandworm roared madly and chased after me, but I had no fear for it as I was approaching the land fast or rather its airspace, which I hoped would be equal to touching it.

I am quite high that even with the artifact, I am going to break quite a few bones, but I did not care because I fucking did it.

As I had thought that, I passed the invisible boundary and immediately saw the sandworms behind me stopping in their tracks and disappearing; it was not just the sandworms that had disappeared, but the whole white sand desert had disappeared.


I was enjoying the feeling of victory when suddenly something began to happen, which made my eyes go wide in shock.

The artifacts I am wearing are turning into motes of energy, and I found my connection with them losing till I could not senses them anymore.


I cursed loudly as I fell down; I was falling from a quite high distance with a speed that would turn me into the meat patty.

There is no way in hell I would be able to survive this fall in my current state.


I was screaming inside loudly, searching for a way to survive the fall, when suddenly, I began to feel something which I had lost a week ago, sealed away from me, but now it is coming back.

I felt like a parched land that hadn’t seen rain in years; as my power began to return, the land absorbed it quickly and began to change.

Within a second, the power of the knight had filled my body and began to rise up; as it began to happen, all my fear in my heart vanished, and I closed my eyes, enjoying the wonderful feeling which is no less amazing than the greatest climax I had ever had.

For the past week, I have felt handicapped, as if a precious part of me sealed away, and it had been, but now that seal has begun to loosen, I have started to regain my power.


I landed on the ground with a loud thud; I felt like a feather.

There were not the slightest injuries I had suffered through the fall; a king could bear much more than a fall of fifty meters. My power had currently reached the King stage and rapidly moved toward the Emperor.

I did not move from my spot, and neither opened my eyes as I felt the power filling me, which had now reached Emperor.

A few more seconds passed, and now my power reached Tyrant class and began to climb its classes.

It took nearly half a second when the power had stopped filling me as it finally reached the absolute peak of Master class or High-Grandmaster Class, on how one looked at me.

It feels amazing to get the power, not just power, but also the powerful senses and soul senses through which I could kill a Grandmaster and make the High-Grandmaster unconscious.

My eyes remained closed for a couple of seconds before they opened, and I saw the world with such clarity I had not thought I would ever see.

It is amazing, beyond amazing; I should appreciate more the things my powerful senses let me see.

As I came to myself, I looked around; the first thing was the beacon above me which was shining brightly.

I looked ahead and saw a door, a normal human-size door made of blue stone, which had ‘next test’ written on it.

Beside it is a translucent door, which is flickering; it is also had a text ‘out’ carved on it, and above it is a timer, which is counting down eight hours and sixteen minutes.

If I were to guess, then this door would completely materialize in the eight hours and sixteen minutes, and it will take one out of this thing to the mainland.

It surprised me a lot, as the door of leaving only came out after four weeks, but not always; there had been some exceptions, and it seemed like the exception had happened.

This is a very good thing; it will save a lot of lives by letting people live early.

Aside from the doors, there is flat brown land, and at the edges are the fruit trees; one look at them, I know they are not normal fruit trees but something more.

I did not immediately move toward them, instead looked at dots of energies flying around me like a firefly; there were twenty-nine of them, and if I am not wrong, then these twenty-nine energy dots represent twenty-nine artifacts and seals I was wearing.

Not all things have disappeared; I could still feel the sand in the uncomfortable places, and I am also wearing the simple clothes I had got from this place.

There are also some potion bottles in my pocket, which really made me excited. The potion from this place is the best; they could heal some of the things that the potions made by our alchemist could not, and Jim had especially said to me, I should bring the potions if I had got them.

He had also come to this place; many attempts of the council to convince him otherwise had been completely fruitless.

“It looks like I am the first,” I said, but there was no happiness on my face. If the last hurdle faced by everyone is the same as everyone had faced, then it would be very hard for even five humans to pass this test.

Even I, with all my advantages, needed to use everything I had got, and even then, I was barely able to cross this hurdle.

I am worried about Racheal and others, but my worrying will not help them.

So, I decided to pass the time doing productive things; the first thing I did was remove all my clothes and then clean myself, including removing the sand from the uncomfortable places before wearing a new set of clothes and my favorite, which had appeared in front of me with all the cloths and other things, I was wearing before entering this challenge.

With that done, I walked toward the trees; there were about fifty of them bearing familiar and unfamiliar things, which made me excited.

The majority of trees here are fruit trees, but there are some flower trees, roots, and herbs.

Soon, I reached the mango tree, which was filled with red mangoes; they were amber spark mangoes. They got this name from the amber spark moving around them.

It is a very precious fruit at the level of one of the best resources in my core; for a fire elemental like me, it is the best tonic, and someone else is demanding; threatening to come out if I did not listen to them.

Both are bored and angry, and if I did not give them something to calm them, they might really come out, and I don’t want that, as I don’t know how this place would react to them.

So, unless it is necessary or I am sure they will be fine after coming out, it will be better if they remained in my core.


With that thought, I picked up the mango and was about to send it inside my core when suddenly, I noticed something.

I saw one of the floating dots of energy disappearing.

Seeing that, a mirthless smile couldn’t help but appear on my face. For a minute, I thought I had hit the jackpot, but that did not seem to be the case.

I could only take twenty-nine things, which is much less than I would like, but still enough when considering how precious these resources are.

I sent the mango inside my core, and it appeared in the hands-on of my clone, which cut it into slices and served it equally to Ashlyn and Nero before examining the seed, which made its face lit up and with him, mine.

The seed could be planted; it was not like those null seeds which had been tempered; I really hate those.

My clone immediately begins to make the preparation to plant it; this resource is amazing, and I would be an idiot if I did not plant it.

I did not take another amber spark mango despite wanting to see how the faces of Nero and Ashlyn lit up as they began to eat the slices.

I will have to wait for a while to eat the slices; though not that long, with the number of Grimms entering this place, I am sure I will be able to find enough of them, to grow the plant at a high level within a short period.

I passed by a couple of fruit and flower trees before stopping at the guava trees; the guavas are black as night with a starry pattern.

I don’t know their name, but I know it is useful to me; my core is telling me to pick them up.


I was just about to pick it up when suddenly, I stopped and looked back toward the energy wall, where a person had finally crashed.