“Come to me, little birdy,” I said as a huge hand formed out of energy moved toward the bird, which continued to fly in the sky, like it hadn’t sensed my hand.


The change appeared on it when the hand had reached a hundred meters of it and started closing fist, wanting it to capture it with it.

I saw it slowly turning toward the hand and looked at it with its red gemmed eyes before flapping its golden mechanical wings and turning into a blur, before stopping five hundred meters a moment later.

I couldn’t help but become surprised, the speed of it unexpectedly fast, faster than my greatest speed by fractions; seeing that smile couldn’t help but lit up on my face.

“You are going to give a lot of trouble to others, but not me,” I said as I pulled the two invisible strings and immediately found myself taking a two step forward.

As I tried to pull it, it pulled me back, and the force it used was enough to push any High-Grandmaster back. If they try to use it in their hand, they will be quite surprised.

“You are powerful little birdy, but my strings are no slouch either,” I said as my expressions became serious as I pulled.


The bird struggled, trying to flap its wings faster and faster to generate even a greater pull that again had surprised me, but still, I kept pulling into me, and soon, it was at my arm’s reach when it pulled another surprise, the dangerous one.


It chirped mechanically, and instead of pulling, it came toward me like a bullet with my heart as the target when it suddenly stopped at my hair, a breath away from my chest.

“You are really something, aren’t you,” I said and touched it, and immediately, a golden lightning attacked me. It was a powerful attack that burned an unguarded high grandmaster to ashes, but I am not surprised by it and even prepared around it after seeing its antics.

“The challengers here are going to have a lot of fun with you guys,” I said and opened the bird cage and sent it inside, for which it resisted.

As it entered inside and I closed the cage, it became calm; it chose one to stand, flew toward it, and now looked at me cutely with gemmed eyes. Even Grimms might feel pity seeing the look and want to release the bird, which off would be a grave mistake.

This challenge wouldn’t be as easy as people think; aside from each other, they are not this bird to worry about. From what I have observed so far, this bird would easily break through the normal methods; whether it is Grimms or humans, both will have to apply special methods to capture it.

I was looking at the bird when I caught a glimpse of something from a distance. It took a few moments for it to become a giant to tower over me as it stopped in front of me.

“Hand over the bird, human, and I will give you swift death,” said Grimm.

The classic line.

I don’t know why they did not bring some originality to their threats, always using the same old lines that have been going on for thousands of years.

“No,” I said, looking directly into its eyes; the Grimms in front of me is from one of the rare tribes of Grimms, the White Ravenman Tribe.

It is also an unknown bastard; from the database of White Ravenman I have, nobody matches its descriptions. It is also quite young, no older than forty years; the unfortunate thing is the bastard had an Inheritance, which is unfortunate, but it will not save its life.

While it is unknown, it is powerful; an absolute peak Grandmaster, who had received multiple boosts, fighting it would be fun.

“Hehe, then it looks like I will have to take it from your dead body then,” it said, and before its voice had fully reached me, I found it behind, attacking me with a long thin sword, which would move through my flesh like butter, if it touched it.

I craned my neck toward it, and my spear moved like lightning and appeared in front of its thin sword before it could cut through me.


Our swords clashed, and I could see them shaking a little before looking at me with surprise. “Try something original; I got bored hearing the same shit,” I said and moved my spear before attacking it as I appeared directly in front of its face.


“I will give you some original,” it said as it had defended against my attack, and the next second, an aura exploded out its and attacked, like wanting to hack me into pieces.

‘First Burst!’

I did not hold back either; I also released the first burst and attack. If I had wanted, I could have defended against its attack without powering up, but why should I do that? We both are of similar strength and its fighting skills are subpar compared to old monsters that I fight.


Our weapons clashed, and I saw it shaking from up to down; seeing that, a smile couldn’t help but appeared on my face, and I pushed with the offensive.

While we both have a similar strength, I held the advantage when it compared to inheritance energy, which changed the moment I got a sample of its aura.

While I was not able to level up in these two years, I was able to do many things; one of the amazing things I was able to do was ‘treating’ I was able to treat the enemy’s Inheritance energy with mine, which made it more lethal toward it.

My inheritance energy could now avoid its defenses to a much better degree and also cause even greater damage.

It is now becoming a poison which has been specially crafted for it; the more it enters inside it, the more dangerous it will become; it could be said that an average High-Grandmaster like it is no match for me, and I will show it that.


I attacked furiously, launching one attack after another, which would shake it more and more, and force it to take a step back. Seeing that, it began to harness more and more its power, and I matched it till it began to use every ounce of its strength.


It vomited, which directly came at me, but I burned it away with a wave of fiery mist and looked at the Grimms, who were barely able to keep itself stable in the air as it looked at me with horror.

“What did you do to me?” it asked with eyes full of horror.

If anyone else had in its place, they would feel the same; my inheritance energy had blocked nearly all its energy pathways, made its skin tight from inside that it would need huge effort for a single movement; as I had said, an average Grimm like it is no match for me.

“You do not need to know that,” I said and gently tapped on its head, and it disappeared.

Even if it did not bloodline, I would harness it; the essence rose from it would be extremely valuable in the coming days.