“Good things,” I said as I flew over the forest in search of the golden birds; my clone was sorting through the treasure trove in my core; the Grimm’s storage really had many things inside.

These are rare and precious, and some of them were even able to evoke desire from my core.

It took my clone fifteen minutes to sort out everything before it went back to things it was working on while I continued searching for the golden birds, or rather the Grimms.

I am not worried about the golden birds; I have two great assistants for that.

Ashlyn, and Nero, can bring me the golden birds I need, and I don’t think they will have any problem with that; given their abilities, they would have an easier time than me.

So, I focused my attention on the Grimms, and it is great I have entered the challenge, which is for the High-Grandmasters, where I would only need to find them to kill them.


A few minutes passed when a vision appeared in front of me; this one was also from Ashlyn, and this time, it was showing a human, and seeing who it was, I couldn’t help but become surprised.

“He leveled up,” I said as I looked at him; he was ness, a Grandmaster subject of the project, and now he is a High-Grandmaster.

I should not have been surprised; considering the boosts this place provides, I am sure many Grandmasters from both sides would have leveled up into the High-Grandmaster class. Till now, I have seen many Masters leveling into the Grandmaster, but my first seeing a Grandmaster into High-Grandmaster.

I wonder if anyone had been leveled up into the Grand Lord; there were quite a few people from both sides who were closer to that level.

Our council members and members of Grimm’s coven are closest to that level, but there are some others hidden figures as well.

I have a complete list of the humans I have gathered sneakily by my seeds.

Right, the level of my seeds has reached so high that barely anyone below the Grand Lord class could sense my seed. Till now, nobody had sensed them; not that I tried someone like Lady Vivian without using some underhanded means like when she had drunk the wine I had crafted.

I watched ness with Ashlyn’s eyes and couldn’t help but be impressed by him; he had leveled up but did not let the power get over his head.

He is walking through the forest, barely using any excessive energy other than the stealth method, which is very good.

I watched him for more than a few minutes before I closed the link and resumed flying.

I am not using any stealth method; hell, I am energy excessively. So, if someone wants to track me, they will be able to track me easily.

It is not overconfidence, just a belief; I may not be the strongest, but those with High-Grandmasters strength, including those who are stronger than me, could not do anything to me. If things got bad, I could always summon my shields, which are praised by Lady Vivian herself.

She had told me as long as people do not have the power of the Grand Lord, they could forget breaking my shields.

Another few minutes passed when I came across another human; a woman who was wearing a cloak and mask to hide her identity. It is quite a powerful artifact. If I did not have my seed inside her, I wouldn’t have known who she was.

She nodded at me, and I nodded back as we flew by each other.

While working together is a wise choice, in such challenges, people of our level prefer to work alone; it is the same with Grimms.

Half an hour passed, and I did not find any golden bird.

Though I have come across a battle between humans and Grimms who were fighting intensely, I did not interfere or stop to watch. There is nothing interesting about the battle; the human fighting the Grimm is powerful enough to handle

‘Father, I have found a golden bird,’ suddenly Nero’s voice rang out in my mind, and I saw a golden bird perched on the tree; it had its eyes closed and seemed to be sleeping, which made the whole thing look strange considering it is a mechanical bird, it is not alive.

‘Good, bring it to me,’ I said to him.

I could feel Nero’s eyes lighting up, and he turned blur toward the bird, which flew away immediately as it had sensed him.

Three minutes and ten seconds later, Nero stopped before me, with the golden bird struggling in a pink cage of energy. Nero, a too even shorter time than me to catch the bird, less than five seconds.

“Thank you, Nero,” I said before putting the struggling golden bird into the silver cage and the like bird before it; it had immediately calmed down the moment I had put it inside the cage.

Four hours passed, and now, I have five golden birds in my cage, a required number needed to pass the challenge, but I am not happy. In these four hours, I have not fought against even a single Grimm; it is not like I have not seen them; I just did not fight.

Both of them were fighting humans, and I didn’t want to interfere in the battle seeing the humans were doing fine; also, both of the Grimms did not have a bloodline.

Chew Chew

I was brooding when Ashlyn chirped, but her chirp had a somber feel, and the vision had also come a moment later, but when it did, I saw the scene and seeing it, all the blood in my body couldn’t help but boil in rage.


A loud boom rang out as I moved; I did not hold back anything. I used every bit of energy I had to gain the greatest speed I could.

Four and half minutes later, I reached where the Grimms were and flew down like a meteor with a spear in my hand. The Grimm who was sitting on the wood stump looked up with mirth in its eyes and only moved its sword when we my spear was just a few above it.

Its movements are casual, and it did not stop chewing down the flesh that it was eating; it was eating a human; half body on the fire is proof of that.

It is also not the packaged human either, which are found in the Grimm’s storages, but a true High-Grandmaster. The hidden seed in the dead body immediately connected to me as I came into the range, and now my clone is watching the battle of lord Loha against this bastard, who defeated him within a minute.


My spear clashed against its sword, and the casual eyes became serious in surprise; in an instant, its whole-body language had changed from casual; it had become alert, but a cruel hungry smile appeared on its face as I landed in front of it, after the clash.

“Finally, a worthy enemy; it had been quite boring fighting these weaklings,” it said in a clear voice, without any accent, that only one tribe of Grimm could do.